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    Deluxe Spike Battle Game Set with Carrying Case

    Battle your friends in a fast paced game of athleticism with the Spike Battle Game!
    Item # 10490
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    Battle your friends in a fast paced game of athleticism with the Spike Battle Game!

    What are the Rules to the Game?

    Divide at least 4 players into two teams and stand on either side of the net. The game starts when one team serves the ball by slamming it into the net while the other team receives. After the first serve, you are allowed to run anywhere, 360 degrees around the net to return the ball back to the opposing team.

    When the ball is in your possession, set the ball back and forth to your teammates. You have just three touches to spike the ball into the net to return it. The round ends if the ball touches the ground or a team touches the ball more than 3 times. If this happens, the opposing team gets a point. You win by earning 21 points.

    The Best Outdoor Game for Kids and Adults

    There are many versions of this game, but this one is by far the most convenient. On those other models, you usually have to tediously attach the net every single time you want to play and then meticulously take it off afterward. Not to mention, it gets all tangled up every time!

    But with ours, setup couldn't be simpler. The net attaches to the high quality metal rim in under a minute via velcro-like straps. The best part is you only have to do that once! When you're done playing, just fold up the rim and store it in the carrying case. Next time you want to play, it will be ready and set up in just seconds!

    One thing to note is that this was made for a Major Retailer for the holidays, but unfortunately went out of business, but that's why you're getting such a fantastic deal! Despite its design, this is a great activity all year round!

    The full set includes 3 inflatable rubber balls, a pump and needle, foldable metal rim, easy to attach net, 4 reinforced plastic legs, and a carrying case.


    • Fast Paced Game Encouraging Movement
    • Ready-to-Go Foldable Design
    • Quickly and Easily Attach Net Via Hook and Loop Straps
    • Install Net Only Once
    • High Quality Metal Rim
    • Sets Up in Seconds
    • Includes Travel Bag
    • Carrying Case
    • 3 Inflatable Rubber Balls
    • Includes Pump and Needle to Inflate Balls
    • Red and Green Reindeer Design
    • Dimensions: 3 ft. x 9.5 in.
    Existing reviews
    Great Qulaity Set! So Much Fun!
    I just learned about Spike Ball and wanted to get a set of my own. They are so expensive online. With the price Pulse is selling it for I thought the quality may be low, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is as good of quality as my friends $150 set! Plus this set is even easier to set up! Thanks for such a great deal
    MARK | 8/7/2023 11:00 PM
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    Click to read about our staffMany of you probably know of this game, but with a different name. Our version, Spike Battle, is incredibly popular at outdoor events and parties - for good reason! It's a fast paced, competitive game filled with adrenaline, mayhem, and laughs!

    It's kind of like volleyball mixed with table tennis and you can get a full rundown of the rules and gameplay if you visit the site and you can even see us play it in the video here!

    But like I said, this was modeled after a well-known game - they even have tournaments on ESPN! But this brand is completely redesigned with superior materials to make it so much more convenient.

    Installing the net has never been easier because it attaches using velcro-like straps, unlike the other models. The best part is, once our net is attached to the high-quality metal frame, you no longer need to uninstall and reinstall it. Just fold up the frame and store it in the included carrying bag.

    Now, you may have noticed the theme seems a bit out of season, but that's the reason we can give you such an unbelievable deal that no one else can! And just between you and me, if you don't like the reindeer stickers on the legs, you can easily remove them and include your own.

    So make sure to grab a set to get your party started!

    - Fast Paced Game Encouraging Movement
    - Ready-to-Go Foldable Design
    - Quickly and Easily Attach Net Via Hook and Loop Straps
    - Install Net Just Once And Play Forever
    - High Quality Metal Rim
    - Sets Up in Seconds
    - See All the Features and Benefits on the Site!


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