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Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter
Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter
Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter
Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter
Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter

Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter

Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $24.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $15.98 (68% off)
Sold Out
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Get one for $9.99
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The Mighty Jump Pro is a rechargeable, reusable vehicle jump starter for your dead battery.

This 12v, 6 amp jump pack works with many types of batteries from cars, trucks, boats, and more! It fits right in your cup holder and plugs into your car's DC power outlet. That's right! No more guessing what cable goes where, or dangerous sparks flying at your face. You jump start your car right from the comfort, safety, and warmth of your front seat.

Easy to follow instructions are clearly printed on the bottom of the Mighty Jump, so you can safely test to see if your car will accept the charge. If it fails this testing procedure, your vehicle may need professional battery replacement.

The power pack stores right in your glove box or trunk and is rechargeable to keep it ready for the next time.

Mighty Jump Pro is the perfect companion to your auto safety kit. For those extreme temperature days, or forgetting to turn a light or accessory off while you're in the store, you wont be stranded anymore. Since it's a rechargeable, portable battery, no need to rely on strangers to come to your rescue with complicated jump cables.

- Jump Start Your Vehicle From Inside Your Car
- Works On Many Types of Batteries (Even Boats)
- 12 Volts/6 Amps of Power
- Plugs Right Into Your Cigarette Lighter/DC Socket
- Great for Cold Winter or Hot Summer Days
- Easy to Operate - No Cables or Under-hood Work
- Rechargeable, Use it Again and Again
- Compact Unit, Stores in Glove-box
- Thoughtful Design: Sits in Cup-holder While In Use
- Charges Battery Within 10 Minutes
- Great Addition to Car's Safety Kit
- Note: Does Not Work for Diesel or Hybrid Vehicles
- Cord Length: 34"
- Dimensions: 2.5" X 3.25"
- Now Available in Random Colors (No Choice Available)

Review this item!

4 Stars
It works Great 
Small but manageable. Plug it in and vroom. It worked on the riding lawnmower as well.

4 Stars
Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter 
Received as was stated in ad. Size is very reasonable for storage in car glove box, door slot, or of course in trunk. Already charged and ready to go. Directions are very understandable. Luckily havent had to use yet! Price was very good!

5 Stars
Working good. 
Used one time, never expect. No questions. Everything OK.

5 Stars
Audi battery in trunk dead. This device opened trunk. 
This device helped me unlock the trunk of my Audi a eight. The battery was dead, and it’s locked inside the trunk. I couldn’t get to the battery to start the car. Amazing! I am a fan.

5 Stars
This product really works. 
Had the chance to use this product and it does what it said it would do.

5 Stars
Would buy again! 
Great price, works like a charm. Easy to store in glove box.

1 Stars
Did not work as advertised. 
In theory this car charger sounded like the perfect product for my car which is not used much and has a history of low battery power. Unfortunately, when I had an occasion to use the charger, it didnt perform as advertised and failed to provide any starting power to my car.

5 Stars
Worked great 
son was having trouble with car, used this several times to start his car. Worked straight out the box, as indicated. Very easy to use.

5 Stars
Love it 
Its saved me twice already

1 Stars
Too good to be true... 
I bought 2 of these units because they had good reviews and I live alone and it seemed like a great idea because I have no one to help me. Well, two days ago it was bitterly cold outside and my car battery lost enough charge to start, and so I thought, perfect, now I can try out my jump starter. Well, I followed the directions perfectly, and waited for it to give my battery enough juice to start, as per the instructions but it didnt work. So I gave it even more time. Same thing...I tried a total of 3 times in the freezing cold and it just couldnt do the job it was designed to do. Fortunately, I belong to triple A and I called them to give me a jumpstart. They arrived, hooked me up and we waited a couple of minutes for a charge to build, and it fired right up... to say the least, Im very disappointed, not too mention the time I wasted in the freezing cold trying to get it to work. Hopefully you will have better results but dont depend on it when you really need it...

1 Stars
Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter 
Followed the instructions and all steps LED was green. But the device did not charge the battery or start the car.

