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    Copper Flux Knee-High Compression Socks 6-Pack

    Your Price: $19.99
    If you suffer from pain or fatigue in your lower legs, these Copper Flux Compression Socks may be just the thing to give you some much needed relief.
    Item # 9648
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    5 Stars Great value
    Great value for very good compression socks. I have used many other brands and this seems to be the top of my list. 8/29/2021 - Queintard D., NJ.

    Best Compression Socks For Swelling

    If you suffer from pain or fatigue in your lower legs, these Copper Flux Compression Socks may be just the thing to give you some much needed relief.

    Compression therapy can help promote circulation, reduce swelling, and make it a lot more bearable to walk. These are rated for moderate compression at 20-30mmHg.

    Best Copper Compression Socks

    Copper Compression Socks are socks with copper woven directly into the fabric. By adding copper, a centuries-old natural disinfectant, users are provided a superior remedy for tired or achy lower extremities while killing odor-causing bacteria. Great for Athlete's Feet sufferers!

    Plus the copper infusion ensures that the fabric stays tight and elastic over time.

    Compression Socks for Deep Vein Thrombosis

    Compression stockings or socks treat symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a type of blood clot.

    DVTs tend to form in your upper or lower leg. They can interfere with the way blood normally flows up from the legs to the heart. These blood flow issues can cause blood to pool in your legs.

    Compression stockings can help prevent DVT-related symptoms before they begin and help ease "post-thrombotic syndrome".

    Stylish Compression Socks

    For years compression socks were nylon colored and associated with something your grandma would wear.

    Now because of the many benefits people of all ages and sizes are wearing them. In fact most athletes swear by them!

    That's why these Copper Flux Compression Socks have not just created some of the best compression socks around, but they've also made them stylish for all of us to wear.

    You get 6 pairs of black compression socks with various accent colors. Perfect for matching your athletic wear or looking great under a pair of pants!

    Sizes Chart:

    Fits Men's Sizes 6-9, Calf Size: 9in - 15in
    Fits Women's Sizes 5-10, Calf Size: 9in - 15in

    Fits Men's Sizes 9-12, Calf Size: 14in - 19in
    Fits Women's Sizes 10-13, Calf Size: 14in - 19in

    Fits Men's Sizes 10-13, Calf Size: 18in - 21in
    Fits Women's Sizes 11-14, Calf Size: 18in - 21in


