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Line Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer

Line Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer

Line Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer
Line Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer
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The strongest wrinkle reducer you can get without a prescription!

Here is a powerful formula that activates on contact to visibly erase fine lines and deep wrinkles in just seconds! So, why put yourself through the expense and hazards of Botox injections for short term results? A scientific blend of oxygenating peptides, micro-collagen and firming proteins tightens, firms and reduces puffiness all day long. It's like having a temporary face-lift in a bottle!

What if we said you could look younger in 90 seconds? Then what if we told you it was guaranteed? That's exactly the case with this 90 Second Line Eraser. In fact there's a clinical study to back it up!

This quick-acting, anti-aging cream works to temporarily tighten the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and under-eye puffiness.

The unique and easy to use "hypo" dispenser allows for targeted application to problem areas. Simply apply to the desired area and smooth in!

Clinically Proven To Reduce the Appearance of:
- Wrinkles
- Crows Feet
- Under Eye Puffiness

- Visible Results in 90 Seconds
- Powerful Non-Prescription Formula
- Unique Hypo Dispenser allows for targeted application
- No FROZEN FACE, 100% natural results
- Leaves No Residue
- Works On All Skin Types
- Use Under Make-Up
- No Albumin, No Whitening Effect
- Natural Formulation
- Results Lasts Up To 12 Hours
- Made in the USA
- Made cruelty free (no animal testing) and does not contain animal by-products.
- .34 Fl Oz.

Ingredients: Water, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Silicate, Magnesuim Aluminum Silicate, Capryl Glycol, Cellulose Gum, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Alumina, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ammonium Polycrylate, Silica, Pentylene Glycol, Lecthin, Commiphora Mukul Resin Extract, Alcohol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tocopheral, Polysorbate 20, Retinol, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides

5 Stars  Ditto on all the 5 stars! 
I love this product! Have repurchased several times. Dont want to be without it....

4 Stars  Take Away Lines 
Works well for minimizing lines.

5 Stars  great stuff 
love this wrtnkle reducer! works great on me!

4 Stars  nice 
Works quite well. It only lasts a few hours, however - I was hoping for longer. But, given the price, it was WELL worth it!

2 Stars  Dont care for this 
I bought one and one for two friends, kind of gunky and once on, if you move your face, it cracks. we just laughed and still try it now and then, but wouldnt buy again.

4 Stars  OK 

5 Stars  Product works 
I am a repeat customer and can t be without this product because it works.

5 Stars  Very affordable...and it works! 
Ive shared this product with a few of my lady friends...they love it too!

5 Stars  It really works! 
I have tried a lot of products with various claims but have been routinely disappointed. Not with this product. It lives up to all of the claims and I have been surprisingly pleased with the results. It is not magic but it works better than the $100.00 plus items I have tried in the past. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

5 Stars  Helps with deep wrinkles 
This stuff is fabulous! Especially if you have deep wrinkles .makes my makeup work better!!!

5 Stars  I love this product 
I have used this Wrinkle Reducer for a very long time, I am super pleased with the cost and effectiveness.

5 Stars  Use sparingly 
If used correctly it does wonders for wrinkles.

5 Stars  This stuff works wonders 
I saw this and decided to give it a try and it works great. The bags under my eyes and wrinkles around my mouth disappear I just a couple of minutes. I love this stuff

5 Stars  The last wrinkle eraser you need to buy 
Unbelievable how great this works and takes years off your eyes.. no residue seen. Dries quickly. Adapts to your skin color. I will never be w/o this amazing product.

4 Stars  Effective with wrinkles and under eye bags 
It is tinted. As a male, that was not a thrill for me. But my wife likes it. She recommends having dry, moisturized skin before applying this product.

2 Stars  A skin-tightening MAKEUP 
This product did a fine job in shrinking wrinkles on my forehead and under eyes. BUT, it is tinted! Now, some men are ok with wearing makeup and I do not judge them. But, it is not for me. I wish the ad mentioned the tint! Yeah, the video mentions it - but I did not watch the video before buying. My error and a lesson learned!

