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Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens
Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens
Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens
Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens
Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens
Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens
Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens
Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens

Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens

Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens

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Enjoy energy efficient, extremely BRIGHT light from this triple panel garage and ceiling light. It screws right into any standard light bulb socket, without any additional wiring or tools required.

Once plugged in, it operates like a standard light, but this is 7.5 times BRIGHTER than your standard 60W incandescent bulb. The secret is in the 3 panels - each panel contains 48 super bright SMD LEDs - the latest in energy-efficient lighting. They're rated to last up to 50,000 hours over the course of their lifetime.

Each panel swivels up to 90 degrees to direct and angle the light exactly where you want it - in the garage, basement, workshop, attic or other places you need a lighting upgrade. This unit is rated for indoor lighting, but does not work with dimmer switches.

To protect your eyes, use caution when looking directly into the light - it's that bright!

- Ultra Bright 6000 Lumens
- Screws into Standard Indoor Light Sockets
- 3 Panels of 48 SMD LEDs
- Panels Swivel 90 Degrees to Angle Light Exactly Where Needed
- Cool/Neutral White 6500K-7000K
- No Wiring or Tools Needed
- Long Lasting Bulb Life - 50,000 Hrs
- Great for Garages, Attics, Storage Rooms, Workshops and More
- ETL-Listed for Safety
- Electrical Specs: 120V, 60Hz, .6A, 60W
- Dimensions: 11in x 10in x 3.75in

Review this item!

5 Stars  Awesome 
I love it. I use it to light up my attic. Very bright. Perfect. I love it so much I bought a second one.

5 Stars  greater than expected 
is really brighter than regular bulbs, more bright than expected

5 Stars  Great 
Excellent in the basement and garage. Really brightens up these dim areas. These are VERY bright.

5 Stars  Great Product 
What a difference. These lights really work good. I ordered two different times with regular shipping. The first order was delivered the next day. The second order was delivered 2 days after I ordered the product. GREAT!!!!!!

5 Stars  Inexpensive way to light up the Basement 
I was considering having an electrician come in and rewire three of my 5 light fixtures in the basement to increase the brightness. I purchased these lights, installed them in the sockets where the old lights were and instant brightness. In addition the three panels allows you to aim them exactly where you need it. A simple and effective fix.

5 Stars  Really Bright Light 
I purchased this light for my bedroom because I wanted a bright light. Well I was very pleased with how bright this light is.

5 Stars  Worth every penny 
I usually do not buy from Pulse because the cost of S&H depletes the value. However, in this case, the total cost was well worth the purchase as compared to other vendors, including brick & mortar stores.

5 Stars  Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank 
I have installed the lights in my garage and large barn and I am well pleased with the brightness and ability to aim the lights.

5 Stars  Youll love it 
I was hesitant to order these, but I bought 4 of them and they are terrific. If I need more I will certainly buy more. So much light and you can point it where you need it.

5 Stars  The great illuminator 
Impressive! Using two of these lights saved me the time and trouble of wiring in at least four LED fixtures.

5 Stars  Very Bright and Adjustable 
Had only a 100 watt bulb in our One and Only socket.......in our large attic. Its like night and DAY after putting in this Triple-adjustable-panel light !!! The whole attic is illuminated. Highly recommend for dark areas.

5 Stars  Bright and easy 
Bright and simple install

5 Stars  Great lights 
I am a real estate broker and I used these lights when I go take photos of the houses I sell, these are small to handle and bright enough to give me what I need. I highly recommend this product, 100%

5 Stars  Sure brightened up dark space 
This light is bright. We needed more light in our garage and basement so we bought two. Very happy with it.

5 Stars  Excellent light, Super Bright! 
As we all know, lots of times the lumens they claim is no wheres near what it does... But in this case Not so!?? Light is super bright! Panels can be adjusted to shine.... will purchase more

5 Stars  Real deal 
Purchased this item to improve garage lighting. It was so effective I bought a second. No windows in garage so this was always kind of depressing to look for things. This LED lighting is powerful and yet softer than incandescent. Warmer than florescent, more economical.

This light is the brightest fixture in my garage. It is truly AWESOME !

5 Stars  Super bright almost blinding if you look at it! 
Putting this light up in my attic.. should really open my eyes as to what I have stored up there!

