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    4-Pack of Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

    Your Price: $7.99
    Create a bright and pleasant atmosphere throughout your home with these dimmable 60 Watt or 100 Watt Equivalent LED light bulbs
    Item # 10614
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    Buy more to save more (mix and match too)
    Get one 4-Pack for $7.99
    Save $4 more and get TWO 4-Packs for $11.98
    Save $6 more and get THREE 4-packs for $17.97

    Create a bright and pleasant atmosphere throughout your home with these dimmable 60 Watt or 100 Watt Equivalent LED light bulbs.

    The dimmable LED bulbs allows you to control the brightness to create bright light great for reading and crafting or dimming it to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. It's a great choice for a family room, bedroom, library and more.

    Save Money With These Bulbs That Last 15 to 17 Years

    Using the latest in LED lighting technology, these LED bulbs allow you to replace your energy-sapping, expensive-to-use incandescent bulbs. Plus it will be years and years before you'll have to climb up a ladder to change them!

    With our low price these bulbs will pay for themselves in no time at all!

    Bright 6000K Daylight Lighting

    High quality lighting with 6000 Kelvin of light which gives you a bright daylight type of light. With a CRI rating of 80+ it means that colors of objects under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight. Anything 80 or over is considered good.

    Choose Your Brightness

    Available in a 4-pack of 60 Watt equivalent which is 800 Lumens or a 4-pack of 100 Watt equivalent which is 1500 Lumens.

    These bulbs are eco-friendly and energy efficient. The 60 Watt equivalent only uses 9 Watts of energy and the 100 Watt equivalent uses just 15 Watts! Best thing is based on 3-hours/day, the estimated energy cost is between $1.18 (60 Watt) to $1.97 (100 Watt) FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

    Since these are LED lights, they offer a shatterproof design so you don't have to worry about them breaking when dropped. These are perfect for indoor track fixtures, down lights and high hats to create a lovely, warm ambiance. They're also cool to the touch and do not give off any unwanted heat.


    • LEDs save energy and last 15 to 17 years
    • Available in either 60 Watt (800 Lumens) or 100 Watt (1500 Lumens)
    • Dimmable for custom lighting
    • Daylight White
    • Color temperature 6000K
    • E26 standard base fits in most light sockets
    • Shatter-proof
    • Doesn't emit heat, bulb stays cool to the touch
    • CRI rating of 80+
    • ETL Listed for Safety & Compliance

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    Click to read about our staffHere's a deal that I implore you to take advantage of.

    This isn't just a super deal on some pretty darn awesome LED Bulbs. When you replace your standard bulbs with these you'll be saving even more on electricity.

    That's right the average savings PER BULB of using these over the incandescent bulbs is $161.70. Again that is per bulb over the course of its life. Do the math... replace 10 and that $1617.00 in savings... WOW!

    These aren't just any run of the mill LED Light Bulbs... they're dimmable from 100 percent to 10 percent (must have dimmable light switch and/or fixture).

    You can expect each bulb to last between 15 to 17 years. While a regular bulb lasts less than 2 years.

    IMPORTANT! Very few LED bulbs on the market go through proper testing and certification. This leaves you at risk for electrical and fire damage, not to mention the bulbs are not as bright as they say.

    Rest easily these have gone through ETL Certification for safety and compliance.

    - LEDs save energy and money
    - Each bulb lasts 15 to 17 years
    - Choose from 60 Watt (800 Lumens) or 100 Watt (1500 - Lumens)
    - Dimmable for custom lighting
    - Daylight White
    - Color temperature 6000K
    - E26 standard fits in most light sockets
    - ETL Listed for Safety & Compliance


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