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With this set of 3 stainless steel mixing bowls the chef in your house will have every size necessary to create any masterpiece the family might want. They're great for everything from mixing cake batter to tossing a salad.
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Whiff Wizard utilizes Adsorption Technology to trap and neutralize odor molecules found in the air, or in porous materials like carpets, curtains and furniture. Simply remove the lid and place the jar near the source of the odor.
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Whiff Wizard Odor Eliminator - #8284

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The PhoneSoap aims to destroy 99.99% of germs on your phone and other items. It uses powerful UV-C (UltraViolet) light that destroys bacteria and viruses.
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This 62-piece Food Storage Set is just what you need if you're tired of always loosing your lids and containers; it features 31 containers, 31 suction lids and to hold it all together, a storage container with a handle.
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62 Piece Food Storage Set - #8298
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