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Silicone Super Scrubber
Silicone Super Scrubber
Silicone Super Scrubber
Silicone Super Scrubber
Silicone Super Scrubber
Silicone Super Scrubber

Silicone Super Scrubber

Silicone Super Scrubber

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Toss out those nasty kitchen sponges and say hello to a better way to clean dishes, it's the Super Scrubber! This revolutionary cleaning pad features silicone bristles that are tough on stuck on food and gentle on your dishware.

Plus, silicone is cleaner than traditional sponges. They pick up less bacteria and germs and are much easier to clean, just pop it in the dishwasher. This also means they last a lot longer.

This isn't just for dishes. You can use the Super Scrubber to clean all sorts of surface, like tile and shower lining.

The Super Scrubber is dual-sided and you hold it like you would a normal sponge, allowing you to really give those dishes a good scrub. Make the switch today!

Features and Benefits:
- Silicone Bristle Scrub Pad
- Holds on to less bacteria than traditional sponges
- Cleans dishes and many surfaces
- Easy to clean and reuse
- Lasts a long time when cleaned regularly
- Dishwasher Safe
- Gentle on dishware and tough on stuck-on food
- 6" X 4" x 1.5"

Review this item!

5 Stars  superb 
Works well and fits my hand like a glove.

1 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
I was very disappointed with this scrubbier. It didnt have any strength behind it and did not help get any material off the plate or utensil unless it was presoaked for a long time, at which point even a paper towel could have removed it.

5 Stars  Does its job 
We have replaced all our dish cloths with this product. It does as well as any dish cloth, if not better, and can be sanitized by cleaning in the dishwasher. It will outlast many dish cloths.

2 Stars  too large for my hand 
I consider my hand average size for women. However, the scrubber is much too clumsly and large. A more narrow sponge would be good. The concept is good.

5 Stars  Clean fast 
Sponge works better than expected. Stays clean just what i needed.

4 Stars  Super Scubber 
I have only used it a couple times and it does the job well for the purpose.

3 Stars  Super Scrubber 
Not what I expected. OK for dishes but not at all good for wiping counter tops

5 Stars  Thinking out of the box 
O-ya it works just as advertised but then I got thinking about the thousand fingers on this thing and tried it in the shower. It did a great job exfoliating, my skin has never felt smoother. My wife love how it makes her whole body tingle. So bottom line we love it for more reasons then advertised.

2 Stars  Works well when it works 
not heavy duty enough for most things you need a scrubber for - but nice that it is easy to keep clean

3 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
A bit too large and therefore a bit unwieldy. I cut mine in half. It is probably good to use to clean veggies but I am not SOLD on it for more than trying on dishes, pots and pans, especially if there is stuff stuck on bottom. In such a case I just boil a half inch of water in pots and pans and it ALL gets loosened up..better than this item could do.

4 Stars  Good effective on dishes 
Found it a little to large in size but it worked well on dishes, cups and glasses.

2 Stars  Silicone super scrubber 
Doesnt clean as well as a simple wash cloth. Things that are mushy ie. oatmeal or eggs get stuck on the brissels

4 Stars  It does stay cleaner and is soft 
I like having thing at the sink but it doesnt replace the sponge entirely. I find that it doesnt quite have the scrubbing ability of a scrubbing sponge. I do like it for everyday dish washing and clean-up.

5 Stars  Works llike advertised 
just as advertised, very useful

5 Stars  Silicone super scrubber 
I love it you can clean many dishes and pots and pans in a little while.

2 Stars  Very soft 
I dont find much use for these as they are so soft they dont provide much scrubbing. However they do rinse clean.

5 Stars  great to use 
I found that it is kind of awkward to use at first but I primarily use it to clean my sink. I fold it in half in my hand and it works perfectly.

5 Stars  Silicone super scrubber 
Awesome/great product! I was a little skeptical at first ,thinking it couldnt clean my rice pot, but lo and behold it cleaned it just fine, really really glad I purchased it

5 Stars  SCRUB - A DEAL!! 
This Little Scrubber was a Fantastic Purchase!! No More Germs on Germs after Cleaning the Scrubber in the Dishwasher..THANKS!!

1 Stars  Silicone NON scrubber 
Silicone bristles are in no way stiff enough to tackle stuck on food in pots and pans. Now its just being used to wipe down the kitchen counter and stove. Having the chance to do it all over again, I wouldve saved the money.

