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Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle - 3 Modes

Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle - 3 Modes

Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle - 3 Modes
Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle - 3 Modes
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The Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle is the perfect tool to have on hand for when you need to water your lawn, garden or even wash your car.

This nozzle is sleek, compact but powerful! It's also easy to handle and the precision angled design allows you to aim the nozzle in any direction. It's made out of a heavy duty metal construction and there are 3 modes to cycle through: Jet, shower and sweep. Just simply turn the rubberized nozzle head to switch between patterns. It also features a thumb-controlled water flow adjuster lever, making it easier on the hands. No more constantly squeezing a trigger!

This nozzle comes in a red and silver metal finish and it will attach to virtually any hose. Plus, they included a lifetime warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

- Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle
- Patterns Include Jet, Shower and Sweep
- Rotate Nozzle Head To Choose Pattern
- Heavy Duty Metal Construction
- Water Flow Adjuster
- Sleek Compact Design
- Precision Angle Tip
- Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

5 Stars  Gilmore Pro Hose Nozzle 
Very durable, heavy duty nozzle. Sprays are distinctly different with each setting, with the full-blast setting actually being full-blast!

5 Stars  Gilmore Pro Hose Nozzle 
like the material made of should last longer under the dry hot Arizona heat

5 Stars  Great nozzle. 
Simple, foolproof, easy to use hose nozzle. Sturdy, and works very well.

5 Stars  Love the Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle 
I loved this product.

3 Stars  Need to be more powerfull 
IT works fine but the jet spray needs more power to make it a 5 star nosel

5 Stars  Sturdy, Compact Nozzle 
Finally, a compact hose nozzle thats well made and does it all! This Gilmour nozzle has a pull back trigger that you set at the water velocity you want and you dont have to constantly squeeze the handle while your using it, like most standard nozzles. Its my new go-to for watering plants or washing the car! The three spray settings are the only ones you will need and the jet spray setting is strong and can shoot 30 feet!

5 Stars  Powerful little gem 
This nozzle is lightweight and compact yet powerful.

5 Stars  Great Hose Nozzle for any price 
It was frustrating over the years to continually replace hose nozzle after hose nozzle when they start to leak or just start breaking down after a few weeks. These nozzles are low cost, small, compact, made of metal and easy to adjust stream and pressure. I cannot be more happy with its operation.

5 Stars  Good nozzle, I recomend. 
The nozzle is well made with really good materials. I recommend.

5 Stars  nozzles 
It seems very durable, I like them right now. I will wait until my season end for my real assessment.

5 Stars  Love them 
I love these nozzles they are made really well and the size is perfect

2 Stars  Built solid but limited usefulness 
There is no question the materials used and the construction of this product is top notch. But the 3 modes are limiting and the performance volume issues, distance of flow, lack of the typical shower mode for decent output but not harsh on plants makes it less than preferable.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Love the hose and nozzle. Superb quality.

4 Stars  good 
I allmost never give anything a 5. Almost all the nozzles I have leak and drive me crazy. This one works good. Good for watering plants anyway.

5 Stars  This Nozzle ROCKS! 
I am very, VERY happy with this nozzle. It easily goes from a very fine mist to a more generous amount of water, and it is easy to use the lever to shut the water off from the nozzle, instead of having to go back to the faucet every time this makes it much easier when working in the garden. Excellent product at a good price. Thank-you!

5 Stars  Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle 
Im 71 ywears old and have hundreds of hose nozzels and this is my favorite.

5 Stars  Nice nozzle 
Very nice and sturdy nozzle

4 Stars  Compact garden hose nozzle 
The hose nozzles do the job in a compact size. They appear to have an aluminum type metal main body and plastic thumb valve and flow controller. They performed good. 5 stars if the nozzle was ALL metal.

5 Stars  great little nozzle 

5 Stars  Hose head 
Works great seems durable

5 Stars  Excellent 
Like this, it is excellent when using on my plants. Not cumbersome like a wand.

5 Stars  Handy 
The Gilmour hose nozzle is small, lightweight and easy to handle. I like it.

4 Stars  Good value 
All plastic will never rust, but takes a lot of thumb pressure to move the valve. If you have arthritis do not buy this product.

4 Stars  Not as powerful as I expected 
Not as powerful as I expected

5 Stars  Gilmour Pro Hose Nozzle 
Love this. Waters plants are a great.

5 Stars  It Actually Works Great! 
My husband really likes this. It is small and easily adjusted from a fine spray to a super soaker. It will be great when I get around to cleaning my car.

4 Stars  sOLID ITEM 
on/off lever is very tight to where you need two hands to turn on and off. Would like to just use my thumb. Perhaps itll losen up with time.

5 Stars  Good quality 
Seems like good sturdy quality and works well.

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