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    MER-MAID Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Your Price: $9.99
    SPECIAL: 2 for $11.98

    Say goodbye to tedious toilet scrubbing with MER-MAID - the automatic toilet bowl cleaner that works hard so you don't have to! With its advanced features, MER-MAID ensures your toilet stays clean and fresh, effortlessly.
    Item # 10612-BK
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    Buy more to save more...
    Get one for $9.99
    Save $8 MORE on two for $11.98
    SUPER SAVER CASE PACK SPECIAL: 30 for 77.70 ($2.59ea!)

    How To Always Keep Your Toilet Clean

    Say goodbye to tedious toilet scrubbing with the As Seen on TV MER-MAID - the automatic toilet bowl cleaner that works hard so you don't have to! With its advanced features, Mermaid ensures your toilet stays clean and fresh, effortlessly.

    If the Water is Blue, MER-MAID is Working for You!

    Watch the magic unfold as MER-MAID takes charge of keeping your toilet spotless. If the water is blue, rest assured, MER-MAID is on the job!

    It's the ultimate convenience cleaning and freshening with ease. Just remove the yellow tab, place MER-MAID upright in your toilet tank, and it does the rest! This powerhouse works with every flush, ensuring your toilet bowl stays pristine for up to 3 months!

    The Sustained-Release Technology dispenses the perfect amount of ultra-strength cleaning solution with each flush, leaving behind a light pleasant scent for added freshness.

    Get Our Case-Pack Deal
    Just one MER-MAID is a great deal, but if you get a case pack (add 30 MER-MAIDS to your cart) you'll pay just $2.59 each.

    Note: Not For Septic Tanks
    Our unique crystalline gel formula is tough on stains and residue but not suitable for septic tanks, ensuring a thorough clean without compromising your plumbing. ALSO: Due to the nature of this product, returns for opened/used Mer-Maids are not accepted.


    • Cleans And Freshens Your Toilet
    • Easy To Use, Just Pull Tab And Put In Your Toilet Tank
    • Sustained-Release Technology, Works For Up To 3 Months
    • Uses Unique Crystalline Gel Formula
    • No Daily Scrubbing Needed, Every Flush Cleans
    • Leaves Behind Clean Toilet And Light Pleasant Scent
    • As Long As Water Is Blue MER-MAID Is Working
    • For Use With Regular Plumbing Only- Not For Septic Tanks
    • Dimensions: 1.6" x 2.5" x 4"
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