3 Stars  Not good on stuck food 
I bought this item because I thought it would scrub off stuck on food and clean easily. It cleans easily and thoroughly but doesnt work as well as a teflon sponge. I still have a hard time getting the cooked eggs out of the pan!

2 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
I was very disappointed w/the product. Purchased couple extra for family members, but I will just probably give them away. I found them to be far too large & cumbersome, and not appropriate to the task of washing pots/pans/dirty items.

3 Stars  Great for Most cleaning 
This works really well in most cases. I use it instead of the sponge except when when pans/plates have stuck on food. Even after soaking I need to resort to the sponge to scrub. Regardless of that, this is good for most jobs, rinses easy and is really soft and dries quickly.

5 Stars  GreatScrubber 
It works! Very good at removing food particles. Easy to clean and it doesnt start smelling bad.

5 Stars  Wife and sister-in-law say these are great 
I thought these in the gadget category but my wife and her sister say they are fantastic. Given their review, I ordered more for daughter and neighbor.

5 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
Great way to clean and no dirt accumulation. Nice addition to the work area.

4 Stars  Good Product 
It does not scorch surfaces

2 Stars  Silicone super scrubber 
Not as good as it was demonstrated

4 Stars  works good on coated cookware 
not good enough for non coated cookware with moderately baked on food. great for newer coated cookware.

1 Stars  useless 
way less effective than a scrubber sponge silicon is too soft to actually scrub anything. Might make a decent nerf frisbee

5 Stars  Excellent 
Awesome scrubber. I have one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom and theyre great.

5 Stars  Awesome Scrubber 
This scrubber is so useful because it is flexible where most scrubbers a stiff. Also it is so easy to keep clean because everything rinses off.

4 Stars  Soft but effective. 
I didnt expect much from this item, but on stick-free pans and pots, it is fabulous. Unlike a scrubee, it easily removes any dirt or grease that may have accumulated without any danger of scratching the pan.

4 Stars  superf scrubber 
Works good enjoy using it

2 Stars  It provides no friction! 
Less effective than an old fashioned dish cloth imo. You wont use it for a frying pan but if you want to wash smudges off glasses and other delicate kitchen items, its useful. Also, even though I microwave my sponges every couple of days I have the feeling they must be unsanitary. These dry completely and are obviously clean.

3 Stars  still need sponge 

5 Stars  Super Scrubber 
Without a doubt, the best sponge we have ever used. Could never go back to the old fashioned- type sponge.

4 Stars  Great for easy stuff, not for difficult scrubbing. 
I use these to clean my plastic kitty watering fountains and my treated frying pans non-stick surface. Not so good for un-treated scrubbing, does not actually scrub.

1 Stars  Scrubber that doesnt clean very well 
product doesnt do very well on hard to remove food on utensils

2 Stars  Difficult to use 
Didnt like it really. Does not hold soap or water, so youre never sure if you are cleaning the dishes or just doing nothing!

3 Stars  Silicone Scrubber 
Easily cleaned, but a bit big for my hands. OK for lightly soiled plates, but too soft for scrubbing.

2 Stars  Too big. 
Scrubber a little too big and stiff. Would have been better if it was circular. Splashes liquid back onto my face or clothes.

5 Stars  Wonderful Subsitute For Sponges 
Hard to believe, but these really do clean better than a sponge! Ive thrown all my stinky sponges away.

5 Stars  Super Scrubber 
Works great as advertised. Will buy again when this one wears out

4 Stars  pan scrubber 
soft enough so not to scratch the Teflon, delicate surface of the plate. Great color and attractive. If used instead as a potato/carrot scrubber, it does the job.

1 Stars  Not Good Enough 
I looked forward to this spong as a replacement for the scuffy pads we use. BUT it does not do the job-. Its too big for my hand for one thing but my husband says it doesnt clean the way our other pads do. Unfortunately we have 2 of them and nothing to do with them.

3 Stars  It works fine on dishes 
It gets my dishes nice and clean. I had a little trouble at first because its size is large but once I got used to it, I scrubbed away. It dries up nicely in my dish rack and knowing its not retaining all the germs my sponge was, relieves my mind.

5 Stars  Super product 
Simple, does the job, rinses easily, would recommend.

2 Stars  silicone super scrubber 
the super scrubber does not scrub it just wipes

Very durable. Works MUCH BETTER than sponges and always looks clean and sanitary. GREAT item.

4 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
The product work really good, only one thing, it doesnt hold the soap in very long, but it does the job.