5 Stars
Mighty Jump 
The little vehicle jump-starter actually works. Its as slow as cold molasses, takes about 10 or 15 minutes to do a slow-charge, but it started up my 12-year old Caravan so I could drive to buy a replacement for its original batter

5 Stars
Practical and Easy to Use 
For us motorists who travel almost everyday to and from home to workplace, the Mighty Jump Pro - Rechargeable Vehicle Jump Starter is very practical and easy to use for those times when the need arises.

3 Stars
Jump Starter not rechargable 
The jump starter did the job but then the instructions said to leave it plugged into the cigar lighter for 45 minutes with the engine running to recharge it. Not a good design. Should be able to charge it another way!

4 Stars
Mighty Magic 
Super power!!! works like a charm

4 Stars
Jump start 
Really can’t review something I haven’t used yet. Hopefully when and if I do need it will work as advertised

5 Stars
Auto Junp starter 
Excellent product and value.

5 Stars
I have not used it yet, but just what I oredered!

5 Stars
I havent had an opportunity to use it yet, but I do appreciate the price and delivery, as usuall.

3 Stars
good for summer 
so far, so good - used once so far

5 Stars
Rechargeable auto jump starter 
With an item like this you would not be able to gauge its worth, until it is needed. I am rating it 5 stars until proven wrong.....you know, glass half full.

5 Stars
Convenience & Peace Of Mind 
MIGHTY JUMP PRO was a no-brainer purchase of a product I hope I never have to use. However, the convenience of not needing anyone else or their vehicle to assist me if/when my truck does need a jump, rendered me making this wise purchase. My girlfriend absolutely loves that I purchased one for her car as well!!

4 Stars
Did not come charged. 
I dont know how useful this critique may be since I havent had the need to use it. Product did not come charged, but did respond to the directions for use ie: light indicators & compatability. I am confident that it will of use if/when need be. I bought it because the price was right and I figured it could be a good backup plan in event of emergency.

5 Stars
Rechargeable jump starter 
Appears to work as listed. Have not had to use it yet to jump a dead battery.

5 Stars
A wonderful idea 
I havent had to use mine yet but I feel better having it in my car. And I bought some for Christmas gifts for people I love. That will make me feel good knowing they are carrying it in their cars.

5 Stars
Mighty Jump 
I gave it five stars, because a couple days after it arrived, my next door neighbors car wouldnt start. Her battery was dead and it wasnt even clicking when she turned the key. I came out with my mighty jump and gave it to her son. The teenager plugged it in to the cigarette lighter, waited not even 5 minutes, turned the key and it started right up! Works as advertised! And it is extremely easy to use.

5 Stars
Rechargeable jump starter 
Item was delivered as describer, fortunately I have not had to use it yet, but it looks very easy to use in an emergency.

Review this item!
Q: How Do I Use The Mighty Jump?
A: 1. Test the battery. Connect the just the power cord to your car's DC power port. (Do not plug in the other end to the Mighty Jump Pro yet). Make sure the switch on the power cord is in the REARWARD POSITION. Turn the ignition key to the no-engine ACCESSORY POSITION. Check to see if the green LED is on. If it's on move to step 2, if not the battery may be unable to charge.

2. Test the Electric System. NOTE: To conserve power you may skip this step and go to step 3. With your ignition key still on ACCESSORY, turn your lights on for 10 seconds, then turn off. If the green light is still on, go to step 3. If your car fails this step there may not be enough power left in your battery for the Mighty Jump to start your car.

3. Charge the Vehicle. With the IGNITION OFF, move the switch on the power cord to the FORWARD POSITION. Plug the power cord into the top of the Mighty Jump Pro. Wait 10 to 15 minutes while your battery charges, then start the vehicle.

Recharging the Mighty Jump Pro. Return the switch on the power cord back to the REARWARD POSITION. With your vehicle running (in a non-enclosed area) leave the power pack hooked up for 45 minutes. This will fully recharge the unit.

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