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0 The Secret Weapon Against Summer Storms: Must-Have Items You Never Knew You Needed
This blog post equips you with the essential supplies to navigate summer storms and their aftermath. It covers lighting solutions (LED bulbs, rechargeable flashlights, etc.) for maintaining visibility during power outages. You'll also find tips for staying healthy and comfortable (first-aid kit, insect repellent, portable fan) and even ways to harness natural power (solar phone charger, water-powered flashlight) to stay connected and informed.
PulseTV Picks Up the Pace: Scores at Back-to-Back Trade Shows
0 PulseTV Picks Up the Pace: Scores at Back-to-Back Trade Shows

Hey PulseTV fans! Just touched down from a two-week trade show marathon, and let me tell you, we will soon be overflowing with exciting finds – all curated just for you! Excited to add all these new products to our NEW and IMPROVED website. Here's the lowdown on how it's been:

Show #1: The Closeout Show - Hunting Down Hidden Gems (Vegas, Baby!)

First stop: The Closeout Show in Las Vegas! This show's all about unearthing incredible deals on overstock and unique finds across tons of categories. Think everything from rugs, to toys, to  to even some seriously cool mini telescopes. It's like a treasure hunt for the random-est stuff at unbelievable prices!

The Closeout Show is a goldmine for discovering hidden gems from smaller brands with excess inventory or Amazon sellers that got kicked off the platform (hey, their loss!). We found these high-quality pickleball sets that we are super excited to try out! 

Show #2: ASD Marketweek - A Shopping Spree Extravaganza (Still in Vegas!)

Next up was ASD Marketweek, another Las Vegas show, but with a completely different vibe! It's hosted at the really big Las Vegas Convention Center. This massive event is a shopping spree paradise - almost set up like an endless flea market with new and old suppliers of ours. It's always fun to catch up with some good friends in the industry and beat 'em up for great pricing to pass the savings along to our customers.

We snagged a fantastic closeout on some techy LED lighting strips, really nice outdoor Solar Lighting, and a BIG name-brand carpet cleaner that you can get for a fanstastic deal. (I can't share that name yet, so stay tuned on the website!)

Show #3: The Inspired Home Show - Home Sweet Deals in Chicago

InspiredHomeFinally, we came back home the next weekend to The Inspired Home Show, a haven for all things home décor and living. It's hosted at McCormick Place downtown so we loved the commute! While a little smaller than previous years, there were plenty of big brands that everyone can recognize (think Keurig and Le Crueset) to innovative smaller companies just launching their flagship products. There were sleek gadgets that make your life easier, and clever storage solutions for home and travel.

The buying team is excited to have found some power banks, first aid kits, a super sleek metal wallet, and some of those neck fans that we've been looking for! These are gonna be great for summertime. 

Get ready to see some seriously awesome new additions to our home décor and kitchenware collections! We still have a lot of negotiating, product evaluation, and products to develop that will be from the result of this show. 

Stay Tuned, PulseTV Fans!

This blog post is just a sneak peek at the incredible finds we discovered. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for even more detailed product spotlights and exclusive first looks! In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what kind of finds you're most excited about!

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Revamped PulseTV.com Makes Unique Finds Easier Than Ever to Discover
0 Revamped PulseTV.com Makes Unique Finds Easier Than Ever to Discover
For nearly 30 years, online retailer PulseTV.com has been your one-stop shop for exciting and unique products. Now, they're shaking things up with a major website redesign just launched! The revamped site boasts a clearer, more user-friendly experience that retains the fun and quirkiness that the family-owned business is known for.
Making the Viral Frozen Ramen in Chicago
0 Making the Viral Frozen Ramen in Chicago
Tried the viral #ramenchallenge in the freezing cold! It was -1°F one night in Chicago (thanks a lot Winter Storm Heather) I saw this trend on Tiktok and realized a lot of people didn't show HOW to actually do it. Here's a step by step tutorial...
This Isn't Your Grandpa's Ceiling Fan
0 This Isn't Your Grandpa's Ceiling Fan
As someone who has reviewed thousands of gadgets, this socket ceiling fan has truly exceeded my expectations. It's a rare gem in the market, providing remarkable value at an incredibly low price point. What sets this fan apart is its exceptional performance and features, making it a standout choice for anyone in need of a reliable cooling solution.
Cheers to the Ultimate Whiskey-Drinking Experience
0 Cheers to the Ultimate Whiskey-Drinking Experience
There is nothing like enjoying a glass of whiskey to celebrate a special occasion or to relax after a long, hard day. However you enjoy your whiskey, PulseTV has several accessories that will elevate your whiskey-drinking experience to a whole new level!