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Reheatza Microwave Crisper - The Best Way to Reheat Pizza and more!

Compare At:  $39.99 
The Reheatza is the microwave crisper tray that gives leftovers and frozen foods oven quality crispiness straight from the microwave!
Item # 8808
Sure it's easier to microwave, but it can leave your food soggy, limp and unappetizing...

The Reheatza is the microwave crisper tray that gives leftovers and frozen foods oven quality crispiness straight from the microwave!

This 12.5" dish included a ceramic non-stick coating and heating element cover that converts your microwave's energy into conductive heat. Use it to reheat and crisp up leftover pizza and French fries, cook frozen mozzarella sticks and chicken nuggets, or fry up fresh grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas.

End the love/hate relationship you have with your microwave with the incredible Reheatza! This Deluxe version now includes 2 silicone oven mitts: use them to grab the Reheatza out of the microwave or on any hot item!

- Fast and easy way to perfectly crisp food in the microwave
- 12.5" dish with specially designed lid that shields foods from microwave energy
- Converts microwave's energy into conductive heat (up to 400 degrees!)
- Non-stick ceramic coating makes for easy clean up
- Perfect for leftovers and frozen foods without having to fire up the oven
- Deluxe Version Includes 2 Silicone Oven Mitts
- BPA, PDFA and PFOA-Free

