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Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel w/ Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil

Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel w/ Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil

Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel w/ Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil
Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel w/ Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil
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Clean The Air In Your Home With Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel

Indoor air pollution is a real problem that can cause serious health concerns if it's not addressed.

Easily rid your home of odors, mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus with this proven, "tea tree wonder gel".

Tea tree oil is nature's most powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and deodorizer. Suspended in this gel, it slowly evaporates to gently circulate and clean indoor air. Your home's circulation system carries it from room to room.

The Finest Source of Tea Tree Direct From Australia

The finest Tea Tree Oil comes from the Australian Melaleuca tree which is a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel only uses Tea Tree Oil direct from the Australian Melaleuca Tree. Each jar cleans your home or office air naturally.

Use it all over the house! It's great for basements, bathrooms, restrooms, closets, kitchens, ducts and more. This is great for boats, cottages and RV's too!

All-Natural Mold, Mildew, and Odor Fighter

It's only made from water, tea tree oil, emulsifier and coloring. That's right, all natural - no harmful aerosols or fake chemicals.

Your home's air safety is the main focus of Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel. Thanks to the tea tree oil, it's a natural and chemical-free way to improve your home's air pollution.


- Prevents mold from starting to grow and reduces existing mold up to 98%
- No power required; self contained packaging allows you to easily place in affected area
- Starts working immediately using the existing air movement indoors
- Designed to last up to 3 months providing protection for pennies a day*
- No hazardous chemicals, non-caustic
- Simple and effective, all natural, easy to use and works quickly

Helps Minimize

- Mold
- Mildew
- Bacteria
- Fungus
- Odors
- Smoke

Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel is economical and easy to use. Contains 14 oz. Use one for every 400 sq. ft.

Get Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel From Pulse TV

Pulse TV offers Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel at a great price. Avoid getting caught buying expensive air purifiers or harmful chemicals. Get Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel from Pulse TV today!

Warning: While this is safe and all natural, it may be harmful if swallowed so we recommend keeping it out of reach of children and pets.

*Depending on the affected area size and airflow

5 Stars  Smells so good 
I am very pleased with this product

3 Stars  Ok 
Seems to work ok, but to expensive .

5 Stars  Amazing 
My feet sweat and leave a bad odor in my shoes in my closet. This product takes the smell out of my closet. Love it.

5 Stars  Melaleuca tea tree deodorizer 
This is a good product. It smells fresh and clean in the room it s in. I wish I could buy more to put in other rooms but it s a bit expensive for my budget.

4 Stars  Melaleuca tea tree oil 
The oil smells fresh and clean. I like the smell and it covers my large front room and dining room. I just wish it was cheaper. I d like to get a few more for other rooms and basement but it s a bit pricy.

4 Stars  Hard to judge 
When the purpose of the item is to eliminate odors it is hard to judge when you smell nothing. I have to assume it works. I dont get any visitors that could judge for me. Since I live in a no smoking building and havent gotten any complaints, it must work well enough.

5 Stars  Beyond expectations 
I didn t believe it would work for my musty basement bedroom. I am very impressed , beyond my expectations

5 Stars  Air gel 
It works as advertised

5 Stars  Works great! 
I have a cat litter box smell and my roommate is a smoker. This gives my bedroom and bathroom a very pleasant smell and masks the litter box and smoke smell. Thank you!

5 Stars  It Works! 
I love this product. The air in my motorhome remains fresh and odor free.

5 Stars  Safe-tea fresh air gel 
This stuff works great! Have used it for several years. Soon as it becomes available I restock. Great for the RV when in storage!

5 Stars  Another winning product 
I didnt believe it would work but it did. Ive been so happy with all the great stuff from you all.

5 Stars  The Best 
I bought a new home that I tried everything to get rid of the dog pee smell. I had professional cleaners come and nothing worked. THIS got rid of the smell in less than two days of it being in the room.

5 Stars  Works 
On my second jar of this stuff vs the other one and it works really well. I like how this is packaged better. In the past the other would come open and create a mess.

5 Stars  THANK YOU 
The new low cost has allowed me to buy this again. I got it shortly before Thanksgiving and it did the trick. No more musty smells in the basement. I even put one in the garage because I hosted Thanksgiving and the smokers all went into the garage to smoke. Last year it smelled of smoke for a month. This year no smoke smell!

1 Stars  Safe T air 
Product has changed drastically. No longer has a pleasant odor but a strong, harsh odor that caused me to have a headache. Very very sad as I truly liked the original product. Will not purchase again.

5 Stars  Works exactly as advertised 
Good afternoon! It works fantastically! I actually smoke but I can t smell anything when I come home. The air in my home smells fresher and the fragrance is very pleasant.

5 Stars  The only thing that works! 
This stuff is amazing! It is the only thing that keeps my basement smelling fresh. I used to always get complaints from my mother when we would entertain in the basement. Now she says it doesnt smell anymore!

5 Stars  Great stuff 
Been a fan of the other safe t air for years, this is the same thing. Thank you for finding a less expensive alternative. This is the ONLY thing that helps my basement and keeps the cigarette smoke from my husband at bay

5 Stars  One Of The BEST Purchases Ive Made On Pulse TV! 
I was worried because safeTair was hard to find and was pretty expensive even though it was worth it I decided to try this version and WOW! I am sold, plus it is quite a bit cheaper! Thanks Pulse for making me a happy camper! 5 stars all the way.

5 Stars  Just like the other stuff 
Yes this is like the other stuff. Glad its a better price

5 Stars  Loving this new one AND the price 
So glad you found this. It is exactly like the other safe t air. I was having a hard time buying the other regularly now this lower price really helps.

5 Stars  Air Cleaner 
This is great stuff. I put two jars in my basement and it doesnt smell damp and moldy.

5 Stars  THANK YOU! 
As a long time fan of Safe T Air, I was skeptical that this was as good. But I have to say it is the same! I cant believe how much better of a price it is. Thank you for finding this. Also I have to say, the way this is packaged is much better too. No plastic bag, but a real seal on it

5 Stars  Love the fresh smell 
I have a closet full of stinky shoes. I have this problem of sweaty feet and it leaves a very bad odor in my shoes. I put this product in my closet and it smells so good and gets rid of the odor totally.

4 Stars  Great air freshener 
WHen I first opened the jars it was a bit overwhelming but with time these have freshen my whole house. I put one in the living room and one in a back bedroom. I love the fresh scent and glad that it takes away the musty smell that was in our house.


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