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2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner: - Made in the USA

2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner: - Made in the USA

2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner: - Made in the USA
2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner: - Made in the USA
Compare at: $24.99  (98% off)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled. " />
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Purifize Hand Sanitizer is Made in the USA, in stock and shipping today!

PulseTV has partnered with an industrial manufacturer to bring a maximum strength hand and surface cleaner to as many people as possible.

Our hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol to disinfect and kill germs, viruses and bacteria, not only on your hands but surfaces as well. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using 60% alcohol to kill these pesky germs, but this hand sanitizer has 70% alcohol to help keep you and your family safe.

Note: Bottle caps may vary in color and style due to shortage of supplies.

IN STOCK AND SHIPPING TODAY! Remember this is Made In the USA!


- 70% Alcohol Cleaner
- Exceeds CDC recommendations for germ control
- Maximum Strength
- Cleans Hands
- You get two bottles 8 fl oz (236ml) each
- Made in the USA

Hand Sanitizer Sales Benefit First Responders

Thanks To Your Support We have been able to donate Purifize hand sanitizer to our local Police and Fire Departments to help keep our first responders safe.

We will continue to donate to those agencies serving the public who are in desperate need of supplies.

Active Ingredients in our 70% Hand Sanitizer

Active Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol: 70% Inactive Ingredients: water, fragrance, triethanolamine or diethanolamine, thickener

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled.

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
A great price. The bottles were much larger than I thought for the price. Wonderful purchase.

5 Stars  Works fine 
Good price for sanitizer and smell is not as strong as some of them, will use daily.

5 Stars  Great hand cleaner 
Product is very good and price is good.

5 Stars  perfect hand sanitizer 
5 stars should say it all.

5 Stars  Purifize 
Love this product.

5 Stars  Good Value! 
This is a great value! This sanitizer works great!

5 Stars  hand cleaner 
A very good hand cleaner.70% alcohol hand cleaner.

5 Stars  Great product 
Best sanitizer on the market

5 Stars  Best Purifizer I Have Found 
I tried several purifizers, but most left my skin in worse shape than when I put the purifizer on, minus the germs of course. The Pulsetv product, while at least as effective in killing germs, did not do that.

5 Stars  no 

4 Stars  Works Well 
A good product at the price recently paid. The shipping was more costly than the product. Unfortunately the sales tax included the shipping cost as well as the product.

5 Stars  Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner 
I am very pleased with Purifize and the product totally cleans my hands after a bathroom break and, above all, when I get home from shopping.

5 Stars  Safe and clean 
This product is something I carry with me since purchased in April 2020. I have on at home and one at my office and one in my daily driver. Great way to keep hands sanitized wherever I am.

5 Stars  Great 
Really like its nice scent, and it doesnt make my hands feel sticky.

5 Stars  this antibacterial gel is wonderful 
especially in these pandemic times this gel is very helpful and smells great

5 Stars  hand cleaner 
Great products, great prices! Excellent customer service. Im always grateful and amazed for how quickly my orders arrive.

Love this hand sanitizer. I have tried others, but as I said this is the best. My skin doesnt look dry, my hands dont feel sticky, I love the smell. All my family members are now using it, so I have to order more. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AMAZING PRODUCT.

5 Stars  Great product 
Essential for these days

5 Stars  great tool 
Smells great and it really works. Friends are always asking me to get then a few bottles. I refered them to your company. This is good stuff. Made in America and no ethanol. Clean and not on the FDA recall list.

5 Stars  Works Great 
Nice scent, easy on hands. Ordered many bottles. Very satisfied.

5 Stars  GREAT STUFF!! 
Ive ordered this for my family and have also gifted it to friends. We all love it!! It is safe, made in the USA, and very soothing to the skin.

5 Stars  Best Sanitizer ever! 
Love this stuff!! Smells so clean!!!

4 Stars  product view 
like them very well they smell nice

5 Stars  Purifize 
works great

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
For me the price right and feels good on skin. I use it to sanitize different items.

5 Stars  Execellent Sanitizer 
I love this product. I feel safe using it in my hands and it smells fresh and clean. I like the fact that it can be used on other surfaces besides your hands.

5 Stars  Sought After Hand Sanitizer 
70% alcohol and great size for kitchen and the cars. Very reasonable price too! Ships quickly.

5 Stars  Outstanding Bargain 
Her pleased with this order. Exceeded my expectations.

5 Stars  Purifize hand sanitizer 
I like it.

5 Stars  My favorite yet 
Ive gone thru so many types of hand sanitizers and I can say THIS is by far my favorite. A nice smelling one that actually makes my hands feel soft!

1 Stars  Terrible smell. very tacky feel 
Not a good product. we ended up throwing it out. Was not worth the money we paid for it. Would definitely NOT recommend purchasing it

5 Stars  Great for stores 
I keep one in the car, I use it to wash my hands after every trip to a store.

5 Stars  Excellent Hand Sanitizer 
I have purchased several different brands of hand sanitizer and I am extremely pleased with the one I purchased from Pulse. I now have 6 of them because I do not think this pandemic is going to be over in a short time. I want to be prepared.

5 Stars  Very pleased 
Very Pleased with product, fast service

5 Stars  Great price on a hard to find item 
Not only do I really love this sanitizer. So much better than Purell! I cant believe the great price. Im so happy I stumbled upon your site.

5 Stars  Great Sanitizer! 
I love the scent of this. I also love that it is not a heavy gel that gets extra sticky. Made in the USA was exactly what I was looking for too. I bought this with masks too and those are great. We need this stuff in Florida right now! Thanks!

5 Stars  Purifize 
This purchase is everything I heard it to be. Reordered as soon as the add came out again.

5 Stars  Better than expected 
I was expecting something that had a lot of body and was surprised to find a nice liquid that went on smoothly and was absorbed quickly. Nice smell. Pleased with purchase.

5 Stars  Purifize 8 oz Hand Sanitizer 
Excellent product...No stickiness or after film...

5 Stars  Sanitizer leaves Hands bacteria free and smooth as a babys bottom 
surprised that it did not smell bad but rather refreshing. Did not leave my hands dty like some others I have tried.

5 Stars  Quality product 
This is a superior product at a reasonable price. The percentage of alcohol exceeds that recommended by the CDC. Scent is not overwhelming like other brands. Would definitely buy again!

5 Stars  great sanitizer 
very good hand sanitizer. works well when all other choices are not available. will keep using it.

5 Stars  Very nice sanitizer 
Great sanitizer and good price. Grand daughters love it.

5 Stars  sanitizer 

5 Stars  Purifize Hand Cleaner Review 
Seems to work fine.

5 Stars  none 
Just what I needed

5 Stars  Purifze 8 OZ Hand Cleaner 
Great and fantastic product during the current COVID-19 crisis.

5 Stars  Germ Free hands 
Does a great job keeping the hands sanitized So the mind can rest & not be anxious

5 Stars  Perfect 
Easy to use. Does the job of sanitizing hands.

4 Stars  Indeed, it works 
Im still alive and healthy ... need I say more?

4 Stars  Very Satisfied 
I was very satisified on my order from May.....masks and hand sanitizers. Lady was so friendly and helpful and got my purchase in good condition etc. I will consider you if I need anything further.

5 Stars  Easy to order and good to have on hand! 
This item is very hard to find but at pulsetv.com its just an,order away.