5 Stars  line Eraser 
This product is fantastic! I use it every day and it lasts all day. I hope you will keep this product forever,I would be very upset if you do not. Thanks

5 Stars  Great product for under the eyes 
Great serum for the price, works great

5 Stars  Line Eraser 
Loved it. Works just as good if not better than the other one they sell.

5 Stars  works great 

5 Stars  Awesome! 
Nice and easy to use Hope it makes me look like I am 25 wink wink LOL

5 Stars  Easy to use and sensational product.. 
The product description is real and works well for helping to remove wrinkles for your face lines..

5 Stars  Great eye bag cream 
This is great it really works well for under eye puffiness and wrinkles. Works in minutes!

5 Stars  Great under eye line, puffy skin eliminater.. 
Best product I have ever bought. COMPLETELY erases under eye puffiness. Invisibleb after drying. Love this !!!

5 Stars  Best Line Eraser Ever 
I am 77 years old and have used the 90 second wrinkle reducer for several years now. I only use it on the trunks under my eyes. You can feel your skin tighten and see the bags disappear. Try it you will like it.

4 Stars  Quick results! 
Works just as advertised. However, the 4 stars is because the lighter tint of color added for blending, doesn t work well for darker skin tones like mine. I m tan due to the American Indian heritage, and this drys to look like I have something on my face. If made in different shades, it is perfect!!

1 Stars  Disappointed 
So far, Im disappointed with the product. My facial creases/lines have not really improved, even temporarily! To me, the product merely COVERS up the lines, like a Skin colored mascara. Other such products at least temporarily tighten up the creases/lines with clear materials! I do not recommend this facial product!

5 Stars  Complete satisfaction 
This product works every bit as good as the leading product made by a different brand and there is more of the product in the syringe that the others.

5 Stars  Love this product 
Works well

4 Stars  Wrinkle reducer 
I have been buying the Line Eraser for some time now. It decreases my under eye swelling quite well. The tint in it works great with my light skintone.

5 Stars  Effective, invisible facial line eraser 
Best line eraser I have ever bought. Easy to apply. Has no visible residue like most others. Last all day. Easy to remove with facial cleaning. Dont bother buying the others, Ive tried multiple. This 1 product is very affordable, does the best . I have bought many and will continue. Only takes a tiny bit.

5 Stars  Great under eye line, puffy skin eliminater.. 
Great under eye line/ bag eraser. Easily applied. Effects can last up to 2 days after correct application. No white residue any longer due to upgrade of product. Have bought several. Will continue to re-buy. Love this product. Better than any other product similiar.

5 Stars  Great under eye line, puffy skin eliminater.. 
Great product. Easy to apply. Dries within about 2 min. Really tightens skin under eyes. No white residue like others have. Absolute line reducer. Great product.

5 Stars  Great 
This is a great product its great for taking care of the under eyes puffiness it last around 8 hours.

5 Stars  90 Second Wrinkle Reducer 
I love this product. It does exactly what the name brand does at a much lesser cost. I have ordered 3 at a time at least 3 times.

4 Stars  line eraser 
line eraser works almost as good as the expensive products!

4 Stars  Wrinkles Be Gone 
This product really works - and lasts almost the entire day and I am talking 8 or more hours. I have tried other products that work, but by the time I am finished with my mascara and blush, the results are fading. This 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer works particularly well under my eyes to eliminate the puffy bulge that exists there. The only drawback is sometimes it is noticeable on the skin or skin feels too tight. The solution is to keep practicing with the amount you apply until you get it just right. I have given it one less star than PERFECT because it doesnt seem to work on other areas of my face as well as under my eyes - not on my forehead wrinkles, nor on my wrinkles around my chin area. But the under the eye result is SUPERB!!!

2 Stars  didnt work for me 
The cream is tinted with really light tint....does not blend into my skin at all.

5 Stars  Really like this product 
Have tried many wrinkle reducers. This one works best. And I really like the price.

1 Stars  90 Second Wrinkle Reducer Doesnt work-Junk 
This product does nothing for wrinkles anywhere on my face. Very disappointing dont waste your money.

