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Deluxe Microderm Blemish and Pore Cleaning System - Smoother, Brighter Skin

Deluxe Microderm Blemish and Pore Cleaning System - Smoother, Brighter Skin

Deluxe Microderm Blemish and Pore Cleaning System - Smoother, Brighter Skin
Deluxe Microderm Blemish and Pore Cleaning System - Smoother, Brighter Skin
Compare at: $39.99  (87% off)
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The MicroDerm Blemish and Pore Cleaning System is one of the best and most popular blemish removers on the market. With four different, strong yet gentle, suction modes, it removes, dirt, oil and puss of even the most stubborn and clogged pores leaving behind smooth and radiant skin.

Smooth & Vibrant Skin

You'll be amazed at the amount of impurities, grease, and blackheads you'll see pulled out of your skin, leaving you with smoother more vibrant skin.

Similar to devices that Esthetician's at exclusive Spas allow you to easily and expertly give yourself a spa-like experience.

Multi-Function System To Use More Than Just On Your Face

You can use this system on much more than just your face. With four different interchangeable heads it works great on your arms, legs, and back for a special type of clean not seen since childhood.

There is even a special oval suction head for getting in those tight spots like the sides of your nose.

And when you're all done, clean up is super simple. Just remove the tip and wash it out under warm water.

Deluxe Edition Gives You More For Your Money

Plus, this is the Deluxe Edition, so you get a bunch of extra features like a rechargeable battery, that means you'll save on constantly buying batteries and makes this cordless.

You also get a 10-pack of reusable and washable sponge filters, a $10 value.

5 Dual-End Extraction Tools (like 10 tools in all) w/ Case Included!

This bonus set comes with the tools that professionals use to tame all kinds of blemishes. This is great to use with the MicroDerm System to get at the deeper rooted acne.

- Flat Loops to use on medium to large whiteheads and blackheads.
- Wire Loops to use on hard to reach whiteheads and blackheads.
- Lancets to use on any whiteheads.
- Spoon Extractors to use on small blackheads or whiteheads.
- Plastic Case for storing all the extraction tools.

Entire Deluxe System Includes:

  • 1 rechargeable pore vacuum
  • 4 suction heads
  • 5 Dual-End extraction tools
  • 10 reusable/washable sponge filters


  • Rechargeable Deluxe Edition
  • Cleans Deep Down In Pores
  • Pops And Cleans Out Pimples
  • Easily Eliminate Clogged Pores
  • Battery Recharges Via USB
  • Exclusive Ultra-Modern Black Color
  • Painless With Two Powerful Suction Modes
  • Four Suction Heads
  • Easy To Clean - Just Rinse The Suction Head
  • Use Anywhere; Face, Arms, Legs, Back And More

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Ive only used once and I was surprised at the powerful suction for taking care of blackheads. Glad I purchased.

5 Stars  Great Price 
I bought these for my grandkids who are of that age where breakouts occur and it distresses them. We did not have a chance to try them but they appear to be good quality.

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