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    Ultimate Window and Screen Cleaning Kit (2 kits included)

    Your Price: $9.99
    This versatile kit is your all-in-one solution for tackling a range of cleaning needs. From windows, mirrors and shower doors to screens, window sills and even furniture! This kit is designed to make your cleaning tasks effortless and efficient.
    Item # 10530
    Due in Soon!

    The Ultimate Window and Screen Cleaning Kit - x2!

    There are many ways to clean windows, but how many effective ways are to clean screens? We found the perfect kit that cleans your windows AND screens and a whole lot more.

    Cleaning the windows is only half the equation for saying goodbye to dirt and hello to pristine, crystal-clear views!

    Plus you don't just get one kit you get TWO! And you get both for less than you will pay for one in stores.

    Multi-Purpose Cleaning Power With Innovative Tools

    This versatile kit is your all-in-one solution for tackling a range of cleaning needs. From windows, mirrors and shower doors to screens, window sills and even furniture! This kit is designed to make your cleaning tasks effortless and efficient.

    With these innovative cleaning tools and accessories you'll get sparkling results.

    What's Included:

    • 2 Window Brushes/Squeegees For Windows and Screens
    • 2 Removable Lint Brushes Perfect For Ridding Clothes and Furniture of Pet Hair and Lint
    • 2 Crevice Brushes Great For Window Sills, Door Rails and more
    • 4 Clear Stick-On Hangers For The Cleaning Tool and more
    • 2 Metal Hooks Use With Clear Stick-Ons
    • 2 Stick On Wall Hooks Use For Hanging All Kinds Of Things

    The Easiest & Most Effective Way To Clean Your Screens

    Ridding screens of pet hair, pollen, dust, dirt and tree fluff can be a chore. With the included screen brush you simply run it over the screen and you'll be amazed at what comes off. Add a little soap and water for a truly clean screen. When done simply rinse the brush under a faucet.

    Then just flip over the screen brush for a squeegee that will allow you to clean your windows, streak free!

    Use It For So Much More - Watch Our Video!

    This cleaning tool can be used to clean many things around your home and car. The screen brush easily rids furniture and carpeting of pet hair, lint and more.

    The brush included is great for getting into crevices, corners and more. I love how it is secretly tucked away on the back of the brush-head. You won't ever lose it!

    Then inside the handle is a removable lint brush that is fabulous for cleaning off your clothes and furniture.

    Plus you are getting two kits. Keep one at home and one in your car. You'll be able to clean your windows, carpet and seats!

    When we say this is the Ultimate Cleaning Kit we mean it. There are so many uses we are still discovering. The question is... How many ways will you use it?
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    Click to read about our staffI've not had an issue cleaning my windows since I started using use our Streak-Free Cloths years ago.

    What isn't easy is cleaning my window and patio screens. I can't get them clean especially when the tree fluff gets on them.

    In the spring I hire a window cleaning company who charges $300 to clean the windows and screens.

    I couldn't wait to try this kit. EUREKA, It does the job with ease!

    The brush-head is specially designed to be like a heavy-duty lint brush, that works on screens like magic!. I got a bucket of soapy water and with the brush it quickly got all that tree fluff off the screen. And I was amazed at how much dirt was on the brush.

    It took minutes to get my patio screen clean. Within an hour all were just as clean as if the window cleaning company had done them... but without the $300 bill.

    While the screen cleaning feature is my favorite you won't believe all the cool stuff (and design) that is in this kit. That's why we call it the Swiss Army Knife of Cleaning!

    On the back of the brush is a squeegee which is perfect for cleaning your windows and mirrors. But also tucked away on the back is a pop-out brush that is great for cleaning window sills, the patio door track as well as crevices, corners and more.

    You simply must watch our video because there are so many cool, secret, things that I will show you.

    This special deal gets you not one but TWO cleaning tools. You can use it for so many cleaning tasks around the home. And because you get two, you can keep one in your car so you'll always have clean windows, carpet and seats!


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