5 Stars  Nice product 
There is not a dramatic change with this product but I didnt expect there to be one. I have tried many products that claim to be a wrinkle reducer and this one is just as good as many others.

3 Stars  Ok 
The line eraser helps minimize wrinkles but its not a miracle

5 Stars  Erase 
Incredible how this product erase your eyeliner and the puffy eyes.

5 Stars  Great for deep wrinkles 
I continue to order this product and wont be without it. It last for about 5 hours but I have deep wrinkles. Be sure to apply upward and smooth onto skin so it doesnt look caked on. I am happy with this product and it takes years off my age.

4 Stars  Line Eraser 
This is my second purchase of the Line Eraser -90 second wrinkle reducer. As an elderly female I need help with my eye areas and this product works well. It is easy to use and the light foundation color is nice.

5 Stars  The best confidence builder ever! 
I was so self conscious about the bags and wrinkles under my eyes until I discovered this! The trick is, you have to be patient. Its not instant. Ive had times where I piled it on in a hurry and it wasnt necessary. Its not going to create a miracle, but it sure does make an improvement.

5 Stars  Miracle Wrinkle Reducer 
Im 76 and this is the best that I have used, and I have used most of the ones sold.

3 Stars  90 second wrinkle reducer 
It didnt really work for my deep set wrinkles and I didnt like the tinted color. Might work for somebody else but didnt work for me.

5 Stars  10 years younger 
I am 77, people keep telling me I look younger, I then ask, How much younger? Most of them say about 10 years. This product is amazing, it works in 10 seconds andIt lasts all day. You cant tell is on and it blends with your skin color. Compared with other products, cant beat the price, I highly recommend it!

3 Stars  Wrinkle cream 
It didnt seem to work for me I seen no change..

5 Stars  Great product 
Ive been using this product for a while and I really like it. It doesnt make the wrinkles go away they just look less wrinkly!

5 Stars  I hope they never stop making this! 
This is at least the second or third time I have purchased this product. I always order a few at a time because I never want to be without it! It makes me feel so much better about the lines around my eyes, I cant even begin to tell you. Ive seen ads on TV for products and Im always skeptical, as I was with this when I first purchased it. It definitely hasnt let me down!

5 Stars  My third order 
Miraculous, Takes care of the bags under your eyes and smooths the rincles

5 Stars  Line Eraser 
I have tried the nationally advertised very expensive wrinkle eraser. This wrinkle reducer is faster and lasts longer than that one. I only use it under the eyes. My hair covers the forehead wrinkles.

5 Stars  Wonderful! 
Love this so much I am stocking up on it! Fantastic!

5 Stars  Easiest and Greatest Makeup 
It is so easy to put on the face and REALLY does make the wrinkles go away. My face feels nice and tight all day!!

5 Stars  Great product 
This cream works perfect

5 Stars  Line Eraser 
Works well and tightens my skin too!


5 Stars  90 second wrinkle reducer 
Works like the over advertized, over priced wrinkle reducer on TV. I use it daily under my eyes, no more droopy eyes. Love it. I have very fair skin, it blends right in. It is worth a try.

2 Stars  Did not work for me 
This product goes on very nicely but unfortunately, it did not work for me. Maybe Ill give it to my sister to see if she has better results. I was so hopeful but so absolutely no difference.

5 Stars  Line eraser 
I like this product and have reordered it many times. I have very deep wrinkles and it fills them to a point of disappearing. It last several hours and I like having a more youthful looking skin. Try it, the price is so reasonable. It is a tinted cream so just dont spot treat your face. Use like a foundation for full coverage.

4 Stars  It Works 
Noticed the difference in 10 minutes, lasts up to 8hours, not a miracle cure, but you will notice a difference.

5 Stars  Wont leave home without it 
love, Love, LOVE this! Radiation to my head and chemo caused my face to really age. And the eye bags!! This stuff works for me. I put my makeup on first, as touching my face after it is applied seems to negate the effects. You may be different. Anyway, for me it works great and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars  It Works 
I bought the more expensive version when it came out and this works just like it. The only difference is there is a slight tint to this and I looks like you might get a little more for your money!