5 Stars  silicone scrubber 
Ive passed them to my family and theyve loved them.

1 Stars  super scrubber 
Doss not remove stuff stuck to plate. Fine if you just want to swish a plate.

4 Stars  Convenient 
Works well and cleans up in the dishwasher

3 Stars  Not So Super Scrubber 
Ordered two of these, as I was attracted by the promise that they would be relatively bacteria free and no doubt they are. Was nuking my prior sponges periodically. They do hold suds well but I have a problem with the feel. They are too large and rather thick compared to my old-fashioned sponges. Would prefer smaller, with bristles on one side only and a rough scrubbing surface on the other. Will likely use them more for cleaning veggies before cooking than for washing dishes.

4 Stars  Works well 
This is sturdy and works well. I wish it would hold the liquid soap a bit more, but its an improvement over a foam sponge that gets smelly and has to go in the washing machine. We like that you can toss it in the dish washer every couple of days. I also bought one for our cleaning person who loves to cook and she is thrilled with it too.

5 Stars  Love It 
Love it

3 Stars  Pretty good scrubber 
Works well especially on the copper cookware I use. I dont have to worry about scratching it. However it doesnt work well for other difficult to remove food just not strong enough

5 Stars  Silicone scrubber 
I love it . It works great

4 Stars  not that great 
they are not that great. i still have to use a stiffer sponge for dishes. BUT they seem to do well on the bathtub

5 Stars  Great product 
Works super!!!!

1 Stars  Too limber 
The fingers are too limber to do any scrubbing. However it makes a good support to dry the sponge.

1 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
I was Not impressed with this product. I think I paid $5.99 for it. I would not buy another and the one I bought I barely use. It is very slippery and it does not do a good job scrubbing pans clean. I end up having to use a cloth or soap pad to clean the pans. Very disappointed

5 Stars  Super Scrubber 
Works great on all my cookware, especially my cast iron.

3 Stars  Not sure what to do with this 
Its one of only two products purchased here that I wasnt completely happy with. The bristles are too short and flexible to do much good with my glassware and china, much less anything needing a good scrub. Imsure I can find some use for it, just not what Id planned on.

4 Stars  Not for scouring, but great for regular cleanup 
This will not scrub/scour anything as the silicon is way too gentle but for regular quick cleanup, its very nice and I use it every day --- no mess, no scent, simple.

5 Stars  Clean and Interesting 
They do stay clean as they do not allow dirt to absorb into spores. These silicone scrubbers dont have spores. I use them at my kitchen sink for a lot of purposes. I even like them to place my bars of soap on. People will have their preferences between a sponge or one of these. I like these silicone scrubbers for my purposes.

5 Stars  great 
Fun to use

4 Stars  Pretty Good 
Works great on most pots and pans but extra soiled pans not so much. Pleased

5 Stars  Fantastic little scrubber 
Use it every day on dishes, pots and pans, everything. Removes food particles and grease easily

4 Stars  Works well for intended purpose 
It does replace my sponge. It doesnt replace a scour pad. So, it is not intended for burnt on food. It works well for coffee cups, silverware, eggbeaters, getting to the bottom of a blender or anything where you need to clean between blades. Also, it does not retain water. I hang it on a hook above the sink and it drains do there is no leftover odor.

3 Stars  Scrubber 
Its hard to get used to not using a dishcloth but I like it because there cant be of bacterial buildup so for that I will get used to it, as of now it seems to be a great product. Phil

3 Stars  Does not replace a sponge 
This does work as a scrubber although it has a tendency to stick to the sides of a metal sink. It definitely does not replace a sponge. The sponge absorbs water. This does not and when you clean an area with it you have to either get a sponge or a towel to remove the excess water.

4 Stars  Silicone Super scrubber 
Works well. A little too big for small hands. You can cut it in half and have 2 pieces. Still work well.

5 Stars  Silicone super Scrubber 
Its a great helper in the kitchen and bathroom!

4 Stars  Great Scrubber 
I like this scrubber because I can use it on any surface.

5 Stars  Silicone Scrubber 

3 Stars  Slippery Silicone Scrubber 
Although cleans well, it is tough to maintain a grasp on it!

5 Stars  Super scrubber 
Used it to clean burnt in coffee on my coffee maker and it cleaned it completely and easily.

3 Stars  Its Okay 
The pad is a bit too flexible. It feels good in the hand but cannot get off crusted debris on dishes. Does a good job otherwise.