5 Stars  Purifize Hand Cleaner 
This product is wonderful It is 70% alcohol, it smells very nice and dries on your hands very fast leaving them to smell nice and silky to the touch. GREAT STUFF!!!

5 Stars  Great hand cleaner 
Love this hand cleaner and I use every day. I also bought another set as I love it.

5 Stars  Excellent Hand Sanitizer 
Havent found one any stronger. Seen some claiming to be 62% Alcohol, but none at 70%. Makes me feel I have the best.

4 Stars  Fulfills advertising. 
Definitely good stuff.

5 Stars  Purifize hand cleaner 
I doesnt make my hands feel like they are about to fall about because of the alcohol content in it. It is a very good product .

5 Stars  Sanitizer keeping COVID19 at bay. 
At 70+, my wife and I fall within COVID19s target group. Supplies were short, Pulse TV filled the need and their solution fit our Social Security budget. Thank you Pulse Tv!

5 Stars  Seems to work well. 
Wife likes no odor.

5 Stars  Excellent! 
Its not only a fine sanitizer. it is also a very good moisturizer. I also tried using some with those streak free cleaning cloths and they worked very well as washable and reusable sanitizing wipes. I recently ordered a gallon of this sanitizer. That quantity is much more economical.

5 Stars  Best sanitizer I have ever bought 
This product is wonderful. Not too thin, not too thick, which makes it perfect for sanitizing your hands And cleaning surfaces. Love the nice fragrance. You want to know how much I love this product...I have already bought 8 bottles. Hopefully theyll be able to keep this wonder in stock for a long time

5 Stars  Finally, Hand Sanitizer!! 
Fast on-time delivery. Exceptional product!!

5 Stars  Purifies 8oz hand cleaner 
Works ok. Container closes tightly-doesnt leak when tipped over

5 Stars  Great Two-Way Sanitizing Product 
Even as hand sanitizer comes creeping back to the markets, sanitizing wipes have not. I use your product more than ever as a wipe. Ill wet down a paper towel use it to wipe down grocery purchases, mail, and for a layer of protection between a bare hand and a grocery cart or a mail box.

5 Stars  Repeat purchases 
I have purchased this item several times. It is will worth the money. I will be purchasing more of it.

5 Stars  Great product! 
This product can be a hand sanitizer and a surface cleaner as well!

5 Stars  Sanitizing hands - Doing Errands 
Love that I keep a bottle of this in the car - when I come out of a store I immediately sanitize my hands. The CDC recently said on their site that this was more important than wearing gloves...


5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
I like it a lot.

Im a retired Nurse Aide and, I use to buy hand sanitizer once every 3 months. A week after the pandemic hit I went to my local store and, was shocked to find shelves as bare as Mother Hubbards cupboard. Thank you Pulse TV for having just what I needed in stock.

5 Stars  Leaky Bottle - Replaced 
First two bottles ordered arrived wet with one bottle lid coming loose some, package was leaking and inside soaked. Was sent a replacement bottle, this one had a foil seal on top, not same on first two, so assume packaging changed? Thank you for Replacement Bottle.

5 Stars  Quick Shipping, works GREAT. 
I love this sanitizer, it is not gooey like some others. I would highly recommend this. And Pulse is GREAT also. Definitely worth the price. And they are honest people.

5 Stars  Really Good 
Very good product!

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Excellent product. I recommend it for everyone.

5 Stars  Works well 
Needing a Hand sanitizer, Pulse fit the niche when nothing was available.

5 Stars  Good Buy 
easy to use drys fast is convenient

4 Stars  Purifize Hand Cleaner 
The amount was fine but i didnt particularly care for the smell

5 Stars  Sanitized 
Works great

5 Stars  Awesome! 
They smell so good!

3 Stars  Product Works. Very Overpriced 
Made in USA, easy access to and it works. Priced about double average retail pricing for similar sized product.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
Very pleasant, easy to apply, will buy more.

5 Stars  Smooth 
Out of all of the hand sanitizers I have purchased lately, this one stands out as the best. It makes your hands feel so soft and smooth. I definitely will buy again!

5 Stars  Great 
A wonderful hand sanitizer.

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
Good product

5 Stars  Hand Santizer 
Quick shipping for such a product in demand. Product as described and in use already. Very satisfied for value and price.

5 Stars  Clean hands leads to healthier life 
Works well as a hand sanitizer and doesnt have an awful smell like some.

5 Stars  Very pleased with hand sanitizer!!! 
I am very pleased with the hand sanitizer. I was a little taken aback when it said hand cleaner. But Im assuming it is also a hand sanitizer. I use it every day.

5 Stars  FN hand cleaner 
Seems to work good and doesnt dry out hands.

4 Stars  great deal 
As advertised.

4 Stars  Good product 
Delivery and packaging was terrific. Quality of the product is very good. May buy again.

5 Stars  Love the product 
Thank for the step by step video, the product has proven to be very beneficial to my daily life. with this virus

5 Stars  Prices and products are fantastic. 
The hand sanitizer and the variety of masks that I have purchased more than once, and a very timely delivery are helping me to get ahead of what is happening. I also purchased these items for both of my daughters and their families. Once I found this great site, I have made at least 4 purchase and Im not done yet !!

5 Stars  Good product 
Received order in a timely manner. Was exactly as advertised. Good product.

5 Stars  Wash,wash,wash or sanitize 
Wonderful product I even found some smaller dispensing bottles to share with neighbors.

5 Stars  Great product 
Shipped in a timely manner and product is good

3 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
I used the hand sanitizer to make anti bacterial wipes. I followed your directions. It kind of works. The problem I have is that the solution is slimy feeling. When I wipe off a surface, its really wet and it takes awhile for it to dry. I just wish the consistency was more like the regular wipes I buy. Unfortunately I cant find them in the store so I will continue to use this product. However, I have no complaints about this company. Service was fast and accurate.

5 Stars  Purifize hand sanitizer 
Maybe a little harsh on the skin but it works. I use it before and after going to store. I put some on my hands and rub it onto the handle of my grocery cart rather than trusting that someone else cleansed it good enuf. I bought it two different times. Husband - construction worker, takes a small bottle to use at work too. I recommend it.

5 Stars  Great product 
Best sanitizer Ive ever found, at a great price. Will purchase again if available.

5 Stars  Great Stuff 
Like the amount of alcohol

4 Stars  surpasses recomendations but.... 
The alcohol percentage is above the minimum recommended by the CDC. This product was made available when people need it most, and at a better price than the others Ive seen that were available at the time I ordered. That being said... this has a slightly unpleasant scent that, while mild, put me off it. Ive set it back to use if I run out of what else I have on hand and cant get more.

4 Stars  Great Sanitizing alternative 
Purifize is a most satisfactory alternative to hand sanitizers containing higher percentages of alcohol. The order arrived very quickly and has satisfied my immediate need.

5 Stars  Works good 
Fast delivery and decent product.

5 Stars  Worth It! 
Lightly scented, pours quickly and easily from bottle. Spreads and rubs into skin, while drying fast. Like it better than some brand names out there.

5 Stars  works well 
very good

5 Stars  Excelllent 
I have been using the Purifize hand cleaner for sanitizing my counters and handles in my kitchen. I also put it on a paper towel to wipe down my phones. Excellent product.