4 Stars  Excellent buy! 
This product works very well, Ive used other brands and paid up to $100.00 for a tube same size with almost the same results. One complaint, it tends to cake up slightly towards the end of one application, but Ive seen the other brands do the same so its not just a complaint on this product but in general.

4 Stars  Line Eraser 
Since I am 71 years old and would do a lot to not have to look at those wrinkles in the mirror, this product works fairly well. I can feel it work quickly so I can again look in the mirror to apply my make-up and it lasts about as long as it claims. Makes me feel better about myself so that makes it a hit!

5 Stars  This really works. 
I had doubts but after the first application I was thrilled. I will continue to order and use this product!

4 Stars  Almost, but not quite 
This product is great for lighter lines and wrinkles, and Im very happy for that - dont regret buying it at all. But like every other product Ive tried it does nothing for the furrow between my brows.

5 Stars  Great product 
Loved this product, made me feel younger and more refreshed. Blends well , feels great!! Recommended to my friends

2 Stars  Did not like this product 
It did not really fill in the wrinkles, just made my skin feel dry and tight. Skin color did not match my skin color at all so it was very noticeable even under make-up.

5 Stars  90second erase is the freaking bomb 
I love this stuff. I put it under my eyes, I fan my eyes for about a minute and the results are unbelievable.

3 Stars  Flakes round the eyes 
Flakes round the eyes Doesnt work as described. The first impression is good but after 10 minutes is flakes around your eyes. Really embarrassed I dont recommend

5 Stars  Works better than expected 
After 7 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation for head and neck cancer, my previously unlined face was left damaged. Another 3 weeks of radiation a few months later left it so dry and lined I didnt even want to leave the house. The low cost of this product had me hesitating. I mean, how good could such an inexpensive product be?? But because it was so inexpensive, I decided to give it a try. Oh, I am so glad I did!! I could actually watch it smooth out those lines and the bags under my eyes! Last month I had to go to the hospital to change out my feeding tube, and the nurse kept asking my date of birth. She thought they had mixed up my records with those of a much older woman!! Im 71, and she thought I was maybe in my 50s!! That alone has made me a believer. For me, this works like a miracle. I can finally leave my house with the confidence that Im looking my best.

4 Stars  Wrinkle Remover 
It works pretty good. It helps

5 Stars  Incredible results 
I am a 76-year-old male With large bags under my eyes. I applied this product and it 90 seconds my bags were completely gone it has taken at least 15 years off my face even my wife was stunned with the results, now shes afraid that women will be noticing. At 76 every little bit helps ! Oh by the way, two weeks earlier, my wife purchased the same type of product for $99 a tube, So the price for this product cant be beaten, anywhere!

5 Stars  Line Eraser 
Works great on minor wrinkles. Would recommend this product.

1 Stars  Did NOT work for me! 
I could have just used water for how much good this did. I hope it worked for others but it certainly did nothing for me.

5 Stars  Little dab goes a long way 
For the price this stuff is phenomenal. Trick is not to apply too much as it whitens.

1 Stars  wrinkle reducer 
Hard to get out of the tube, doesnt last after applied, and do not like the color it leaves.


5 Stars  Works 
I was happily surprised it really takes the wrinkles away for about 3-4 hours. I cant tell you how many people said I look younger. Thanks for a good product that works

5 Stars  Line Eraser 
It really works!

2 Stars  Wrinkle Reducer 
I ordered this product several weeks ago...not really long enough to evaluate how WELL it works. I simply want to say that Im disappointed in the way the product clumps on my skin as it dries after application. It is applied with a thin coat, but when I apply my normal foundation make-up, in a matching color, the result is blotchy. Unfortunately, I purchased 2 tubes, so it will be hard to use them up!! I think it would be easier to live with wrinkles that to use the product!

5 Stars  reduce wrinkles! 
This product works just as well as those costing much more money. Use as directed and see improvement in your skin.

5 Stars  Wonderful Product 
It works in 30 seconds. Take a piece of paper and fan your eyes to dry and it takes every wrinkle and puffiness away in 30 seconds.