    - 6 Pairs of Compression Socks
    - Super Soft and Comfy
    - Copper Infused
    - Moderate Compression 20-30 mmHg
    - Antibacterial Properties Cut Down on Odor
    - Reduces Pain, Swelling and Fatigue in Calves and Ankles
    - Good for Varicose Veins and Mild to Moderate Edema
    - Machine Washable
    - Material: 90 percent Nylon, 10 percent Spandex
    Existing reviews
    size problem
    Look great but largest size was too small for me, I havent found anyone to gift them to.
    CAROLYN | 8/17/2023 11:00 PM
    Not disappointd
    For the price these socks are great. There is a band around for arch support that I could do without, and depending on the shoes I wear it does bother me sometimes thus 4 stars not 5. Now I just dont wear these socks if I want to wear those shoes. Over all I am not disappointed and would purchase again.
    KADENE | 8/13/2023 11:00 PM
    My favorite socks
    I was told by my doctor that I need to wear compression socks. Ive tried many but these are the first ones that look good and are comfortable. No more swollen legs!
    CHRIS | 8/6/2023 11:00 PM
    Highly Recommend
    Great socks especially for umpiring softball all day long. My feet felt much better after a long day. I highly recommend. Glad a friend suggested that I try them through your site.
    BOBBY | 8/6/2023 11:00 PM
    compression stockings
    I bought these to wear at work as I am on my feet all day. I love them.
    TAMMY | 6/28/2023 11:00 PM
    Excellent Socks
    hard to put on, but that is what compression socks are. Fantastic price. I will be using them a lot for my foot and lower leg issues.
    DAVE | 6/19/2023 11:00 PM
    Works as advertised to reduce swelling, but
    Works as advertised to reduce swelling. The only negative is due to their tight fit they are hard to get on.
    RON | 6/8/2023 11:00 PM
    Great Compression Socks
    These are great compression socks, your feet and legs will thank you.
    NORMAN | 4/30/2023 11:00 PM
    Great deal on these compression socks
    I wore these on a six hour flight, where in the past my feet had really swelled. They not only prevented swelling, they were actually comfortable.
    WILLIAM | 4/15/2023 11:00 PM
    compression hose
    They seem to stand up good after a few washing. I didnt dry them in dryer and they seemed to stand up well.
    BRENDA | 4/15/2023 11:00 PM
    Theyre super comfortable and add support to my ankles. Feet feel great again
    CHEREIF | 2/19/2023 10:00 PM
    Compression socks
    They are very good at keeping my swelling at bay.
    SANDRA | 2/16/2023 10:00 PM
    My husband loves them
    My husband is very picky. If he can t get them on easily he won t wear them. He has previously thrown away compression socks I have bought him. But these he first said he would not be able to get them on but did and actually said he liked them. I like the colors. He had been wearing regular crew socks and his legs were severely swollen. The crew socks left deep indentations in his lower calf. With his diabetes I told him he would end up having his lower leg or feet amputated. We willsee how he does this summer when he has shorts on! But he liked them so I ordered more for a friend!!
    MARNA | 2/11/2023 10:00 PM
    My favorite compression socks
    I have been wearing compression socks for years. I work 2 jobs, 6 days a week and I am 70 years old. I have purchased many types and brands of compression socks over the years. I really love this brand because they come up high on my leg and have a strong compression strength. I will keep reordering these socks no varicose veins yet!
    Cheryl | 1/26/2023 10:00 PM
    No more cramps
    These socks are great! I have been suffering with leg cramps every night for years and doctors didn t have an answer. My daughter suggested compression socks and I ordered them. I have not had cramps since.
    WILLIAM | 12/31/2022 10:00 PM
    Very Happy
    I have purchased these types of socks from several different places. These are better than others and much less expensive. I only wish they had been available when I needed additional pairs so I would not have had to buy them elsewhere.
    EMILY | 11/25/2022 10:00 PM
    Excellent product and value
    These felt great from the moment I put them on been wearing them now for about 2 weeks and it improved my edema 100%. I would recommend these to anyone who needs compression socks. In addition theyre also pretty easy to put on compared to other compression socks that would not fit. Great value for the price as well. Highly recommended
    STEVE | 11/10/2022 10:00 PM
    Bought similar items before , these Cooper infused sock are excellent
    Bought similar items before, these Cooper infused socks are excellent and they perform very well, love product!!
    MIGUEL | 10/20/2022 11:00 PM
    Finally - A good fit!
    I have ordered so many of these socks from every where only to not be able to wear them because they all felt like they were trying to cut my toes off! And dont tell me about the ones that dont have any toes! They are worthless to me and are very uncomfortable as well. The last order I placed for these are 2XL and are finally the ones I need. I ordered another set today!
    CARLTON | 9/23/2022 11:00 PM
    Fantastic Socks
    I enjoy the fit and comfort of these socks! They definitely help with the blood circulation in my lower legs and at the end of the day my legs feel great.
    Darrell | 9/22/2022 11:00 PM
    great socks
    Comfortable and they reduce the swelling in my feet and ankles. I wear them all day without any discomfort. GREAT value.
    DENNIS | 8/18/2022 11:00 PM
    socks not wide
    I was disappointed that these socks that were supposed to be extra large were not wide enough for my calves. My opinion was they were just large. My calves are 16 inches and the socks didnt stretch much and they were hard to get over my feet and calves and even harder to get off. I will stick to the copper fit brand which are great and their sizing is spot on.
    VICKIE | 6/17/2022 11:00 PM
    Best feel, best results
    I was diagnosed with venous insufficiency about a year ago. I had purchased, prior to copper flux knee highs , some five different brands, including from the doctors office; all were beneficial. When I saw the add for copper flux, the price was too reasonable to not try; im glad I tried. The copper flux were superior in these ways: 1 best therapeutic results based on visual observation of swelling at the end of a full on my feet day and physical touch of ankles and calves reduced edema/pooling of venous fluid/less swelling; 2 easiest to put on and take off ; and 3 best feel when wearing feels really supportive, while not feeling constraining. So, Im really happy I tried the product and grateful for pulse for allowing for the pricing for someone on a fixed income/tight budget.
    BUDDY | 6/9/2022 11:00 PM
    2nd purchase
    Bought a set last fall and wear daily. Like the design as it helps get the socks on straight.
    FAYE | 5/26/2022 11:00 PM
    Hard to get on, but well worth the effort
    I bought these as a gift, @ the headline pretty well sums up the feedback. He also said his legs & feet never felt better, he is sold on them. He also loves the colors.
    ALECIA | 5/15/2022 11:00 PM
    4 star socks 5 star customer service
    I had to exchange my first pair of socks They run a little small and I had to get the next size up Customer service was great about exchange The socks They couldn t have been nicer and more professional
    CRAIG | 5/7/2022 11:00 PM
    I ordered theses and I am back for more. Not only did I get 6 pair for the price of 1at the stores theses worked better!! These compression socks had more compression than the ones from the pharmacy. After 1day the swelling in my ankles and lower legs was gone and my legs feel better now than they have in awhile. I recommend these socks to anyone!!!!!
    Michael | 4/20/2022 11:00 PM
    Copper Flux Knee-High Compression Socks 6-Pack
    Love the compression, however I guess I ordered the wrong size because the large are so tight it is difficult to get on and wear. Once on they work great but I cant wear for long periods.
    George | 4/18/2022 11:00 PM
    Copper Flux socks
    These socks are a must buy. They feel so great when wearing them. The way the calf area is designed and stitched they message your calf s as you walk. They make your feet feel so comfortable while walking as well. They are a little bit of a struggle to put on but if you read the instructions on how to put them on really makes them a lot easier. My hands are a little arthritic so that s the problem for me but these are well worth the money that they are priced at. It s a no brainer.
    DAN | 4/9/2022 11:00 PM
    Copper infused compression socks
    These copper infused compression socks are very comfortable. They were easy to put on even the very first time unlike some of the other socks I bought elsewhere.
    LINDA | 3/24/2022 11:00 PM
    Great looking
    My husband is diabetic and loves these socks. He can get them on, but I have to help him pull them off. Good quality.
    SHIRLEY | 3/24/2022 11:00 PM
    Great Product
    These are the Best socks Ever! They are really hard to get on ! But Sooo...Worth it! They take and keep the swelling down and your legs and feet dont ache! These are Wonderful Socks !!!
    DONNA | 2/2/2022 10:00 PM
    Good support
    These socks are great and they are a great value! I highly recommend them.
    Adrienne | 1/23/2022 10:00 PM
    Better than medical grade compression socks
    These socks have firm support the entire length of the sock. I have had to wear compression socks for 18 years, ever since 5 cancer related surgeries, and these are the very best and most comfortable socks that I have found.
    DICK | 1/16/2022 10:00 PM
    Copper Flux Knee-High Compression Socks 6-Pack Item #9648 FLUX S
    Nice comfortable sock.
    Barbara | 12/16/2021 10:00 PM
    Great Product
    These are THE BEST SOCKS EVER! I absolutely LOVE Them! They actually do what they say!
    DONNA | 12/12/2021 10:00 PM
    Copper Flux
    Great fit, comfortable, soothing! Love em!
    MARIO | 12/5/2021 10:00 PM
    Wasnt Satisfied
    Socks were too short, they just didnt feel right.
    JOE | 10/28/2021 11:00 PM
    Great value!
    Great value in material and price.
    TOM | 9/23/2021 11:00 PM
    To thick
    To thick for me They would be ok if you are living in Alaska
    MILDRED | 8/28/2021 11:00 PM
    Great value
    Great value for very good compression socks. I have used many other brands and this seems to be the top of my list.
    Queintard | 8/28/2021 11:00 PM
    Very Comfortable
    It took a little getting used to since they are really tight but thats because theyre supposed to be. Almost feels like theyre not even on after a few minutes of wearing them. I like them a lot and would buy again.
    SEAN | 8/28/2021 11:00 PM
    A True Bargain
    This is the third set of Compression Socks i have purchased from Pulsetv. Each set has been better than the last. This set is harder to get on but when in place they are comfortable and tight. They are far superior than ones from Dr Scholl and other companies.To make them even better they were priced far lower than Walmart or other suppliers.I reccommend them but my size was large mens. If you have very large legs choose wisely.
    WALTER | 8/26/2021 11:00 PM
    Great Item!
    These calf high compression socks are a great find at a fantastic price. Highly recommended. RJ Melton
    ROBERT | 8/23/2021 11:00 PM

