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Heat Wave Reusable Hand Warmers 2pk: Designer Series

Heat Wave Reusable Hand Warmers 2pk: Designer Series

Heat Wave Reusable Hand Warmers 2pk: Designer Series
Heat Wave Reusable Hand Warmers 2pk: Designer Series
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For an instant, reusable heat pack that works amazing, look no further than these designer-inspired hand warmers! With the quick click of the disk inside the gel pack, it will instantly crystallize before your eyes and heat up to 130 degrees. You'll get 2 heat packs with a gorgeous blue plaid design with this deal.

Instant Reusable Hand Warmers for Winter

Getting instant heat to warm your hands during cold weather will help keep you comfortable during fall and winter months. Take them fishing, skiing, morning hikes, camping, tailgating, and more. These are also ideal for targeted heat therapy on sore muscles all over your body.

Best thing... it's reusable! When it is no longer producing heat, just place it in a pot of boiling water and it rejuvenates back to its liquid form. It's now ready to use again over and over.

Throw the gel pack (in its liquid state) in the fridge or freezer for a reliable cold pack.

How Do Instant Heat Packs Work?

You might think it's magic but the chemistry is fairly simple. There's water, a small metal disc, sodium acetate and salt inside. Clicking of the disk within the pad triggers the precipitation of the sodium acetate crystals. That heat energy that's required to dissolve the sodium acetate into the water still remains in the system even though the temperature has dropped.

No need to worry though, it is a safe and self-regulating reaction. The maximum internal temperature reaches 128-130F and typically 115-120F during normal use. It continues to generate heat for up to an hour depending on how it's used and what type of material you put it in. Example: some gloves are insulated better than others and will keep the warmth inside better.


- Set of 2 Instant Heat Packs
- Never Needs Electricity or Microwave
- Fun, Blue Plaid Design
- Reuse Over and Over Again
- Reaches Up To 115-130 Degrees
- Stays Hot for Up To 1 Hour
- Easy to Activate
- Excellent for Soothing Muscle Aches and Pains
- Small Size Perfect for Travel
- Keep It in the Car, Gym Bag, Backpack for Emergencies
- Fits Inside Gloves
- Non-Toxic Formula
- Dimensions: 4in x 3in x .25in

5 Stars  reusable 
will have to wait till next year to try because the weather is warm here now. i like the fact that I can reuse and dont have to buy a one time use warmer

5 Stars  Reuseable Hand Warmers 

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