5 Stars  IT WORKS 

5 Stars  Line Eraser Works 
The line eraser definitely takes care of the lines around my eyes and lips and makes my skin feel very tight!!

5 Stars  Instant results 
Ive ordered this product a few years ago. Love the smoothness and ease of product. So happy to see that it came back. This time I ordered 5 of them. 90 seconds and eye lines and creases around the mouth virtually gone. So easy to use, no white residue, instant facelift. Highly recommend this product.

4 Stars  Use sparingly, works better 
Ive read some of the reviews and if theres residue, youve used too much! You have to use this sparingly to get the desired effect. I never have residue. Like this product!

5 Stars  Eye wrinkles are gone! 
Line Eraser works better than I expected. It smooths the skin around and under my eyes in about 90 seconds and lasts all day. I got a sample treatment of Venufye at a salon recently and saw similar results. Then I was pressured to buy that product at $400, then $200. I walked away. Line Eraser looks and acts the same for a fraction of the cost! Im a winner all around.

5 Stars  Excellent 
This product works great for me. Thank you one and all at Pulse.

3 Stars  Some change but not as affective as I thought it would be 
I purchased this to use the day of my sons wedding. I did see a difference but not as much as I thought there would be.

3 Stars  Wrinkle eraser 
This works great on bare face, but the moment I put moisturizer on it starts to go away and then with the addition of foundation, it has totally disappeared. Back to the wrinkles!

5 Stars  It really works 
Theres a ton of products out there that say they reduce wrinkles but this really does. I love it. Im afraid I wont be able to find it again though so I hope you continue to stock it

5 Stars  REALLY WORKS!! 
I was amazed by this product.

5 Stars  Super product.Line Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer Line Erase 
Line Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer Item #6881 Just 2 drops under each eye and the bags and Wrinkles are gone. If you add too much you feel a tightening that is too harsh and a white residue under the eye. Its up to you how much you want to put, BUT the product works as advertised if you FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Better than any other product I have used. And much more affordable. Will keep reordering.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Works great

4 Stars  90 Second wrinkle reducer 
Not bad I could see the difference while it does not fill them all the way once I added my blur primer, as usual, it looks good and lasted fairly well.

4 Stars  Improve Your Looks NOW!! 
There is more material in the syringe than in Plexaderm and acts much faster!

5 Stars  Definitely helps! 
My wrinkles might not be as prominent to the ones in the ad, but to me they always felt like it. I bought this and then I bought a bunch more. I absolutely love the way it makes me look and especially the way it makes me feel!

3 Stars  Line eraser 
Not great but then, I may not be using it correctly.

4 Stars  Works well enough that I will keep using it 
This works for a few hours like a paste that freezes your smallest wrinkles out flat. After 4-6 hours, it isnt as effective but is still there. Washing it away is a bit trickier, but must be done before bed.

5 Stars  Very Surprised 
Im pretty skeptical when it come to wrinkle erasing products, but this one surprised me and really works.

2 Stars  not happy 
I was surprised when I first used the product to see that it was tinted. It did not work for me because I do not wear foundation and it did not blend in well. I also did not see much reduction in wrinkle lines, however I am 75 and probably no hope for me. My husband says I should stop using wrinkle creams because I have enough of them.

5 Stars  Wow it works 
Most of the time these things do not work as we all know. Only bought this because it was demonstrated and I could see it worked. Love it. Now worried as to where I go when it runs out!

2 Stars  Yuck!! 
The product is very thick and leaves a residue, even when applied lightly. It does not conceal the lines and feels pretty gross!

3 Stars  Line eraser 
I was very excited to get this product but Im disappointed with it, its smooth and no oder, but its more just like a foundation in my opinion. . I ordered 2 and wished I would of just got 1.. It didnt work for me..

1 Stars  Wrinkle Reducer made red whelps 
First and LAST time I applied the 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer my face started burning within 5 minutes of application. After 10 minutes I looked in the mirror and I had red whelps where I had applied it. Quickly washed it off. My skin is too sensitive for this product. Disappointed.