5 Stars  Silicone Super Srubber 
Absolutely love it,as does my daughter as I bought two. Easy to use and very effective. Kudos to whoever thought of this!!

4 Stars  Scrubber 
Love it. Works great.

4 Stars  Super scrubber 
Happy with product

5 Stars  Silicone super scrubber 
Such a great product.my granddaughter loves using it..now i dont have to keep fussing about doing dishes..she loves using the scrubber....we love it

4 Stars  A Fine Product 
Works very well and will not scratch non-stick surfaces.

5 Stars  EXCELLENT for doing dishes by Hand 
I bought the thin ones a while back and they worked great, but my hands are a bit big and holding on to them proved to be troublesome I also got the wood scrubbers with them. When I saw the BIG RED scrubber, I bought 2. Fit my hand perfectly. My wife loves that I like it, so I get to keep doing the dishes. Its OK... she did them for us for over 50 years. Its my turn! Great scrubber. Recommend it 100%.

5 Stars  Silcone Super Scrubber 
Does the job and the ability to put in the dishwasher to use over and over makes this an economical purchase.

4 Stars  silicone super scrubber 
Ive only used it once. My husband has used it more and said he liked it. Im sorry that I cant give a better review at this time.

5 Stars  Nice item 
This thing feels like it will last forever without being replaced. Easy to use and to clean. I like it a lot.

5 Stars  Out Standing Scrubber 
These are the best things going! Much better than Sponges

1 Stars  dont like 
dont like it, neither did my roommate...sloppy and difficult to use

1 Stars  not stiff enough 

4 Stars  Works Great 
Its been really nice to throw away the smelly scrubbers we used to use. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish it was a bit more rigid to scrub away heavier food residue more easily.

4 Stars  great 
Great product works well my wife loves it so do I highly recommend instead of a sponge

5 Stars  dishwasing 
cleans well, washes up great in dishwasher. it is not a scrapper.

5 Stars  Great Scrubber 
Makes doing dishes easy

5 Stars  Great scrubber! 
This item works great & is fine for non-stick pots & pans. Im VERY happy with it!

4 Stars  Sponge replacement 
This item replaces the sponge in the kitchen and bathroom is still under evaluation. The slimy sponges have been removed but so far this has not removed stuck food on pots and pans as well as the sponge.

1 Stars  Completely Worthless 
As other one-star reviews have stated big, clumsy, and super soft. You can scrub more residue off your dishes with your bare fingers. I was too embarrassed by the quality to pass them on to anyone else.

2 Stars  Worked ok 
Did not do as well as other scrubbers I have. Not real happy with purchase

4 Stars  My Helper 
This scrubber works good and cleaning after use is quick and easy. Mother scrubber feels good in your hand.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Works great!

4 Stars  Quality material 
This scrubber is large enough to hold on to and doesnt slip. The silicone is good quality. I tried to use it to remove burnt butter from ceramic fry pan, and it didnt get it off. I would recommend this for light to moderate jobs.

5 Stars  Ease of use 
I use this scrubber all the time. Works great doing the dishes. I hate doing dishes, but this helps a lot.

5 Stars  good price, good items 
My wife loves them

4 Stars  Scrubber 
Works great, durable, should last a long time. A bit bigger than I expected

3 Stars  too soft 
This item does not have enough cleaning power. Too soft. I get more cleaning power from a terry cloth.

5 Stars  Sturdy not dirty 
I really like the Scruber. My sponges were disgusting even after running them through the dishwasher. The Scruber is big and flexible so it reaches into deeper glasses, coffee carafes and water bottles easily. Great product to throw into a housewarming package or for college kids living off campus.

4 Stars  silicone super scrubber 
easy to handle. Clean and no odor. Not the strongest scrubber

5 Stars  Silicone Scrubber 
I love the scrubber. It is tough on problem areas in my sink and I can wash away grime with one swipe. It rinses clean and dries fast.

2 Stars  Dont waste your money 
I thought this would be a fantastic product but am very disappointed. It is not flexible enough to get inside small spaces cup, glass, etc. You still need to have a sponge, cloth, paper towel, etc. available to wipe not the sink and counter. I am sorry I wasted my money on buying two of these.

3 Stars  Not all as hyped to be 
OK for some things, but doesnt replace my pot scrubber or other tough jobs.

5 Stars  So much better than a sponge 
I love these scrubbers, they clean anything and rinse clean unlike the sponge I was using.