Note: the ReHeatza is designed to be used in microwaves with rotating turntables.
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Existing reviews
Very nice Thank you
From: JOSEPH | Date: 4/25/2020 11:00 PM
Reheatza Microwave Crisper Deluxe
I was pleased with how the reheatza worked with re-heating pizza.  There were mixed reviews, but I ordered anyway.  The pizza turned out so well, I ordered a reheatza for my grandson.  I tried eggs, but they were so so.  Ill keep trying some other foods that were in the booklet.
From: JEANNE | Date: 1/12/2020 10:00 PM
A winner
Got this and love it. Ive been using it non stop for the last week and it works great.
From: CHRIS | Date: 12/16/2019 10:00 PM
Know what you are doing!!!
It certainly heats everything you want to heat!  I thought it would brown better than I expected, but watch, it burns too! I must admit, I am fearful of getting burned again; after the first time! You must be very careful not to burn yourself! Did I say be careful! You must get to know your ReHeatza, carefully!
From: ROBERT CHARLES | Date: 12/10/2019 10:00 PM
Doesnt work as advertised
It has never worked for me. Nothing gets browned or crispy. I have to run the microwave for many more minutes than it says and still get no results, everything just gets way too hot and melted. Will be sending this back for a refund.
From: LARRY | Date: 12/1/2019 10:00 PM
Best of all that are forsale!
It really does do what it says it does!
From: PAUL | Date: 12/1/2019 10:00 PM
It does work!  Only downside, takes up too much room.
From: JOYCE | Date: 11/27/2019 10:00 PM
Microwave Crisper
So far I am enjoying it. Works well in microwave.
From: JANICE | Date: 11/27/2019 10:00 PM
Reheatza Deluxe
Great product, wasn't sure it would work in the microwave, butit worked great.  It would work better if my MW had morewattage.
From: KENNETH | Date: 11/25/2019 10:00 PM
delivers as promised....
Handy product that works as well or better than some others promising the same things.  Words of warning: be wary of the suggested pre-cook warm-up times.  Some microwaves wont tolerate being heated on empty: for as long as 2 minutes.
From: MICHAEL | Date: 11/24/2019 10:00 PM
Reheatza Microwave Crisper Deluxe
As Expected and shipped fast!
From: MICHAEL | Date: 11/24/2019 10:00 PM
Pizza lovers necessary kitchen addition!
After many years of the unsuccessful handling of reheating pizza, I rolled the dice and ordered the Reheatza. Following the instructions step by step, I was very happy with the results! Firm crust and moist hot topping!
From: HENRY | Date: 11/23/2019 10:00 PM
Love it for my fries
I love it for my frozen fries. I didnt like it for cooking a frozen pizza but reheating a pizza it is great.
From: CHRIS | Date: 11/19/2019 10:00 PM
Reheatza not up to standard
Did not make pizza crust crisp any more than standard micro cooking Very disappointed in performance
From: KENNETH | Date: 11/18/2019 10:00 PM
great for reheating & cooking
this is great for reheating food, I tried cooking bacon but will stick to frypan!!  Im sure I will find more to do with it.
From: Judy | Date: 11/17/2019 10:00 PM
I love my Reheatza
This device is amazing keeping things crisp while I reheat it the microwave. I use my microwave a lot but nothing comes out crisp until this device.
From: ARLENE | Date: 11/13/2019 10:00 PM
Works as stated. Would be 5 stars but I wish it were just a little smaller
From: CHRIS | Date: 11/12/2019 10:00 PM
leftovers tastes great
Makes the leftovers tasty
From: CHRIS | Date: 11/11/2019 10:00 PM
easy to use
easy to use and works
From: CHRIS | Date: 11/6/2019 10:00 PM
enjoying it
This is great with frozen foods. Fast and the food comes out crispy. Havent tried it with pizza yet
From: CHRIS | Date: 11/5/2019 10:00 PM
Yummy foods!
this is amazing the best bacon ever the grilled cheese sandwich was even brown and the cheese was melted perfectly and good
From: CHRIS | Date: 10/30/2019 11:00 PM
Pizza was the best
I eat pizza at least 2 times a week so this was interesting to me. It actually works it is the best leftover pizza Ive ever had.
From: CHRIS | Date: 10/29/2019 11:00 PM
does not work
tried to get leftover pizza crispy. followed instructions to the letter, no soap. tried again with same result. will be returning.
From: ALAN | Date: 10/23/2019 11:00 PM
Fires are great
So far we have been using this with frozen fries and they turn out better than any other method, besides deep frying them. I love how fast it works too.
From: CHRIS | Date: 10/22/2019 11:00 PM
Great idea
Have not made use of the crisper deluxe but my daughter is very happy with it and uses it for reheats of any fried foods and pizza. Did I tell you I bought two.......
From: JOHN | Date: 10/21/2019 11:00 PM
Reheatza Microwave Crisper Deluxe
Nice to warm up foods, but does not crisp pizza or any other foods when manufacturers directions are followed.  Would not recommend.
From: DOLORES | Date: 10/18/2019 11:00 PM
I did everything by the book and put two pieces of fried chicken on it to heat up and when it was ready it was not all that crispy and it was still kind of cold.Now its just sitting on the counter.
From: CHRISTOPHER | Date: 10/13/2019 11:00 PM
I was very disappointed when I used it to crisp a slice of pizza.Of all the items I have ordered from Pulse, this is the only one that did not meet my expectation.
From: SPEIGHT | Date: 10/12/2019 11:00 PM
Good idea.  Easy to use.
From: FRANCES LOUISE | Date: 10/11/2019 11:00 PM
Works like charm!
Works great and fast . . .
From: GEORGE | Date: 10/11/2019 11:00 PM
somewhat heavy and doesnt really crisp up items
I thought the item would crisp up things like burritos or pizza.however, it really doesnt crisp them up and takes more time than a regular toaster oven.
From: REGIS | Date: 10/11/2019 11:00 PM
No more soggy leftovers
This thing works.  If you hate soggy leftover pizza and other food get it.  It is a crisper in your microwave and your leftovers can be delicious.  And it works fast!  Strongly recommend.
From: ALLAN | Date: 10/10/2019 11:00 PM
Great Looking Product
The quality of the product looks and feels excellent.  I bought these as Christmas presents for my family, so I cannot comment on how well they will work.
From: ROBERTA | Date: 10/10/2019 11:00 PM
Used 2 times so far and it takes much longer to get the job done than advertised. Pre-Heat more like 4 minutes using an 1100 Watt Micro-Wave. Multiple 1 minute secondary heating to get the job done. Fish sticks were dried out and tough to eat. This was frozen food, not re-heating though.
From: DANIEL | Date: 10/10/2019 11:00 PM
Reheatza Crisper
Worst product I ever bought; wouldnt even cook the scrambled eggs and I followed the directions to a T.
From: VALERIE | Date: 10/4/2019 11:00 PM
Crisp food from microwave
We love our new Crisper.   Reheating pizza in the microwave is great.  No more soggy crust!
From: TIMOTHY | Date: 10/4/2019 11:00 PM
does not work
I have followed directions on this appliance and it does not crisp anything.
From: Susanna | Date: 10/4/2019 11:00 PM
I give this a thumbs down. Would like to send it back. I did a grilled cheese I could of made faster on the grill. I tried frozen onion rings I could of put them in the oven and got them crispy in half the time. they never did get crispy in the reheatza!!
From: VIRGILEE | Date: 10/3/2019 11:00 PM
Very Impressed
I think this is a great idea, but must read instructions thoroughly. Some foods require a second timing. Easy to clean up. Food comes out as just cooked.
From: MARY | Date: 10/2/2019 11:00 PM
Nice, But
I used it to reheat some broasted chicken. I preheated the base for two minutes then added the chicken.  I set the timer for chicken for two minutes, after two minutes the chicken was still cold. I did this process two more times before the chicken was warn enough to eat. I expected the skin to be crispy but it wasnt. To me this was a waste of money and time. Im sorry that I made this purchase.
From: KEN | Date: 10/2/2019 11:00 PM
Works okay
This is a good idea for crisping up food. The problem I had is the screw that connects the knob to the lid melted. So my lid doesn't have a knob. Luckily I had purchased some oven gloves from pulsetv so I can still use the reheatza crisper.
From: JOANNE | Date: 10/2/2019 11:00 PM
Great product
Works great.  Exactly as advertised.
From: Kathy | Date: 10/2/2019 11:00 PM
works better than I thought it would ...
it calls for a 3-minute warmup period in microwave  1100 watts & under   I find that at least 4 minutes works a lot better for a toasted cheese sandwich ...but it DOES WORK like it says it does in the ads !!!!  its cool !
From: Joy Ann | Date: 9/29/2019 11:00 PM
Worked Great
I have cooked a lot of stuff on this so far and it works really well. My favorite is heating up leftovers with it.
From: MARK | Date: 9/26/2019 11:00 PM
Works ok
Unlike the other reviewer I was happy with how my grilled ham & cheese came out...but I also felt it took as long as it wouldve taken on the stove.  It took me a couple tries, but I was happy with how nice leftover pizza reheated.  The crab rangoons reheated faster than in a toaster oven...I really got to see how much grease is in them!
From: BONNIE | Date: 9/26/2019 11:00 PM
Did not work as advertised
One of the options for the Reheatza was making a grilled cheese sandwich. I followed the instructions for pre-heating the Reheatza and then tried it both with the higher power and lower power microwave instructions and it did not work. It took 6 minutes to get one side of the bread grilled. I then flipped the sandwich over and could not get the second side to brown. The cheese melted out of the sandwich and the bread slid apart. I can make a grilled cheese much faster using the stove top and a frying pan.I did not try reheating or cooking anything else. I am disappointed in the product.
From: JAMES R | Date: 9/22/2019 11:00 PM
Dangerous to your microwave.
My microwave arced with this item and it needed to be replaced.  There are even smaller print warnings on the guide for usage.  My local Wal-Mart had them for a VERY short time for the same reason.   If you watch the video, the bozo never actually puts in the microwave and runs it, he just shows you what theyre supposed to look like.  I usually dont buy anything the team does not show theyve used.  I will stick to that practice in the future.
From: JUDITH | Date: 9/21/2019 11:00 PM
not good
too time consuming or involved to use
From: ARTHUR | Date: 9/9/2019 11:00 PM
WOWheatza ReHeatza!!
The ReHeatza Microwave Crisper has become my new favorite kitchen small appliance!! To test it upon receipt, I warmed three kolaches for breakfast, and was absolutely blown away!! They smelled so good; the bread was so soft and hot; the sausage was thoroughly cooked and hot; and the cheese was nice and gooey with every bite!! And since I left them on the Crisper as I was eating them, they stayed warm from the first to last bite!! The ReHeatza is definitely the best microwave warming tool I have ever used!!
From: DELBERT E. | Date: 9/8/2019 11:00 PM
The Microwave Crisper works very good as advertised !
From: EUGENE | Date: 9/4/2019 11:00 PM
Not as good as the hype
I didnt find the preheat times to be correct. It takes a lot more time to preheat and doesnt get as hot as it needs to be for trozen food.
From: ROBERT | Date: 9/3/2019 11:00 PM
Works Great but slow process
Works as described but a lengthy process , first you must preheat pan for 2 minutes then heat food up for an additional 2-5 minutes but bread items dont come out soggy like if you were to heat in microwave
From: JAVIER | Date: 9/2/2019 11:00 PM
Actually works!!
This contraption actually works.  I would give it 5 Stars but it is a bit involved getting it to work, but worth it.Leftover pizza is now a joy and not soggy bottomed.
From: JOHN | Date: 9/2/2019 11:00 PM
Cooked breakfast sausage, no splatter !! good char
From: JERRY | Date: 9/2/2019 11:00 PM