2 Stars  Line eraser 
I really do not notice any difference.

4 Stars  Line eraser works on me 
Good product. You can feel the tightening. FYI if you put foundation over it, the eraser becomes gritty and looks messy. Dont use too much. It works for me.

1 Stars  Doesnt work 
Waste of money I applied on myself as instructed and absolutely nothing happened. Then tried on my mom and same thing not a bit of difference wish I can get my money back

2 Stars  Too much residue left 
I have tried this several times and I always have a powdery residue on the areas needed. It may work for some but I am not impressed.

3 Stars  Wrinkle Reducer 
I was very unsatisfied with this product. I have used it I do not see any results of reducing wrinkles.

4 Stars  It works... Kinda 
Guess I should give it more time to work its magic. I seem to be impatient and guess I didnt wait the 90 seconds recommended. Must do better next time around. Stay tuned!

2 Stars  Great idea but 
I couldnt wait to receive this and get rid of the lines well I waited for nothing. Its just another concealer that does nothing. Sorry I wasted my money

5 Stars  Product performed as Described 
Purchased this for under eye puffiness. After applying a very small amount under each eye, in the morning, the puffiness almost completely disappeared within two minutes, lasting the entire day

4 Stars  Really works 
Under eye wrinkles disappear

5 Stars  Liner 
It is very good for the cost.

5 Stars  Line eraser 
It is great love it.as all of your products..just wish postage wasnt so high

1 Stars  NO RESULTS 
They said this would erase wrinkles but it doesnt. There is no noticeable difference in my skin!

5 Stars  Look younger 
Best eye cream ive ever bought. Easily applied. Skin color. Can put on AFTER your make up is applied. Love it. Lasts over 12 hours.

5 Stars  I absolutely love it! 
This is the best for small wrinkles and a small scar I have under my left eye. I use a different product for the bag under my right eye. Im feeling great using this!

5 Stars  works fine !!! 

3 Stars  No more wrinkles? 
This stuff worked really well on my small lines no so deep. Didnt seem to do much for the deeper lines, smoothed them out some I suppose. Lasts a long time, throughout the day.

4 Stars  Line Eraser 
So far, so good. It doesnt take all the lines away at 70 years old, what do you expect!, but it definitely blurs them.

5 Stars  Good 
Performed as stated

2 Stars  Not impressed 
I see no difference in my lines and wrinkles with this product.

5 Stars  Line Eraser 
This line eraser is great it does the trick I only wish you were a little cheaper great product .

5 Stars  Awesome 
This product is just as amazing as that expensive one I love it highly recommended love your price this is the real thing try it it works

1 Stars  Junk 
Does not make a difference at all, and leaves a residue. RIPOFF.

4 Stars  Strangely, it works if you do it for 90 seconds 
But it doesnt last for 4 hours. Take it along in your purse. Or use before you have your picture taken!

5 Stars  This stuff REALLY works! 
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I ordered it, but was willing to at least give it a try. Boy, was I surprised and so glad I did. I find that it works best on under the eye puffiness and the lines above my upper lip. At 72 years old, I feel so much more confident as friends and family tell me it has taken between 5 and 10 years off of my looks

4 Stars  Line Eraser - Wrinkle Reducer 
This line eraser works until I add my foundation. After adding foundation to my face, the bags and crows feet show again.

5 Stars  Best Value for Easing Undereye Bags 
This really works....fast and lasts almost the entire day. Trust me!

5 Stars  Soooo happy 
Happy to get this again. It was the only thing that worked that didnt cost a small fortune. Thanks and please dont ever discontinue it again!

5 Stars  Yeah you got this back! 
This was one of the best things you ever sold. Ive needed it especially since Im older LOL.

5 Stars  THANK goodness 
I received mine today. Im ordering more. I couldnt believe how good it was. Thank goodness I saw this on utube. THANK goodness you have it at a price a normal person can buy. I have already put it on my Fb. Already talking 2 my friends. Thanks. Ill b back.