5 Stars  Good hand sanitizer 
It has more alcohol than most, and thats what one wants. And its not just for hands. I figure if it kills the virus on my hands itll be good for other things, like computer keys, all surfaces, car steering wheel, etc.

5 Stars  Purifize Purifies 
I have not used Purifize as a hand sanitizer yet. But, I have used it to sanitize objects, items and packages that are in my home or that come into my home. It works well. I recommend it.

5 Stars  sanitizer 
So happy to get this great product so quickly.

4 Stars  Great product 
I I like the smell as well as the effectiveness of this product and fighting germs

4 Stars  Great Product 
I followed the video directions to make sanitizing wipes. It works great but the product is a bit sticky when wet. It seems to dry fine, but my sanitizing wipes are a little sticky when using.

5 Stars  Good value! 
Works well, pleasant fragrance.

5 Stars  Purifize hand cleaner 
its great!!

5 Stars  Good stuff 
Great product and super customer service

5 Stars  good as promised 
When I could not find any hand cleaner any where , Pulse TV got it to me in a couple days. Thank you very much!

4 Stars  Good Stuff 
Smells good, doesnt make my hands dry as I expected and only four stars because it is still expensive compared to where we were before the pandemic.

5 Stars  Good Stuff! 
Very pleased with this product!

5 Stars  Great Multi-Purpose Sanitizer 
I use this product not just for sanitizing my hands, but also to disinfect my phone, iPad, and frequently touched surfaces in my home. Just put a small amount on a folded paper towel and it takes the place of a wipe. Its also gentle on the skin. The 8-once bottle lasts longer than you would expect.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 

5 Stars  Best Vendor Online that I have found! 
Products offered are excellent Delivery time is superb considering delays all over the place with Coronavirus! Thank you!

5 Stars  Great sanitizer 
I use this to refill smaller bottles

4 Stars  Good and convenient 
I keep one in my car and another at my front door. It is lasting really well and I ordered more. Good price too but I wish it were not so drying.

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
reliable product

3 Stars  ok 
Well,,,,,I think this sanitizer works ok,,,,but I dont like the smell.........and it lingers a long time. Maybe just me.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
Very good product will probably use this instead of Purell. Delivery was sooner than expected. Very happy.......

5 Stars  Excelllent 
Like it very much

5 Stars  Great product 
This hand sanitizer is perfect for the needs of today. Easy to use and has a pleasant aroma.


5 Stars  good stuff 
It is perfect for making your own sanitizing wipes. Easy to do.

5 Stars  feels great on hands 
I like this hand sanitizer because it doesnt make your hands feel dried out or sticky. After applying it my hands felt smooth, soft and it dried quickly. It is over the CDC recommendation of 65 percent alcohol for killing viruses on hands which is very important to me!

5 Stars  Purifize 
During our current Coronavirus situation the Purifize hand sanitizer is an excellent product to purchase and have on hand for protection.


5 Stars  Life Saver 
I keep the hand cleaner in my car. When I return to my car from shopping I immediately apply to my hands, door handle, shift knob and steering wheel. Great Product.

5 Stars  great 
great product and no problems with shipping or delivery. pulsetv is a great co to have when supplies are scarce elsewhere. i highly recommend them

5 Stars  Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner 
This an effective product at a fair price.

5 Stars  excellent product 
Really love this stuff. just thick enough to clean hands completely but not too thick. This should last me a while as I usually only use alchohol outside the house and soap and water inside.Use this to refill my travel bottle.

5 Stars  Sanitizer is great 
Good price - good content

It really disinfects your hands and you can take anywhere with you.

5 Stars  Smells good works great 
I like it. Must be careful though because its not a pump. Pouring might be a little fast so do it slow. Good product.

5 Stars  2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner 
This Hand Cleaner Sanitizer is great very similar to Purell product Ive used in the past. Smells great, alcohol definitely seems like 70%+ and dries quickly. My wife also likes the way it works quickly and leaves your hands feeling squeeky clean and smelling great! Highly Recommended!

3 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
At 70% we were glad to get it, but it does have a very unpleasant odor that doesnt go away for quite a while.

5 Stars  8 oz hand cleaner 
excellent,love it.Thank you

5 Stars  Awesome! 
With the C Virus still going around, having these hand cleaners are super important and the fragrance is awesome..and Safety is what we need!!

3 Stars  Adequate, but........ 
The product reeks of alcohol. 70% too much? And it is very drippyno gel. .

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
I have gotten nothing but praise from family and friends whom I have given it too. Doesnt dry out your skin. Thank you

5 Stars  Purifize 
I bought a few bottles of Purifize and I love it. When you use it on your hands it has a really nice smell. Ive used it to disinfect door knobs, micro and many more items and I would recommend this product to all my friends and family. Great product at a great price.

5 Stars  A Must 
This hand sanitizer is a must in these times. and so difficult to find here in the SF Bay area. With 70 per cent alcohol content, you cant beat it- and a great price!

5 Stars  2-pack of Purifize 8oz hand cleaner 
Have been pleased with all my orders from Pulsetv. These came quickly and I have enough sanitizer but am having difficulty getting hand sanitizer liquid soap. I will continue to shop Pulse for a lot of my needs.

5 Stars  Good Product 
I use this a lot between frequent hand washings. Absorbs into skin, smell is not too overbearing. I have placed two orders for this already and will re-order again when I run out.

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Good product & fair price

5 Stars  Hand Cleaner 
Quick shipping! I use this several times a day. Does not dry your hands. I will be ordering more. Thanks!

5 Stars  Love this 
Even with 70 percent alcohol its still gentle on skin

5 Stars  Very pleased 
Very pleased with the product. I have ordered several times.

5 Stars  2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner 
During a time when products like these are difficult to get, this purchase was a terrific relief. The product was as described, it came in a very short time period, and we have already ordered another shipment. We highly recommend this product and this on-line store

5 Stars  Super sanitizer 
Does a great job In Sanitizing hands & surfaces


5 Stars  Great product 
I received the hand sanitizer quickly. This was very nice seeing how the sanitizer is in short supply.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
Im very happy with this hand purifier. Im appreciative of the fact that it is 70% alcohol. Thank you.

4 Stars  Great, feels a bit soapy 
Smell is not too strong. The only thing is that it feels soapy on my hands.

5 Stars  Prefect 
very good Stuff

5 Stars  PulseTV Comes Through Again 
Great product, fair price quick delivery and nice aroma.

5 Stars  Great Hand Sanitizer 
I really like this sanitizer as it doesnt seem to dry my hands out as badly as others Ive used. I also like that it can be used to sanitize hard surfaces as well as your hands.

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
Excellent product pour into hands - swish through hands dries with no greasy aftertouch priced cometitively will order again

5 Stars  CLEAN 
During these times when hand sanitizer is impossible to find this product was available at a decent price. I will order more when I need it.

4 Stars  Good stuff 
The product does a good job sanitizing. Only problem it STINKS.

5 Stars  Quality product, as described. 
My order came quickly at a time when supplies were very low for this type of product. Thank you for the exceptional service.

5 Stars  good stuff 
This product seems to work fine. I cant tell how many germs are killed but this is better than what I was using as far as alcohol levels go. If you can get any product with a 70% or better alcohol level get it. We use this every time we go out to shop for groceries. I feel more confident that it is protecting us.

