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    Sweater Stone: Remove Fabric Pills

    The Sweater Stone will take your clothes from looking old and dingy, to looking brand new!
    Item # 10113

    The 100% Natural Way to Remove Fabric Pills

    The Sweater Stone will take your clothes from looking old and dingy, to looking brand new!

    As you lightly drag the porous, 100% pumice stone along the grain of the fabric weave, it will take with it those unsightly fabric pills.

    What Are Fabric Pills?

    They are those annoying, lint-like balls that accumulate on your clothes or furniture as a result of its natural wear and tear. But they don't have to be the end of your clothes' lifespan.

    The Sweater Stone will take you back to the day you first bought that favorite sweater, so don't buy a whole new one, simply buy the Sweater Stone at our low price and preserve those treasured threads.


    - Restore Your Favorite Clothes
    - Remove Annoying Fabric Pills
    - Safe on Clothing
    - Natural, 100% Pumice
    - Not Recommended for Silk, Linen, or Double Knit Fabric
    - Dimensions: 4in. x 2.5in.
    Existing reviews
    Anything to make my life easier...
    And this little block of whatever it is made of does! Did not pull on any fabric I tried it on. Takes the pills right off. Try it!
    Cecelia | 5/16/2023 11:00 PM

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    Click to read about our staffThe Sweater Stone will take your old and worn clothes from looking drab to looking brand new!

    The one hundred percent, all-natural pumice stone whisks away those ugly fabric pills: those unsightly little fuzz balls that accumulate on clothes and fabric furniture over time.

    Fabric shavers do the same job, but having to constantly change the batteries can be annoying and expensive. And cleaning those sharp blades can be dangerous and risky.

    It's also so much more effective than those sticky lint rollers (and less wasteful too!) this stone will last for years and years. It's even effective for pet hair.

    We all have that favorite article of clothing that's starting to look scruffy after too much use, but now you can wear it again because the Sweater Stone's porous nature grips fabric pills, removing them almost instantly!

    So, don't throw out your cherished clothes: use one of these instead! Now we've got a special 2pk of the sweater stones for one low price - that "rocks!"

    - Remove Annoying Fabric Pills
    - Safe on Most Clothing
    - Restores Your Favorite Clothes
    - Natural, 100% Pumice Stone
    - No Batteries Needed or Sharp Blades like Other Fabric Shavers
    - Eco-Friendly Alternative to Sticky Lint Rollers
    - Safe and Effective
    - Not Recommended for Silk, Linen, or Double Knit Fabric
    - You Get 2 Sweater Stones for this Price
    - Stone Dimensions: 4in. x 2.5in.


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