5 Stars  Good Buy 
Easy to use. Like the fact that I can clean in dishwasher

5 Stars  silicone scrubber 
Works well - great on teflon or surfaces that scratch easily and it doesnt carry any odors.

5 Stars  Great scrubber 
So far so good. It gets food off plates and I dont have to spend extra time getting the food scrubbed from the plates out of the scrubber itself.

1 Stars  Doesnt hold water 
Worthless for picking up spills, doesnt hold water, just pushes it around. Not very good as scrubber as bristles too weak!

5 Stars  Works to perfection 
A smart purchase.

4 Stars  Neat kitchen stuff. 
Silicone scrubber is more sanitary than cloths or sponges, seems to be sturdy so it should last a long time.Gave one as a gift already.

2 Stars  Decent but not great 
This so-called super sponge is not a great as I thought it would be. Seems it is not flexible enough and the soap does not cling to the sponge very well.

1 Stars  Worthless 
This scrubber is way too soft to do any good. It is almost like using a dish rag to scrub a non-stick skillet. I am VERY disappointed!

1 Stars  Not as advertised 
Doesnt hold dish soap doesnt remove hard food on frying pans in my opinion piece of junk

2 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
Im glad that the cost of this item was reasonable. I do not find the scrubber to be effective while doing dishes by hand. The bristles are too soft to do a good job in removing baked-on material after cooking. Also, the scrubber does not really hold soap well.

4 Stars  Stays clean 
The Silicone Super Scrubber stays clean and does scrub well. It is not really very good about wiping spills. Still need a sponge to perform that task.

5 Stars  In with the Scrubber out with the sponge 
Great for Dishes and General Cleanup in the kitchen. Dishwasher safe.

3 Stars  Scrubber 
Not what I expected from the discription. Thought it would do a better job on pans.

3 Stars  scrub brush 
I like it except pans still need an abrasive item to remove stuck-on food and bottom of the pans to shine.

5 Stars  Cleans up 
This is a very handy to use on Coperwear pans

4 Stars  Very good silicone scrubber 
The scrubber works very good with one real flaw. It is too large. If youre only washing large pots its fine.

5 Stars  silicone scrubber 
Love these---thanks

4 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber 
Good for pots & pans but not good for wiping counter tops.

I love the idea of no germ breeding sponge. It is very convenient to toss them into the dishwasher. My only suggestion is that these were manufactured in different sizes. This size is great for larger hands, but a smaller version would be very well received.

1 Stars  Too big 
This sponge is too bulky for my hand. Also cannot be used to wipe down a counter. I guess it is useful for pot-scrubbing.

5 Stars  silicone scrubber 
A good scrubber...got one for a friend and she loves it!

1 Stars  Not a good scrub pad. 
Not impressed with these scrub pads. They are very soft and rubbery and dont do a good job of cleaning pots and pans and dishes. I quickly had to grab the sponge with the scouring pad on one side to properly clean my dishes. I threw these in the trash. Waste of money.

1 Stars  Not worth the shipping charges 
Only works with light debris, Will not work to remove things like dried cheese on a stainless steel chef knife

3 Stars  Not as firm as sponge or Dobie 
The pro is that it stays clean and sanitary. The big con is that it is too flimsy to provide any pressure to anything. The prongs are long, soft and totally flexible. It wont remove anything. Another con, in my opinion, is that its just a little too big...doesnt fit easily into a glass, for instance.

3 Stars  Scrub-a-Dub Dub 
I actually think this scrubber would be a little better and easier to handle if it were smaller and the bristles a little shorter. Other than that ... an OK product.

3 Stars  Scrubber 
Scrubber is to soft to really get the stuck on food off.

4 Stars  I like it. 
It does work but still have to use sponge sometimes. It is easier to clean than sponge and easier to handle.

2 Stars  Pretty much a fail for us. 
Really it doesnt clean as well as I had hoped. Fair on dishes, a fail on pans. We now use it to help air dry our sponge.

5 Stars  Silicone Super Scrubber Item #8040 
I was searching for a sanitary alternative to a sponge and a email from Pulse came and there it was-Silicone Super Scrubber Item #8040 Perfect!! Love it. Rinses clean-no musty smell.

3 Stars  scrubber 
its ok-works but not as well as I had hoped, not easy to clean after use on some things. would not reccommend

5 Stars  Perfect! 
Purchased this and absolutely love it. It cleans all of the dishes and pots well plus cleans up well. I will definitely purchase more after the holidays.

Review this item!