5 Stars  Love this hand sanitizer! 
This hand sanitizer is the best! I love the feel of it, and it smells great! I also love that it also works as a surface cleaner!

5 Stars  Hands Down The Best -Pun Intended- 
Not only is this sanitizer a much higher quality than whats generally found in the stores, it only takes one drop to completely clean your hands. No stickiness, no residue, and dries in a blink. I bought a set for myself and a set for a friend. He called from Fl & said it was THE best hed ever used & for the same reasons Ive stated above. People would be crazy not to grab up this deal. Worth every penny.

4 Stars  Hand Sanitazer 
The order took a longer than usual but it was understandable due to COVID-19. The sanitizer does the job , I think since it is 70% alcohol, but it does not have a pleasant odor.

5 Stars  Excellent 
I love this product. I just ordered some more. And excellent price. Thank you so much.

5 Stars  Great Hand Sanitizer 
The Hand Sanitizer is working fine. I am very happy with all aspects of the purchase from PulseTV, from Price, the delivery and the prodict. Thank you

5 Stars  Very useful and convenient in times of need. 
Its nice to have around whether youre at home or driving. After touching money/credit cards changing hands or anything like that, I have found it useful to use this product. Because during these times, you can never be too careful.

4 Stars  Expensive 
Strong product

5 Stars  Saftey 
This was second order for this product. I find it to be one of the best on the market. And it is available.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
Perfect product for the times and will be necessary into the future

5 Stars  Keeps my hands germ free 
Im free of the 19 virus so far.

5 Stars  Good Product 
This hand cleaner work well. I brought a bottle for each of my sons also.

5 Stars  Hand Cleaner-finally found some 
It is nice to be able to order hand sanitizer and not have the order cancelled because it was coming from China. Made in USA and 70% alcohol only adds to the positive feeling when I use this. PS. My daughter, who is a germophobe, will only use this as its 70% vice the 60% she had.

4 Stars  It works 
Seems to work fine. Good quantity for the price.

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
Great product. Will buy again.

5 Stars  Great product, better then some national brands 
Works better and performs as good or better then national brands and the larger size is more convenient

5 Stars  Purifize 
Very good

3 Stars  Ok hand sanitizer 
Dont like the scentwe prefer odorless. Otherwise ok

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
Had no problem with this hand sanitizer. It works!

5 Stars  works good 
I keep one in my car and one in my purse. Its not drying and doesnt smell bad

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
Great value. Came well packaged and arrived ahead of schedule. This is the second time Ive purchased this and I am very much pleased. Thank you

5 Stars  Stay Safe 
This is a much need item it works and smells great

5 Stars  Purifize Hand Cleaner - 2 pack 
Great product, arrived quickly and nicely packaged...This is a hard to find item, so I was so happy to receive this so fast! Thank you highly recommend.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
The sanitizer works great. I really like this. Well worth the purchase

5 Stars  Purifize Hand Cleaner And Sanitizer 
This Hand cleaner is very good. I ordered some for my friends. Good Quality. Very pleased with product.

5 Stars  Purifize Hand Sanitizer 
A great find! Good value and great quality.

5 Stars  2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner 

5 Stars  clean again 
very satisfied with this product

5 Stars  Excellent hand sanitizer! 
Very happy with this product and I like that it came in 8oz squeeze bottles. My husband keeps one in his truck and I have one in my car. Now -- If we could get hand wipes that would be great, too! Thank you

5 Stars  I gifted it and he loved it! 
I bought this for an at-risk friend who had not been able to get any hand sanitizer. He says he loves it it goes on easily, he likes that it has 70% alcohol, and he has one bottle in each strategic place in the house. Thanks for making this available when so little was!

5 Stars  Product Evaluation 
Besides the affordable price and the 8 Oz bottles, I really do like the texture and the concentration of the sanitizer, THUMBS UP.

This product is a good buy. The ingredients will prove it. Started using it as soon as was delivered. Then my wife ordered more. I think well be good for awhile.

5 Stars  Purifize hand cleaner 
Very impressed with how easy this is to use & how long it last. Smells good & glad it is made in the US. I believe the price is good. Much cheaper then other places I have seen selling similar items & also not as good stuff. Originally ordered 2 but after seeing how great it was I ordered a case & gave out to my family. Awesome & Thank You Very Much.

4 Stars  Hand Cleaner 
It worked quickly to clean my hands without much water.

5 Stars  Great Product and Available 
I like it. Received my order in just a few days.

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Placed two orders for this product, fast ship, works fine. Referred other friends to get this hard to find product.

5 Stars  Just as advertised 
I use 1 at home and 1 in my car. It goes on smoothly and has a nice fragrance. From what I can determine, it does not dry out the skin.

5 Stars  Outstanding sanitizer 
I originally bought a 2 2-bottles of the sanitizer but after it arrived, I went back and bought several more. Not only do I keep a bottle in the kitchen and bathrooms, I also have a bottle in my car & garage. This is a great 70% alcohol sanitizer that exceeds the CDC recommendation but is also thicker than other sanitizers and can be used for surface cleanups. Ive given bottles to my parents and brothers. This is a must have in uncertain times.

5 Stars  Glad I ordered 
I am glad I ordered these 2 large bottles of hand sanitizer. I keep one in my car and one at home. It has a nice smell and feels good on your hands. I havent had any problem with it drying my skin. It actually feels very soft and smooth after using. This is a good buy and it comes quickly.

5 Stars  Hand cleaner 
Works great & smells great - will definitely order again!

5 Stars  Good product 
Im very satisfied with the quality of the hand sanitizer, it has a very light pleasant scent. I did receive one bottle that was damaged and I contacted customer service. Pulsetv customer service was awesome and immediately shipped out a replacement bottle. I will be reordering soon

5 Stars  Best Sanitizer! 
Been using this sanitizer for weeks now and I just love it! It has a very clean smell and makes my hands feel very soft after using it! Highly recommended!

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizing 
This stuff is great and I feel refreshed using this product. I feel safe with this product cleaning any surface it touches.

5 Stars  Hand Santizer 
Very pleased with this product. Can be used as hand Santizer or to Santize surfaces.

5 Stars  Service 
Excellent response to orders!

5 Stars  Hand cleaner 
Great stuff and thanks for having it in stock!

5 Stars  Makes you feel safe in these werid times !!!!! 
Easy to carry and use !!!!!

5 Stars  product works 
ordering was easy, delivery was prompt and product works as advertised

4 Stars  In Stock 
This product compares well with all other big name products on the market & PulseTV had it in stock

5 Stars  Great value 
I found the pricing to be very fair and the product has the proper content.

5 Stars  the product was perfect 
You came through when others didnt.

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Just what we needed during this COVID19 crisis. Glad we bought it!

5 Stars  Im Still Here 
Well, I havent gotten the virus since I started using it so I guess its working!

5 Stars  Purifier hand cleaner 
Great product. Works well.

5 Stars  on my 3rd bottle 
this is truely a life saver.i highly recomend this product.when i order it i get it i 6 days.not bad.

5 Stars  Hand Cleaner 
I had bought two of these before and they are really good on and for the hands...I would recommend highly...

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Excellent sanitizer and great availability!