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    Click to read about our staffThere are so many reasons that these socks are a must for everyone to own.

    First they are rated as one of the Best Compression Socks on the market for style, comfort and value.

    This 6-pack features copper that is woven directly into the fabric. By adding copper, a centuries-old natural disinfectant, you'll not only get a superior remedy for tired or achy lower extremities, you'll also kill odor-causing bacteria. These are great for Athlete's Foot!

    Are You At Risk For DVT?
    A DVT is short for Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is a type of blood clot. DVTs tend to form in your upper or lower leg. They can interfere with the way blood normally flows up from the legs to the heart. These blood flow issues can cause blood to pool in your legs.

    The sad truth is almost one million people this year in the U.S. will suffer from a DVT. While most are not fatal it is a scary thing that can leave you very sick.

    The Copper Flux Knee-High Compression Socks help to prevent and treat symptoms of DVT because the 15 to 20mmHG compression helps promote circulation and reduce swelling in your legs.

    Extreme Discount Today!
    This 6-pack sells for $90 in stores and that is normally a good price... BUT TODAY ONLY, you can get a 6-pack for this low price.

    To see a SIZE CHART or get more info VISIT HERE


    - 6 Pairs of Compression Socks
    - Available in multiple sizes VISIT HERE
    - Super Soft and Comfy
    - Copper Infused
    - Moderate Compression 20-30mmHg
    - Antibacterial Properties Cut Down on Odor
    - Reduces Pain, Swelling and Fatigue in Calves and Ankles
    - Good for Varicose Veins and Mild to Moderate Edema
    - Machine Washable
    - Material: 90 percent Nylon, 10 percent Spandex


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