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WWII Diaries: The Complete War Report

WWII Diaries: The Complete War Report

WWII Diaries: The Complete War Report
WWII Diaries: The Complete War Report
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- 78 hours of viewing on 19 discs
- Each month of the war is profiled
- Authentic photographs and archival footage
- A must-have for history and war buffs

WWII - The Complete War Report is a complete day-by-day chronicle of the most epic event in the 20th century. Follow the steps that changed history. The chaos, sacrifice and heroism of WWII are presented through a profile of the significant milestones that propelled and diminished the most terrifying regime of the 20th Century. This compelling series highlights the details and daily headlines of September 1939 through September 1945, showcasing the conflicts between the Axis and the Allies.

78 Hours Of Richly Detailed WWII History

Each month of the war is individually featured as 1 hour segments filled with authentic historic photographs and archival footage. That means 78 hours of richly detailed WWII history. Comprehensive and insightful, these chronicles unravel the epic struggles and unimaginable horror that plagued the vast majority of the world s nations. From the front lines to the home front this exceptional series contains hours of wartime video footage, newsreels, photographs and much more!

- 78 hours of viewing on 19 discs
- Each month of the war is profiled in a 1 hour segment
- Authentic photographs and archival footage
- A must-have for history enthusiasts and war buffs

5 Stars  Perfect Gift 
I bought this as a gift for a friend who is a real history buff. She loved it!!!

4 Stars  Interesting Collection 
These videos provide a snapshot view of WWll to include things happening behind the scenes. The narration is decent except for the occasional mis-pronounced word. The series repeats video clips for different events as well. In spite of these negatives I have learned from the series and have enjoyed it.

5 Stars  Excellent for History Buffs 
This set gives day by day accounts of WWII. It is an excellent addition to anyones collection of history or to anyone just interested in history. It is an excellent account of what made the world today.

5 Stars  A Wonderful Trip Through History 
A fascinating view of WWII

5 Stars  World War II Diaries 
When I received this DVD set I had already purchased the Great Battles of World War II. Upon watching one of the great battles I realized I could watch the day by day aspects with the Diaries DVDs. What a wonderful experience to have the detail and insight intertwined with the big picture. Thank you.

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