5 Stars  Awesome 
Product is convenient, well packaged and fulfills the need of hand sanitation

5 Stars  Good Product 
Works great but does have a slight odor with it. However odor does disappear quickly.

4 Stars  It works 
It cleans my hand better than washing my hands all the time

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
Works great!

5 Stars  Good product 
Seems to work, non-offensive to user

5 Stars  Quick Delivery of a needed product 
This hand sanitizer works, 70% alcohol and its needed in todays world. Easy to order

5 Stars  Great hand sanitizer 
This hand sanitizer is wonderful and is strong enough to kill most germs on your hands. Also it does not take a lot of it to get the job done.

5 Stars  Grateful 
Just glad I found it because my granddaughter is still working for UPS and it was not found in any of the local stores here in the DFW area.

5 Stars  Fast shipping 
It was shipped very quick, I guess its good I use it every time I go in anywhere.

5 Stars  Delivered the sanitizers on time! 
I was happy to receive the 4 bottles of hand sanitizer in a very timely manner. I gave some to my relatives and they were thrilled! Thanks a lot!

5 Stars  Great product 
I was so glad to find this. We purchased it for work, and it is not sticky or over fragranced. I put it in a pump bottle on my desk, and smaller travel bottles for our employees. Pricing was a little high, but was glad to have it on hand. Do not regret the purchase.

This hand sanitizer is great! Thin enough to put in spray bottles. Only need a very small amount!

4 Stars  Smell 
The product works great but smell isnt. But Ill live thru it. Thanks

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
A great value for the price

I have ordered from you for several years and always get good service . These last products are just as you said . Came fast and will order again .

5 Stars  Sanitize 
This hand sanitizer gives me the peace of mind knowing that it meets CDC guidelines and protects me and my family. It doesnt dry my skin and it has a pleasant smell. I recommend this product. Stay safe everyone! <3

5 Stars  2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner 
Great product

5 Stars  Great hand sanitizer 
Great product >> very much needed today.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I was so glad to have ordered the sanitizer and the price was less than I thought I could fine. I got the message that it had shipped 30 minutes after purchased. It came within a week after the notice. So happy.

5 Stars  Good stuff! 
Works well. Hands feel clean after this dries in a couple of minutes. Not greasy at all. Very minimal smell.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
Delivered quickly and without delay!

4 Stars  happy 
.Happy with the product. Not sure about the price. But it does a good job on your hands and counter tops.

5 Stars  Really Great Value 
Have used on my hands and also poured small amount on clean cloth to wipe down the kitchen and auto after returning from grocery store.

5 Stars  clean smell 
It does the job.

5 Stars  works great 
It does the job like you can expect it should at a reasonable price

5 Stars  Good sanitizer 
Very good

5 Stars  Wonderful product 
When hand sanitizer was impossible to find in my home town, pulse tv came through. The sanitizer also has a nice softener of some kind, it really helps when your hands are dry.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
Nice to have in a larger bottle, perfect for refilling my small purse hand sanitizer, which are impossible to find now.

5 Stars  Great stuff 
Works well and received it a reasonable time

5 Stars  Excellent much needed product 
In these crazy times this was an unable to find it anywhere product about 3 weeks ago, right? Up pops a Pulse email offering me 2 large bottles at a great price !!!! B. O. O. M. !!! Great product and thank you

5 Stars  Hand Cleaner - Available & Quick Delivery 
Pulse supplies lots of great products at great prices. With the shortage of sanitizer and masks, we got both from Pulse and delivery was pretty quick

5 Stars  hand cleaner 
It does exactly what I want it to do, much as I expected.

5 Stars  Gets the Job Done 
We love this product and were so happy to find it with all the local stores around here being sold out of hand sanitizers for months.

5 Stars  Great product - gets 5 stars! 
Perfect product for these times. I use it daily.

3 Stars  Sticky after 
Leaves hands sticky

5 Stars  It work good 
It a good product and it made in u.s.a

5 Stars  Thanks Purifize & Pulse tv 
I was very happy to receive my order of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner and it sure does make me feel more confident during this current health crises. Thanks Pulse tv for delivering this much needed wonderful product.

5 Stars  Great 
Great sanitizer without the dry feeling on the skin.

5 Stars  Purifize 
An excellent product, but keep in mind, it does not kill the virus nor does it claim to.

5 Stars  Sanitizer just in time 
Gratifying and heartening to be able to acquire this in the middle of the madness. Product seems to work just fine - apply, rub in, let dry. Reassuring.

5 Stars  Great product and service 
In a time when hand sanitizer is very hard to come by, it was great to find a company offering a good product for a decent price. The product came quickly and Im very pleased with Purifize and also the service.


4 Stars  Survey 
Good quality

4 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
I was NOT Thrilled with the price. It was even worse after shipping and taxes. But I guess the bright side is I got the product even if I feel taken advantage of.

5 Stars  hand cleaner 
works great.

4 Stars  leaves residue 
Prefer washing hands but good substitute in necessity.

5 Stars  Great product! 
I use it in my car to disinfect my gloves hands and face mask. It doesnt leave a funky residue! Love it!!

5 Stars  smooth texture 
The hand sanitizer is smooth and soft on my hands. I use it to refill my smaller bottles I carry with me for work .


The headline says it all. You can now buy the safe products you need in your own city for non-scalpers prices.... Just look around!

I usually buy hand sanitizer once every 3 months at my local store. Last month I went to 5 different stores and they were all sold out. Purifize is not my normal brand but I am a retired Nurse Aide and I know it works just as well. THANK YOU Pluse tv.com for having hand sanitizer available.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
Deliver on schedule, product was as described, reasonably priced. Very satisfied would recommend

4 Stars  Decent santizer. 
Kind of pricy but gets the job done. Delivery very good for these days and Times.

5 Stars  Great Stuff 
Did not buy this product for myself,gave it to friends and neighbors and people that I dont even know but they needed some sanitizer, and when I spoke to them in the days after giving it away everybody said it was agreat

4 Stars  hand cleaner 
so glad you put a squeeze bottle top my first order the cap was too big and everybody was wasting it

5 Stars  Grateful!!! 
After searching store after store, I was thrilled to get an email from PulseTV that offered hand sanitizer. I ordered two 2-packs as fast as I could type. It arrived quickly and Im very happy with it. Its easy to use and has a light, pleasant fragrance and does not leave my hands feeling greasy. I forwarded the email to several friends who also pounced on the offer.

5 Stars  Great 
Great product

5 Stars  2 Pack Purifize 
It does a wonderful job of providing the sanitizing I require after leaving each store or place of business.

5 Stars  Excellent products great prices easy to order 
Better than great

5 Stars  Great On the Hands 
Whatever is in the ingredients along w/ the 70% alcohol, makes for a comfortable non-irritating lotion. Better than the leading sanitizer brands. Have recently purchased more for friends and relatives.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
Excellent product, a little pricey but OK. Thanks Raymond

5 Stars  Good product 
I was very frustrated that I could not purchase hand sanitizer to protect myself and family during the pandemic, which made me very nervous about going out to get essentials. When I found this hand sanitizer online and was able to obtain it at a reasonable price, I was pleased. It works well and costs less than the store brands.

5 Stars  A lifesaver 
Sanitizer is great. Easy process to get it.

5 Stars  First rate. Thanks 
Excellent product for disinfecting all things that come in the door.

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
We received 8 bottles in our first shipment and loved it. We have since reordered 24 bottles. This sanitizer is fantastic to use, it doesnt leave your hands sticky like other sanitizers and is odor free. We would recommend this sanitizer over any other.