5 Stars  Line remover 
Product is wonderful and works and since it was cost effective I have put them in my retail beauty shop. My only complaint is that the boxes they came in were badly damaged by the mail that I could only put out 2 of the 5 items ordered.

5 Stars  Really works 
Ive tried different wrinkle erasers but this one works the best. It matches your makeup and doesnt make you have white under your eyes. Dries within 60 seconds and lasts the whole day.

2 Stars  Container exploded 
It did cover up but became cakey when you then put on the remainder of your makeup. By afternoon it was really clumpy and noticeable. My first container was empty & I was sent a second one at no charge and it worked for a while then exploded on the inside, I would not order again.

2 Stars  Nope 
I noticed a tiny difference bit, not enough to purchase again. Video said no white residue like the other stuff...true, now its skin colored residue.

5 Stars  AMAZING 
Ive tried the more expensive stuff BUT this product works better If you have bags under your eyes this is the stuff you want. It erased At least 10 years off my face. LOVE. iT.

3 Stars  Great for the Price 
It works, especially for the price. I have tried others but also paid over $300 for it so Im thankful I found a cheap one that works.

3 Stars  Line Eraser - Wrinkle Reducer 
I like how this line eraser works in 90 seconds, but it doesnt last. The second you put makeup on the line eraser, it disappears and your wrinkles/crows feet reappears.

4 Stars  Line Eraser - The 90 Second wrinkle Reducer 
Texture is light and like the fact that the product is tinted.

1 Stars  poor product 
Did nothing of what it claims. A total waste of money.

4 Stars  Works 
This works nearly as well as the product I spent over $200 for last year. Will definitely buy it again.

4 Stars  Line Eraser 
Like the product...dislike the applicator

1 Stars  Just another anti-aging product tried 
I am 57 and have noticeable laugh/smile lines when my face is at rest, wrinkles under my eyes, a crease in between my eyebrows, and 2 horizontal lines across my forehead -but no crows feet! lol Even when applying the product to half my face, I could not notice any significant difference. At least I spent under $20 as many anti-aging products cost $50 or more.

3 Stars  This product does not work for me. 
I am disappointed with this item. It would probably be great for younger women who dont already have permanent wrinkles and puffy eyes. Im just too old for it to wok. Dont let this review stop others from trying this item out. Fast shipping.

4 Stars  Line Eraser 
I could not wait to try this Line Eraser. I am very pleased with the results. It is easy to apply and the coverage is amazing. Will be buying more.

5 Stars  This a product that delivers. 
I ordered the product, not expecting a lot, but the remarks by staff gave me the hope that possibly it would work as promised. It did, they were right. It is not obvious when applied correctly and does reduce wrinkles.

5 Stars  Amazing 
Ive used the more expensive product advertised on tv and it works BUT your product works better. Ive been telling everyone about your line eraser. It actually wiped 10 years off my face. I love love love this product.

5 Stars  Line Eraser 
This product does exactly what it says it will do. I bought 2 the 1st time and I will definitely buy more. Great product for a quick fix and a price anyone can afford.

4 Stars  Works Well 
If used sparingly, this works well and performs as advertised. I put a small squirt on the back of my non -dominate hand, and using a Q-tip pick up a small amount and gently spread under my eye. I have bags.Then very gently pat it with the other end of the Q-tip until it looks and feels dry. Then I do the other eye. I wait at least 10 minutes to ensure that it has dried, and then I use a small amount of powder to brighten the area. This product causes the area to look less puffy.

5 Stars  no more wrinkles 
I really like the wrinkle reducer - at first I thought I was just buying cover-up makeup in a tube but even though its my skin tone color - it does not leave a residue on my fingers the way make-up does. and it really does erase the fine lines and wrinkles that I have on my face. so glad I bought two tubes of it.

1 Stars  Not so good 
I bought two of them and Im just going to throw them away try them out and you can see the lines where you put it so yes it does take the lines out but iit shows exactly where you put it when it dries not good at all sorry I spent the money first time Ive ever disliked the product I bought from this company think twice

4 Stars  A pleasant surprise 
A very nice product, seems to smooth the look of make-up. It does help fine lines, possibly over time it may help the deeper ones. A product that is simple to use, nice but not amazing.

