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    The Original Rapid Ramen Microwave Cooker

    Your Price: $3.99
    SPECIAL: 2 for $5.98

    As seen on Shark Tank, the Rapid Ramen Cooker is here to bring delicious ramen into your life! Enjoy perfectly-cooked ramen noodles in a fraction of the time using your microwave.
    Item # 10400-BK
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    As seen on Shark Tank, the Rapid Ramen Cooker is here to bring delicious ramen into your life! Enjoy perfectly-cooked ramen noodles in a fraction of the time using your microwave.

    Ramen Made Quick and Easy: The Perfect Microwave Cooker

    It's so easy to use: simply add the entire block of instant ramen, seasonings, and fill the container with water up to the fill line. Get stove top quality with fast convenience of the microwave: the patented reservoir design circulates the water for perfect heat distribution.

    It's supposed to be a quick and easy meal, but cooking on the stovetop can take longer than you think: 6 minutes just to boil the water, 6 more minutes to cook the noodles. PLUS washing the pot. Rapid ramen cooks your noodles in just 3 minutes - you can eat directly from the container, and then toss it in the dishwasher for mess-free cleaning!

    It's the perfect back-to-school item for kids of all ages - especially college-age kids! A quick and easy meal for busy families or even an after-school snack: ramen is one of the world's most beloved dishes! There are an infinite amount of toppings, sauces, and flavor combinations to experiment with.


    • The Original Rapid Ramen Noodle Cooker as Seen on Shark Tank
    • Patented Design for Perfect Cooking Every Time
    • Takes a Fraction of Cook Time (3 Minutes)
    • Stove-Top Quality with Convenience of Microwave
    • Perfectly-Sized for Instant Ramen Packs
    • Never Boils Over
    • Simply Add Ingredients and Add Water to Fill Line
    • BPA-Free and Dishwasher-Safe for Easy Cleanup
    • Heat and Eat from The Container
    • Don't Need Additional Bowls, Pots, or Other Containers
    • Great for Reheating Too
    • Reusable Up to 5 Years
    • Great for Busy Parents, After-School Snacks, College, The Office
    • Approx. Dimensions: 7in x 5in x 2.25in

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