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
Its useful, especially when you cannot find any locally and this one is delivered to your door

5 Stars  Great Value 
In these crazy COV19 times, where hand sanitizing is a priority, this deal is a great value. The product works great and delivery time was reasonable.

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Does the job and does it well. Has a nice smell to it.

5 Stars  works 
still in good health, what else can i say

4 Stars  Nice but......... 
70% alcohol is a bit much. The alcohol smell is a little too strong. The gel is too runny. Only 60% alcohol is needed to kill the virus.

5 Stars  Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner is THE BEST 
I had originally ordered the 2-Pack hand cleaner and I liked its performance so much that I was using it many times every day. Its 70 % alcohol content is so effective that only a small portion is needed to clean my hands well from all germs and viruses! I can highly recommend it to all my family members and friends. I just ordered another shipment of this great product.

5 Stars  Timely product. 
It was good to be able to purchase this hand cleaner which I did twice during these tough times.

5 Stars  Arrived quickly 
This 2-pack of Purifize arrived quickly, and I started using it immediately. I keep one in the house and one in the car. It works well and feels great.

4 Stars  Soothing Product 
Very kind to the hands. So far so good for virus protection.

5 Stars  Exceptional santitizer 
Exceeds CDC standards! Not for sale anywhere except Pulse. Made in the USA!!!!! Perfect blend......disinfects and moisturizes at the same time. Thank you for offering this product at a most historic moment in time.

4 Stars  Does the job!! 
This is a good product people. Does the job, dries quickly unlike other gels we used and so far has not chapped our hands. The smell is a bit different but not bad at all. I would recommend it. A real good value!

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Product as advertised. Prompt service. Excellent product

5 Stars  Great but gentle 
Great sanitizer without destroying your hands. Smells a little frilly but works well.

5 Stars  This is the best! 
I like this product because I keep it by my front door and with a squirt I put on my hands rub them together and I am off. No water needed.

This hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol is outstanding and priced right ..It exceeded my expectations and I will order again when needed

5 Stars  Ordered more immediately 
This product is necessary in todays world. Smells great. Evaporated quickly. Immediately ordered the 24 pack for my family and friends. I trust PulseTV vs blindly getting who knows what directly from overseas.

5 Stars  Purifize hand cleaner 2-pack 
Arrived in record time I keep one in my kitchen . Nice fresh clean smell and doesnt linger .Yes I would recommend this product to anyone ,good value for the price.

5 Stars  Keep Healthy 
We bought this just at the outbreak of COVID-19 and are glad we did. It works great and has a pleasant aroma

5 Stars  Works well 
Product works and doesnt dry my hands.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
It was great and at a fair price, Thank you, we couldnt find any sanitizer any where, Thank you so much

5 Stars  Great Product 
Great product. 70% alchol

5 Stars  fantastic 
Love this product.. I also have a sanitzer from an essential oil company which I love. I compare this to be just as good and cheaper. Does not leave my hands greasy and it has just enough of a good smell to it.. Wish it would come in 1 oz bottles, but I can buy some of those..

5 Stars  Hard to get item 
At the current availability and price this is a good purchase. Two bottles means we can watch keep one in our cars.

5 Stars  keep those hands germ free 
excellent product and well worth it it works well and handy to have around under these circumstances

5 Stars  So grateful this excellent product is available in this difficult time 
Excellent, versatile product with excellent availability!

5 Stars  To the Rescue. 
Could not get this anywhere, and you came through for me.

4 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
Received in timely fashion. Easy to carry and use.

5 Stars  Excellent Product! 
I am totally happy with this purchase - not only is the price very reasonable - but these are large containers for your use! Super fast and safe shipping. Everything I have purchased from Pulse is always a great buy at a good price! Trust this seller!

5 Stars  My reason for rating the prouct at 5 stars 
It is as good if not better as the brand names that are listed.

5 Stars  it seems to work 
I keep a bottle in the car,another on standby

5 Stars  great sanitizer 

5 Stars  Great Product! 
USA made, great viscosity not as much required for 100% coverage + makes it very easy to refill smaller hand sanitizer pocket containers, pleasant fragrance, 70% alcohol content!

5 Stars  70% Booze....could almost drink it! 
Best ever!

5 Stars  Nice smell to the hand cleaner 
Nice product and under the circumstances relatively inexpensive.

5 Stars  Super Hand Sanitizer 
As stated does a great job in sanitizing

As always, Pulse TV was on the cutting edge in getting this hand sanitizer product in stock when it could not be found anywhere else!! I appreciate their marketing of it via texts & emails. I have shared these with several friends & family members who were wanting this product. It works GREAT - not smelly like some others I have experienced!! You will not be disappointed & Pulse TV is a wonderful company with which to do business. I have been ordering from them for many years & have never had a problem.

5 Stars  Great Sanitizer 
Our sanitizer arrived quickly and has been a very welcome addition to our office. It smells good and is easy to use. Just squirt some on your hands and rub them together for a couple of seconds. We also use it to sanitize our keyboards and mouses and doorknobs, etc. We keep it in our cars and use it before and after shopping. I will be ordering more.

5 Stars  Many thanks 
I live in a senior citizen complex. In the beginning of the lockdown it was hard for our building to find hand sanitizer. I found pulse tv and ordered hand sanitizer two bottles at a time, several times. I kept our building supplied with hand sanitizer until they were able to acquire some on their own. I appreciate you for being so accommodating and by being so timely and fair in your price.

5 Stars  Purifize hand cleaner 
Good company, good product. I have purchased quite a few items from this company and have never been dissapointed. I have the products to be as advertised.

5 Stars  Sanitizer 
Excellent product.

5 Stars  So far, so good 
I am still symptom free of any illness, not just the pandemic one. Sounds good to me! Sanitizer and cleanser must be working.

5 Stars  easy way to help be safe 
thanks for an easy to use sanitizer

5 Stars  Great product 
As a sanitizing product it not only does the job but it also is very refreshing for the hands and has a pleasant fragrance not a heavy medicine order.

5 Stars  great product and USA Made 
I have been searching for hand sanitizer for our employees and found this. It is not as thick as the typical products found in stores with the aloe gel but is definitely a disinfectant and safe for all our employees

5 Stars  It Works 
It works as described. The service was also excellent.

5 Stars  HandSanitizer 
Works fine.

5 Stars  What I needed 
Ordered this on a Saturday and it arrived Wednesday. Hand Sanitizer is so hard to find these days. And it is made in the USA. I did not order from other companies advertising because I was not sure they were legit. PulseTV is one of my go tos and I trust them.

5 Stars  Disinfectant great 
First bought the two pack they work well still have them but I still turned around and bought a case gave a few out.

5 Stars  Clean Up Everybody do your share! 
This hand sanitizer came in handy as a result of increase use due to the Covid-19 virus. I would recommend this product because its better than what the CDC strength guidelines are and I like that I can re-full my little pocket size bottle for additional in the go use.

4 Stars  Good stuff 
This sanitizer is very good, will buy again

4 Stars  Good value 
This seems to be a good product for the money. It is a little thin watery but I suppose that doesnt matter as long as its effective. I would certainly buy again.