1 Stars  bad product 
This is the worst undereye treatment I have ever used. It is dry, very very dry, no moisture at all. I have sent it back for a refund. What a waste of my time

2 Stars  Flakey 
Not peleases with product Dries and flakes

2 Stars  Line eraser 
Visible when dried. Enhanced wrinkles.

1 Stars  Did not live up to the hype 
The product went on smoothly and the fragrance was pretty nice, but it did not change a single bag, sag or wrinkle. Ill be returning this product.

1 Stars  Nothing 
I didnt find that it did anything

5 Stars  Amazing!!! 
This really works. Love it!!!

3 Stars  This was a gift, and was appreciated 
This was a gift, and the person really appreciated the gift, and so far is pleased.

1 Stars  Line Eraser - The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer Item #6881 
I dont have too much wrinkles... Whatever I have this did not reduce as claimed.

5 Stars  grrrrreat product! 
Works wonders! after the first one arrived, I ordered 2 more and will do it again....

4 Stars  Works as advertised 
My only issue is that it doesnt last as long as Id like. But thats not really a complaint Ill keep using it with gratitude for what it does do.

5 Stars  Wrinkle eraser 
This is a wonderful product Im 74 and I have gotten so many compliments

4 Stars  90 second wrinkle reducer 
Performs better than Gone in 60 Seconds. Leaves no residue. Some times a second application is necessary.

5 Stars  Great product 
I was very skeptical on ordering this product because there are so many products that claim to work and they dont. This product WORKED. I will be ordering more.

2 Stars  Didnt see much difference 
I thought Id give this a try but didnt see a difference after use. Maybe my expectations were too high!

3 Stars  It Works 
It does work. I bought 4 vials of The 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer! I I probably would have only bought 1 or 2 if I had tried it before. The product dries and feels tight like a mud mask. It makes me afraid to smile or make an expression because I may crack off the wrinkle reducer!

4 Stars  It Works 
Did a good job around my eyes, thats the only place I use it.

5 Stars  Great product 
I have tried many brands and they always leave a white film that has to be covered with make up. After trying it I ordered it for my daughter. Please offer this product again.

1 Stars  why tinted like makeup? 
Ordered 3 of these because of the good price, but very disappointed, because thought it would be clear, but was tinted...tried to use but it globbed & was drying. It did erase lines, but left a color that didnt match skin tone & later flaked. I returned two of them back to Pulse TV.

2 Stars  Line Eraser 
I was so excited to get this, I had to try it immediately. Imagine my dismay when my wrinkles still stood out. I tried more. Still nothing. So disappointed.

5 Stars  Line eraser - The 90 second wrinkle remover 
I have pretty severe bags under my eyes and have tried various other products to diminish their appearance. All have left white residue but this product does not. After I apply it to my bags, within a minute or two I can feel the skin tightening and there is no residue. I apply a very light coating to each area and the bags are gone by the time Im out the door. This is truly the best product Ive used so far that really shrinks my bags. I dont use this product on anything else except my bags. One note of caution----if you apply moisturizing cream to the bag area, this product will not work as well, or hardly at all. Need to keep your bag clean and dry, with no other creams on it. Im so happy with this product that Im going to order two more!

5 Stars  Great Product! 
I use this product to treat the under eye area. It really hides those imperfections.

5 Stars  amazing! 
Love, love, love this stuff! It did take a few minutes to truly work for me, but the results were short of amazing. I will be ordering more!

1 Stars  hothappyhippie 
I wish I wouldnt have ordered 2. They say they solved the white residue problem, but all they did was tint it beige. It still leaves the same residue only its not white now.

5 Stars  Order More! 
I have tried your 90 second wrinkle eraser and WOW!!!!!!!!!! How can I order more? Thank you very much.

5 Stars  Love it! 
I have tried almost everything. I love Gone in 60 seconds but this is the best Ive ever used. No white residue ever. I use it to reduce puffiness, added benefit, it covers under-eye darkness. Buy it now before word gets out and price goes up!!!!

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