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Meat Claws by Kassa
Meat Claws by Kassa
Meat Claws by Kassa
Meat Claws by Kassa
Meat Claws by Kassa
Meat Claws by Kassa

Meat Claws by Kassa

Meat Claws by Kassa

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More than just meat shredders. These premium Meat Claws by Kassa are the ultimate accessory for meat grillers, smokers and slow cookers.

Your Meat Claws produce perfectly shredded meat without the mess and headache of knives and forks. The comfortable design gives you the perfect handhold to easily grasp and shred pork, chicken, beef, and more with the ultra-sharp 'claws'.

The durable nylon plastic material is made to withstand high heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The six prongs on each of the barbecue Claws are extremely sharp in order to guarantee proper shredding.

More Than Just Meat Shredders: Even if you're not shredding, your Meat Claws allow you to grab, lift, and turn heavy pieces. Entire sizzling-hot rib roasts, chickens, even turkeys will be easy to handle. Before you make another pork shoulder or brisket, make sure you have a pair of Meat Claws.

- Fun and easy to use
- Quickly and efficiently shred pork, chicken, beef
- Easily put meat on and off the grill
- Sharp, high-quality nylon plastic material
- Hold a large piece of meat while shredding or cutting
- Protect your hands from getting burned
- Heat resistant to 450 degrees F
- Dishwasher safe

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