5 Stars  Feels great! 
Besides protecting it feels great!

4 Stars  purifize hand sanitizing 
I like that the hand sanitizing feels good and it not sticky

5 Stars  Peace of mind 
Feel better & safer with this at my side. Thanks for getting this for us!

3 Stars  Great Hand Cleaner in Time of Need 
Thanks Pulse TV for delivering a Great Hand Cleaner when others could not deliver. Very satisfied with this Purifize Product in these troubling times of need.

5 Stars  Love this hand sanitizer! 
Im so glad I found this hand sanitizer. It works great and smells good. Also it is moisturizing which is great during this time. Thank you, Pulse!!!

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
I am 75 and have severe COPD and this product makes me feel safe. The sanitizer comes in adequate containers and you get two for a very affordable price. Ive ordered another batch just to be sure I dont run out at this very scary time.

5 Stars  Great Hand Sanitizer 
Thank you for a quality product at a reasonable price...in these difficult times it s nice to see a company with such a high level of integrity ....meeting the needs of the consumers as opposed to makinmg a buck!!! Bravo Pulse TV People...I am a lifetime customer... Mike D

4 Stars  2-pk hand sanitizer 
Pleasant odor. A little runny but it works very well. It spreads over the skin and in the lines very well.

5 Stars  I like it! 
Handy size, not sticky and smells OK. A good deal, but not great. Its the only hand sanitizer I could find as all the stores are out!

5 Stars  Happy with this product 
I appreciate the high alcohol content in these good size bottles. I feel very safe using this.

5 Stars  Best ever hand cleanser 
Was using Purell with Aloe, did not like how long it took to rapidly work into the hand. Purifize became available and I immediately bought the two pack. What an improvement over all other options. It works into the hand much faster and has 70% Alcohol to better kill nasty germs! A must have sanitizer for work, home and even your car!

5 Stars  Great product and service 
Great product with a nice smell. Shipping was fast!

5 Stars  Plenty of hand sanitizer 
I was concerned about being able to buy any locally but thanks to Pulse TV I got two containers of sanitizer very quickly!

5 Stars  Great Product 
This product far exceeded our expectations when we needed it most during the coronavirus epidemic crisis we found ourselves in. Thank you for your product.

5 Stars  Excellent 
It dries with no stickiness and feels fabulous

5 Stars  GREAT 

4 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
Well I havent gotten the virus yet! It came quickly and just as advertised. What more can I say about it? I have to believe it has the ingredients it says it has.

4 Stars  great 
does a good job cleaning and easy to carry

5 Stars  Great Sanitizer 
Very happy to be able to purchase much needed hand sanitizer to help me get through this crisis. All the local stores where I live ran out and most still do not have any to sell. I am glad there is a online store that can provide their customers with a product that is in high demand. My only criticism is that Purifize ran out of the original cap to the bottle which is easier to use than the current cap, but that should not stop you from buying this great product.

4 Stars  strond hand sanitizer 
Good product, and im sure it gets your hands germ free. My only negative comment is related to the smell of this product. Very strong chemical smell. Other than that i feel that it is a good product to use.

I had some smaller empty sanitizer bottles so I am using the larger bottles at home but filling the smaller bottles for my purse with the Purifize. I use it a lot when out but it gives me a peace of mind. So glad to get these large bottles.

5 Stars  Okay 
This seems to work well. It has a very pleasant fragrance and dries quickly in the air.

4 Stars  Good product 
Good product


5 Stars  Essential to Have 
It is so good, I was able to purchase some for my kids to have also! wonderful product!

5 Stars  Great product 
I was so excited about getting it I told others to check out the website. Just the other day I was out buying groceries and told another shopper he could still purchase the hand sanitizer on your website.

5 Stars  Excellent Hand Sanitizer 
This is a wonderful product and I thank Pulse TV for getting it manufactured.

5 Stars  Good value 
Since hand cleaner is in short supply in retail outlets, I ordered these and they came in approximately 10 days. Quality is very good and I am pleased with the purchase.

5 Stars  Better than Purell, dries in seconds, worth the extra price 
Love it see Headline

5 Stars  Great product 
I was delighted to find this product on your web site. Hand sanitizers are not readily available in stores. Thank you!

5 Stars  Much Needed Sanitizer 
Thank you so much for having this item in stock. I have been to every store trying to find this item and finally just gave up. Then there you were in my e-mail with a sanitizer. Pulse TV is always there when you need them. Thank you again!

3 Stars  Not a gel but has alcohol 
So assume it works

5 Stars  A life saver 
As everybody knows, getting sanitizer these days is an impossible task. Unlike other sanitizers this has a nice fragrance, its not that thick and it can be used on a lot of surfaces. You cant beat the price. And I love that all the components are made here in the USA., thus keeping many people with jobs. I bought 2 bottles, gave one to my sister and have already ordered two more. Thats how much I like it.

5 Stars  Good Product!! 
Good Product!

4 Stars  Hand Sanatizer 
Good product, smells good, would only be better if it had a squeeze spout or small whole in the top

5 Stars  great product 
good product for keeping hands sanitized

5 Stars  Much needed, Thanks 
good stuff !

5 Stars  Very pleased 
Quick delivery. Pleased that it exceeds the CDC regulations.

5 Stars  Great and Convenient 
Effective and small enough to keep in the car and take and use everywhere you go. A great find seeing as how you cannot find sanitizer anywhere in stores right now!!!

5 Stars  Good Sanitizer 
I want you to know this sanitizer is a life saver! I bought 10 bottles but wish i had got the 24bottle deal. Ill get more before they run out! Love Pulsetv!

5 Stars  Quality 
We are truly happy with delivery @ quality

5 Stars  Capitalism Works 
The story behind this product and the PulseTv management team that brought it to market are shining examples of why Capitalism works when other systems fail time and time again! Great Product, Great Company!

5 Stars  Effective and Available 
Purifize works great. I turned to pulsetv.com after being disappointed by Target and Amazon. Thank you.

5 Stars  Hand Cleaner 
Very good product but over price

5 Stars  Purifize Hand Cleaner 
Since you cannot seem to be able to find any hand cleaner in any store at a time like now when one needs it the most,it was nice to see Pulsetv offered some! like all purchases i make with this company it came in a quick time frame and as listed! This coronavirus is not going away quick enough so you might want to order some yourself to stay safe!

4 Stars  Glad its Available 
Glad to have it on hand during this time. It definitely has the necessary amount of alcohol to kill the cooties. It has a definite odor that my wife says it reminds her of what the soap bars in inexpensive hotels use. I put some essential oil of my own preference in the bottle to offset the smell.

5 Stars  Great product! 
Great product and value! 16 ounces is certainly enough to last quite awhile for most folks. I use it to refill my old Purell mini containers that I take with me everywhere. Rather has the smell of interstate bathroom hand soap, but not that bad at all. It absolutely does the job, and would highly recommend it!

5 Stars  smells good, feels good 
The hand cleaner has a pleasant smell, and goes on easily without that sticky feeling of some hand cleaners. Not being a scientist, I cant attest to its effectiveness, but trust in the claims on its container.