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Click to read about our staffSure, microwaving leftovers and frozen food is super convenient, but it can also leave your food limp and unappetizing to say the least. So sometimes we go though the trouble of bringing out a pan or baking sheet and firing up the stove or oven. But frying makes a mess and preheating the oven takes FOREVER!

It's time to put an end to our love/hate relationship with our microwave with the Reheatza!

This incredible 12.5" pan is designed to give your leftovers and frozen foods oven-quality crispness straight from the microwave! Just place the food on the pan, cover with the included lid and "nuke" for a couple minutes. It's that easy.

Leftover pizza, fries & wings; frozen nuggets, mozzarella sticks & popcorn shrimp. The Reheatza makes it all taste better, giving it that crispy crunch like it was right out of the oven. You can even make perfect, fresh quesadillas, grilled cheese and paninis!

The secret is the vented lid that blocks the food from microwave energy and actually converts it into conductive heat. The pan then heats up to 400 degrees, essentially turning it into a grill top.

Stop wasting time deciding whether to use the microwave or the oven. Let the Reheatza make the decision for you!

- Fast and easy way to perfectly crisp food in the microwave
- 12.5" dish with specially designed lid that shields foods from microwave energy
- Converts microwave's energy into conductive heat (up to 400 degrees!)
- Non-stick ceramic coating makes for easy clean up
- Perfect for leftovers and frozen foods without having to fire up the oven
- BPA, PDFA and PFOA Free!


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Reheatza Microwave Crisper - The Best Way to Reheat Pizza and more! The Reheatza is the microwave crisper tray that gives leftovers and frozen foods oven quality crispiness straight from the microwave!