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30 PC DynaCell Assorted Batteries

30 PC DynaCell Assorted Batteries

30 PC DynaCell Assorted Batteries
30 PC DynaCell Assorted Batteries
Your Price: $5.99
Compare at: $19.99  (70% off)

How many times have you needed a watch/button battery for a watch, calculator, game or more and never had it? Then you try and run to a convenient store only to find they don't carry these types of batteries. Finally you go to your local drug store and find out this little battery is about $5.00!

We're going to solve this problem for you with an assortment (30 total) of alkaline batteries that will fill your every need... watches, games, laser pointers, calculators, radios, cameras, remote controls, toys, alarms etc. All For JUST $5.99!

This 30 Piece Package Includes:
  • 6 of AG1 364
  • 6 of AG3 392
  • 6 of AG4 377
  • 6 of AG13 357
  • 3 of AG5
  • 3 of AG12

  • 5 Stars  GEO 
    Good Buy

    5 Stars  Handy assortment 
    Great assortment To have around.

    4 Stars  Nice collection 
    Good variety of circle batteries.

    5 Stars  Something you always need 
    I like having different batteries on hand for emergencies, so this definitely comes in handy. So many different types.

    5 Stars  30 PC DynaCell Assorted Batteries 
    Good buy. Very good price.

    5 Stars  a money saver 
    Instead of running to the store to find an expensive hard to find battery, I just open my drawer and their they are. So far they have all worked well and I have no complaints

    5 Stars  Worth The Money 
    I ordered the multi pack of batteries of various sizes. The price you pay is worth it compared to all the money you would have to pay in the stores. I have several electronics that requires various sizes and what a saving.

    5 Stars  Worked 
    The batteries worked as expected

    5 Stars  DynaCell Batteries 

    5 Stars  Great Assortment of sizes 
    Very handy for hard to find sizes.

    5 Stars  Unbeatable value 
    If you have ever priced any of these button cell batteries at the retail stores - especially drug stores - then you already know how outrageously priced they are. I think I paid about 3 bucks for this 30 pack, and this is often what you would pay for just 1 at retail! So even if I cant use all of them before they expire, I am still way ahead of the game. I have already replaced 3 watch batteries and have had no issues - quality seems good. Bottom line, cant go wrong here!

    5 Stars  Great Battery Caddy 
    Purchased for myself and use it so often decided to buy for my sons. Its great for having all your batteries in one location and to check the life of the batteries. Great product!

    5 Stars  Batteries 
    Great variety. Granddaughter is hearing impaired and can use the A13 batteries. Now I will have them at our house if needed.

    4 Stars  Good Variety! 
    These days there are a lot of simple house hold devices such as remote controls for everything from tv remotes to fan controls and flashlights than used to be required. I like the fact that for a reasonably low price, I received a wide variety of battery cells that I can use in these devices.

    5 Stars  batteries review 
    Multiple batteries in various sizes

    5 Stars  Asst. Button batteries 
    Always convenient,because when you get a new device that takes a battery, you never know if it is going to be a button battery and then what size it is. It is nice to have for that reason.

    5 Stars  Small pack battery 
    Great item

    4 Stars  Good assortment 
    Nice assortment of batteries. When you need small batteries like these you never have them in your home supply. Good to have in your supply.

    4 Stars  Good Bargain 
    Even if you only use a few of this assortment on your devices, it beats the heck out of the price you pay at the local store. they dont run down any faster either.

    4 Stars  Great assortment! 
    Nice assortment of button batteries to have on hand when you need them.

    5 Stars  AG bat 
    an excellent buy a size to fit most small bat powered gadgets

    5 Stars  Batteries 
    Best ever handy and plenty to chose from

    5 Stars  GREAT BUY 
    Really good deal on these expensive, but necessary batteries.

    3 Stars  Good Value 
    For the price it is a good buy. Not long lasting and should be used within reason or you might have dead inventory if you wait to use.

    5 Stars  Good Purchase 
    I have already used some of the batteries in this package so it has been a good buy. Just handy to have on hand!

    5 Stars  Great price 
    I am always needing these type of batteries and was happy to get them in a package like this.

    5 Stars  So inexpensive for so many sizes 
    I always seems to need the size I dont have. No problem now that I have this collection!

    5 Stars  Large quanity of usable batteries. 
    Well packaged . Lots of sizes

    5 Stars  Fantastic 
    I got these to replace the batteries in my pocket watch and watch collection, will be ordering more soon.

    5 Stars  Awesome selection 
    Loved both the price and the usefulness of this battery collection. It is amazing how many times I have used one of the batteries since my purchase. Things I just used to throw away when the button battery died can now be reused! Awesome!

    5 Stars  Avoid the High Cost of Watch Battery Replacement 
    The last time I took my watch to a jeweler, to replace the battery, it cost me $20 for a couple of minutes work. The internet gives plenty of info on removing and replacing batteries for all types of watches. This purchase will save my family tons of dough. Thanks pulsetv.

    5 Stars  GREAT PRICE 
    This is the best buy this year

    5 Stars  Great price 
    Great price on these button cell batteries.

    5 Stars  Assorted batteries 
    Great assortment

    5 Stars  Assorted batteries 
    I havent started to use the batteries however the assortment is terrific! They can be used for any number of small items.

    5 Stars  BATTERIES 

    5 Stars  Power up 
    Batteries are batteries, but nice to have different size ones for many idems, good price

    5 Stars  Just in case..... 
    I bought this as a back up for items I have and items I yet to have. Its a good assortment!

    5 Stars  Dyna Cell Assorted Batteries 
    It seems like eveyone needs a battery for a watch or a clock or even a toy . You cant beat the price for 30 PC Dyna Cell Assorted Batteries ...

    5 Stars  30 PC Dyna Cell Assorted Batteries 
    These Batteries are a great deal everytime my watch needed a battery I ended up paying the jewlery store $9.00 .You get 30 diffrent size hard to find batteries for a really Great Price...

    5 Stars  Great 
    I bought these in hopes of reviving some of my solar lights and the doggy light that I had previously purchased from you.Thank you!!I have my lights where I needed them with back-ups cause I bought 2 packs.

    5 Stars  Let me count the ways... 
    This pack is great to keep these useful batteries around...save the trips to the store many times over, and then, the price is RIGHT!

    5 Stars  Fantastic Bargain 
    Excellent product at super low price and delivered even faster than advertised.

    5 Stars  battery life savers 
    these are great, no more paying at least $5.00 for each battery. i use these when things i have need a watch battery, they save me a trip to the mall to have the battery replaced, when i can do it myself. i have even changed my own watch batteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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