5 Stars  Unknown 
You always give prompt excellent service. Good prices.

5 Stars  Great! 
Ive never had such great response. And fast delivery too!

5 Stars  Great!! 
Great product. Received very quick.

4 Stars  ok 
Very strong oder.

5 Stars  Possible Lifesaver 
Could not find this anywhere else. Good value, nice smell, I ordered 2 more packs.

5 Stars  Purifize 
Very effective to use

4 Stars  One Problem 
I have no doubt that it kills germs as advertised. For me though, the smell is so bad that after I use it, I have to go wash my hands.

5 Stars  Great convient item . 
This stuff if first class and the company that sells it is in the same league. And they are giving it to the first responders. They are on the front line. Keep up your good work.

4 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
I was really happy to see PulseTV offer hand sanitizer. I have made 2 purchases of it along with a number of other family members. Price is reasonable and quality seems good. My only issue is the bottle cap. The original batch had flip caps. The 2nd batch has simple screw on caps making it difficult to dispense. Wish PulseTV would replace the screw on caps. I have been using empty hand soap bottles to dispense the hand sanitizer. It works very well.

5 Stars  2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz. Hand Cleaner 
Fast Delivery and service, recieived items in excellent condition. Very good hand sanitizer for cleaning your hands.

5 Stars  Seems to work well 
At 70% alcohol, it exceeds the CDC recommended strength. It doesnt appear to be harsh on the skin. Nice size bottle too.

5 Stars  Good product 
Very pleased with this purchase. Good product, reasonable price.

4 Stars  A little thin 
You really came through when all the stores were out of hand sanitizer. Its a little thin so you have to be careful or it will drip a lot but it has a great citrus scent and gets the job done. Shipping costs are too high.

5 Stars  2 Pack Hand Clearner 
Excellent product. Arrived in a timely fashion and does a good job sanatizing.

4 Stars  viris protection 
The product works, just doesnt dry quick enough.

5 Stars  sanitizing cleaner 
it has over 70% alcohol which is great and you had what other stores did not

5 Stars  Very good. 
Have ordered twice from you. Thank you.

5 Stars  Fantastic product 
Thank you for offering this product for sale without price gouging. I am so appreciative that I could purchase this at a time when people were going crazy and raising the prices sky high. You have a great company.

5 Stars  in stock 
was in stock and arrived before it was supposed to, after shipping was a touch expensive

5 Stars  Works Great! 
Love this product. Works great! Have ordered again to give to friends that couldnt find any at the stores. Would recommend.

5 Stars  Great stuff! 
Love that its a higher alcohol content. Good consistency. Very happy and thankful !

5 Stars  Sought After Hand Sanitizer 
Its great and at 70%, its above the necessary alcohol content!

5 Stars  Quick delivery,reasonable price 
Good to have during pandemic and hard to find.Thank you Pulse!

4 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Appears to work well. Dries skin up quickly due to alcohol content.

5 Stars  Powerful Punch 
This is very strong and concentrated sanitizer that makes the line, a little dab will do you, a reality

5 Stars  Stay sanitized!! 
Available and easy to get... stock up!

4 Stars  hand sanitizer 
Ordered when inventory was expected within 2 days. Information about shipping was limited and at first confusing but product arrived within expected dates and was as advertised

5 Stars  Great Stuff 
I like the hand sanitizer. Great alcohol content. As usual it came when advised so the buying process was seamless. Keep up the great work, pulsetv.com

5 Stars  Hand sanitizer 
We appreciated the fact that we were able to purchase this hand sanitizer. The bottles are a good size for a decent value.

5 Stars  love this stuff! 
I love this hand sanitizer. It does not have the harsh smell that others do.

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
Excellent service and product. Delivery met expectations.

5 Stars  purifize 
Its a great product well worth the money

5 Stars  Ive recommended it to everyone I know 
Love this stuff. Far better than Purell. Ive told all my friends and family about this and now I cant wait to make my own wipes. Thank You PulseTV!

5 Stars  Very pleased 
I purchased your hand sanitizer and was very pleased with your product. Delivery time was excellent.

4 Stars  Glad to get it, but not the greatest stuff Stinky and drying 
First of all, happy to find this, and at a reasonable price for the times. Assuming that it works as advertised. However, the smell is like being trapped in a warehouse full of gardenias with your grandma wearing her favorite old-lady perfume--and a LOT of it. Also doesnt seem to contain any moisturizers. Its extremely drying to the skin, so youll want to use a good lotion with it.

4 Stars  Great stuff but.. 
The stuff is great. Its cheaper in the stores but the stores dont have any. Only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is price but more importantly took 8 days to get it. But it is good stuff.

2 Stars  OK Fragrance Too Strong 
Obvious alcohol content for sanitization, but fragrance is much too strong for several of us irritating. Fragrance remains on hands for long time.

5 Stars  Just ordered 4 more bottles! 
Do I need to say more? Great product and convenient size to carry and use in my car.

4 Stars  BEST EVER 
This is the best hand cleaner Ive ever got, ordering 2 or more today, thank you for offering this product. PS You always come through

5 Stars  I was looking everywhere! 
Thanks so much for having this stuff on your site. I have been looking everywhere for it but most places online are selling one bottle for $20. I cant go out much so I was able to order the case for such a big discount I sent some to my kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

5 Stars  Great Product 
When Purell hand sanitizer could not be found anywhere, I decided to try this product. It is wonderful! Nice clean aroma, gentle on my hands. My search is over! Thank you for having this product made.

5 Stars  Thank you Anisa 
...and everyone at Pulse. I received my order of two bottles of hand sanitizer today, Thursday, after receiving your email on Sunday. I am so impressed and thankful! May God bless you all, your workers and your companys business and keep you safe and well. It is amazing what you did to get this hand sanitizer. Im a retiree and part time Uber/Lyft driver and feel much more confident now that I have this hand sanitizer. I didnt have any before. I was wondering where you from and just saw at the bottom of your email Tinley Park. I should have known ... good Midwestern people with good midwestern values! ?? I was from Elgin originally and live in Florida now. Again God bless you and thank you from my heart.

5 Stars  Thank You?? 
Thank you and the company you partnered with to manufacture this sanitizer. Made my first purchase of two bottles and we liked how nice our hands feel after using this, they dont feel as dried out like using Purell and the IMPOSSIBILITY locally to buy hand sanitizer that Ive just placed another order for two more 2 bottle sets. Hopefully this will be enough to weather this virus. BE SAFE EVERYONE ??

5 Stars  thank you 
I have been looking all over for sanitizer. Thanks for stocking it.

5 Stars  The Free Market Responds 
Just shows how the free market responds to meet the demands of the need of the consumer. Pulsetv saw the need, went to work and found the resources and suppliers to deliver the product. I get the product at a price Im willing to pay. Pulsetv gets some deserved profits, otherwise what would be their motivation to do the work, reallocate resources, and meet consumer needs?

5 Stars  Great Product. Thanks for making it available. 
PulseTV, thanks for getting this made and available to your customers when other options are not available! Love the product! Got 2 packs for my home and sent 1 to my son in DC.

Q: How do I make homemade disinfectant wipes?
A: Cut a paper towel in half, place it into a container and then pour in Purifize. Amount may vary depending on the size of the container and paper towel thickness. Video

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2-Pack of Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner: - Made in the USA

Compare to active ingredients of Purell and Germ-X. Made in the USA, Purifize is a Maximum Strength Hand Sanitizer containing 70% alcohol to disinfect and kill germs, viruses and bacteria.