5 Stars  Bought 4 more! 
Love these. My husband is tickled pink! He can now see in our huge old barn and even uses one when working under the car. My son tried one in his room because his dad raved about them so much, but way too bright as noted in details. Cant go wrong for those dark, spidery places.

5 Stars  great product and price 
I have screwed mine into a trouble light which is an extension cord with a light socket on one end. Now it hangs from a hook in my garage but I can take it any place I want. I paid $29.99 at Home Depot so this is a great price.

5 Stars  Awesome garage light 
Turn your dark garage into bright sunshine! Would have loved having this light years ago. Really worth the $$$ Bought one and then bought a second, cant go wrong.

5 Stars  I love these lights 
I liked this light so much I ordered 2 more.These replace my old florescent lights and especially since they no longer sell the old tube style and the replacements are so expensive.

5 Stars  Never dark again 
Couldnt believe how much brighter the basement is now. Should have bought more

I am well please with my lights, l have them in my work shop And they do put out the light. If you have Items along the walls you can redirect the light to different places where you need it the most. Thank you for brightening up my Work shop. Dennis

5 Stars  Great Lighting 
The garage light is great. Now I can find things in my garage without having to open the door to get light in.

5 Stars  Very bright 
Lights up my whole garage. Really good product.

5 Stars  Nice light 
It lights up my whole porch.Did however notice that it shuts off after a few hours.My guess is it gets hot.And it will turn back on after an hour or so.

5 Stars  Light where you want it 
Great for garage and other locations that have porcelain socket

5 Stars  Garage/Ceiling Light 
After many years of having a single bulb in the ceiling of my garage, this new triple bulb has made it very bright in my garage. Glad I bought it!

5 Stars  Wow! 
This light really lights up a garage, an attic, a service porch or any other room very nicely. Maybe too much light for a bathroom, however.

5 Stars  Best Light I Ever Bought 
This light is fabulous. It lights up a large section of my garage. Easy to install as screwing in a light bulb. The day I installed mine I ordered a second one. You cant go wrong.

5 Stars  Ultra Bright Lights 
These are must have lights as they really brighten things up. Got a couple at a big box store to try and was very impressed. However, I got several more at Pulse TV for a LOT LESS-

5 Stars  6000 Lumun garage light 
In our two-car garage plus an alcove for storage or a work spaced there is only one light - one bulb and only one outlet. When I saw this product on pulse that promised to shed new light into my garage problem, I couldnt help but give it a try. It was a hopeful purchase but in this case my hope was fulfilled. This product lit the entire garage. It delivered all that it promised. I dont know that I have ever been more satisfied with a purchase.

5 Stars  Bright light 
LOVE this light-its just what we were looking for. The brightness is exactly what we wanted!!!

5 Stars  Ultra Bright Triple Panel Garage and ceiling Light6000Lumens 
This light is amazing so bright, I have bought so many light for my kitchen just couldnt find the right one until the ultra bright wow !!! . My whole kitchen lite up ,I could see all in the dark areas now . I highly recommend this product. Im going to buy more.

5 Stars  let there be light 
let there be light and there it was real bright and cool

5 Stars  Great product 
I was amazed how bright this light is . I installed it in my garage and love it. Its like daylight. Would recommend this light to everyone.

5 Stars  Best light ever 
When it arrived I took it out of the box went to the basement and unscrewed my 60 watt bulld. Then I pulled the lights to the open position and screwed it into the outlet like a regular bulb. I theN went over to the light switch and turned it on and the whole absent was lit up like daylight!

5 Stars  Very bright, easy to install 
I love this. I can even see the mice in the garage. - Great purchase.

5 Stars  Best light ever 
I was a bit skeptical before I ordered but when it arrived and all you have to do is screw it into a receptical it couldnt have been easier. When I turne on the light in my basement I saw area that could have only been seen with a flashlight.

4 Stars  Light it up 
Really helps my workbench area.

5 Stars  I can see, 
Looks like I am outside on a sunny day

5 Stars  Easy to install and works great. 
Adds 3X the light in the garage. Will be buying more.

4 Stars  This light is terific especially if you have low vision 
This is just what I have been searching for. I do a lot of home projects but have low vision so I need a bright light in order to do the work. his light plugs into a regular socket so i use it in a clamp-on work light and can take it from room to room easily. I can point it in any direction either straight at the work surface or point it up at the ceiling for indirect light. I actually got 2 of them so I can leave one near my desk and can actually read my mail and see what is on my desk. I really love this light. I am going to try one in my closet ceiling fixture so I can actually see the colors of my clothes. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it is a little heavy otherwise it is perfect.

