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Disco Orb Microcopter - Easy To Fly With Just Your Hand

Disco Orb Microcopter - Easy To Fly With Just Your Hand

Disco Orb Microcopter - Easy To Fly With Just Your Hand
Disco Orb Microcopter - Easy To Fly With Just Your Hand
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Here's one of the coolest and easiest-to-fly copter toys around. It's the Cyber Flyer, Disco Orb Microcopter, and it couldn't be more fun!

An Easy to Fly Hand-Controlled Micro Copter

Kids and adults alike will have a blast with the Cyber Flyer toy. It doesn't require a remote, all you have to do is place your hand under the Orb as it floats down, and like magic it shoots back up into the air! In fact, you don't have to interact with it at all if you'd rather just enjoy LED light display. It will sense the ground and other surfaces and float around on its own.

The Disco Orb runs and a rechargeable internal battery, so you never have to worry about replacing batteries. On one 30 minute charge, the Orb will fly for up to 7 min.

Durable blades will last more than a few tumbles if it hits a wall, but safety features will stop operation if there is too much resistance. It's recommended to fly this infrared flyer indoors only.


  • Control with the Palm of Your Hand
  • Easy to Fly Beginner Copter
  • Capable of Floating Around a Room on its Own
  • Uses Motion-Sensing Technology
  • Colorful LED Light Display - Like a Disco Ball!
  • Rechargeable 75mAh Internal Battery
  • Flies Continuously for up to 7 min. on a Full Charge
  • Recommended for Ages 8 and Up
  • Charges via Micro USB Cord
  • Total Dimensions: 4.5in x 6in with 2in Orb

5 Stars  So easy, even an adult can use it! 
I purchased two because they were perfect gifts for two particular friends of mine and as always, the price was AWESOME. One was for a 9 year old who loves it and so far, is playing with it more than the bike he got under the Christmas tree. The other was for a male friend in his mid 50 s. He, recently retired and his poor wife was having very little me time as a result of the retirement. Because he is a mechanical person, I got this purely for the coolness factor. Little did I know, this cool gift, gave his wife BACK, some much needed me time as he is playing with it one to two hours a day, coming up with his own moves and even having fun at the expense of the barn cats that have never seen such a thing! Thank you, again, for the unique items and great, affordable gifts! You have a customer for life!

3 Stars  I received it quickly and it works! 
Its hard to keep it flying , it always shoots up into the ceiling. It says to only use it indoors, but Im gonna try it outside when it warms up out there.

3 Stars  bit disappointing 
hard for a youngster to control

3 Stars  Fun but fragile 
Kids loved them but didn t take long for wings to come off. Put them back on but after a few crashes they don t fly as well.

5 Stars  loved it 
bought it for my son and loved watching it perform

4 Stars  Microcopter 
A cool & easy to fly with your hand copter

5 Stars  Fun and Simple 
I bought this for my grandson and he loves it. Simple to use and fun to watch.

5 Stars  Great Fun 
My Grandchildren loved this toy. Played with it more than all the presents. We would use it for a while then recharge it and go for another round.

3 Stars  No info at time of sale 
Item was for a 5 year old and warnings on the package forced to return it

5 Stars  Cute fun 
Its amazing how much fun this cute, simple little device provides. No setup, just a quick charge and its ready to go. I can have fun with it without leaving my chair.

4 Stars  Works Great - Lots o Fun! 
This item works great right out of the box. Should be a great Christmas gift for some young friends.

5 Stars  Flying orb 
A lot of fun, lights up the room at night.

5 Stars  Easiest toy to operate 
Turn it on and it flies. It will settle to the floor and hoover at about 18 inches there, put your foot under it and raise your leg, now take over with your hand it will always stay above what you hold under it a book, a piece of cardboard Etc.

5 Stars  Rainbow copter 
Love it, it keeps kid and me entertained!

5 Stars  Fun and easy 
Love how easy this was to set up and use. My son loves it

1 Stars  One use and DONE-Doesnt Work!!! 
I bought two for my grandsons. Both worked once and now do not fly. Pretty lights and fan in your hand nothing else

5 Stars  My kid loves it 
My kid loves it

5 Stars  Easy to use 
Have had this for a few months and my kid loves it and uses it all the time. I like the fact that it doesnt take a rocket science degree to control it.

1 Stars  Junk 
Similar to another review here, this lasted only one flight. I tried it in my living room and it worked fine for a minute or two and the first time it ran into the wall, that was it! now it will not fly. No real noticeable damage but it is a piece of junk now!

5 Stars  So much fun 
I bought this for my 7 year old and he loves it. Hes the one giving it five stars

1 Stars  One flight 
Used one time. It crashed then wouldnt hover again. Costly for just a couple minutes

3 Stars  Directions need to be clearer 
I could not find the tiny switch to turn it on. I spoke with 2 different customer service ladies and finally the second one told me it was beige in color and I had been trying to move a black button. Otherwise it is fun but I havent used it much yet.

1 Stars  The Disco Orb Microcopter breaks too easily 
I ordered four, keeping one and giving the other three away. Mine broke on the second flight. A friends broke around the same time. I just bet the other two will have the same fate.

5 Stars  UFO 
I ordered this to mess with my cat. After he got used to it he was crazy about it. It was funny to watch it stay just out of his reach.

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Disco Orb Microcopter - Easy To Fly With Just Your Hand

Here's one of the coolest and easiest-to-fly copter toys around. It's the Disco Orb Microcopter, and it couldn't be more fun!