5 Stars  Awesome Light 
Put this in my single car garage and the brightness was amazing. I will definitely be getting more.

5 Stars  Bright light 
Absolutely love this light. Use it in the garage and works great. Really bright and easy to redirect the light threw out the whole garage. Well worth the money!

5 Stars  Bright!!! 
Excellent product. Very well made.

5 Stars  Great Lighting Option 
I am very pleased with the brightness and versatility of the two lights I purchased for my garage.

5 Stars  Tremendous brightness 
took 1 minute to unscrew old light bulb and screw Ultra-Bright in....

5 Stars  Love these lights 
Got 2 for my garage and 2 for my attic. Both places need a lot of light, and these meet the job without using a lot of power. Love them. Too bright for in the house, but garage and attic are perfect for them.

5 Stars  see the light 
These lights are really fantastic. So much brighter than a single bulb

5 Stars  WOW 
I can actually see my garage....and in all the corners. Wish I had another place to use one, Id buy another.

5 Stars  Awesome Product 
Received this product after a slight delay due to being out of stock. Installed it in my garage which has two ceiling outlets for regular light bulbs. The difference in the illumination is incredible! There is not a spot inside my garage that isnt full of the most brilliant array of light. Its as if the sun is shining on the inside of my garage. So far this light appears to be a phenomenal product. Hopefully, it will perform for as long as the product information sheet says it will. Very glad I ordered it. Plan to pick up a couple more in the near future!

5 Stars  bright 
Great lights. Very bright put in garage and the basement.

3 Stars  Great product 
This is the 2nd time Ive ordered this light. WOW! If you really have a need or use for a LOT OF LIGHT, this is the ticket. Buy it you will not be sorry. I think you just might reorder like me. Sincerely, J. A.

5 Stars  Bright!!! 
My son came home to visit this weekend. He said turning on the lights in the garage was like a spiritual experience. The lights ARE pretty amazing. I told my wife I was thinking about replacing the other two bulbs...I only did 2 of 4...and she said Noooo! We would have to wear sunglasses.

Wow! These lite up my garage great. They are very bright. I am a happy customer. If you can screw in a light bulb, you can install these lites.

5 Stars  Better than Described 
Screwed in the light. Pointed the wings in the direction I needed light and basement was flooded with light. Worked the same way in the attic. Now I can see around the stacks of boxes stored in both places.

5 Stars  WOW 
This is such a great product. Just screw it in. So simple and gives off Great light

I put two of these lights in my basement and two in my garage... They are GREAT! They put out tons of light!

5 Stars  Good source of additional light 
Using mine in my craft room and the extra light is great. Easy to install!

5 Stars  Great but a couple of things to be aware of 
I love these lights. They are extremely bright and easy to use. Having said that, there are just two issues to be aware of. The first is that the individual panels will not angle past horizontal. What I mean is that they will fold back toward the connector but wont go past 90 degrees to the connector. In one of my cases, the lamp base is on a wall and I wanted the top panel to be aimed down. Cant do it. Second is that the connector on the back that screws into the lamp base is not very long. I tried to use it in a light fixture that had a bezel around the lamp base and this lamp couldnt reach the screw threads. Those are minor issues and if you are just using them in a ceiling mounted lamp base I highly recommend them.

I bought one and put it in my garage and it is awesome. I just ordered 3 more of these to use on the other garage light and in my basement. The only negative thing I can say is... Im on backorder. I hope these come in soon.

5 Stars  All I can say is WOW! 
This is just the brightest light Ive ever seen. I put it in the garage and it lights the entire 3 car garage up. This might be my favorite thing Ive ever bought from PulseTV and if you look Ive bought ALOT!

A nice bright light that is so easy to install Just screw it in a normal socket and you will definitely know a difference. Nice, bright and adjustable.

Review this item!
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Video: Ultra-Bright Triple Panel Garage and Ceiling Light: 6000 Lumens

Enjoy energy efficient, extremely BRIGHT light from this triple panel garage and ceiling light. It screws right into any standard light bulb socket, without any additional wiring or tools required.
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