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    Color Changing 10W Light Bulb

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    Whether you need light to keep busy, to relax, or to party hard, this color changing light bulb has a setting for every occasion.
    Item # 10157
    Whether you need light to keep busy, to relax, or to party hard, this color changing light bulb has a setting for every occasion.

    Change the Color of Your Light Bulb with This LED Light

    At just the press of a button on the included remote control, you can flip between 16 vivid colors and adjust the 4 levels of brightness.

    If that isn't enough, there are also 4 different lighting modes to help you to keep calm or become the life of the party.

    Flash will quickly flip between colors every 1 second, Strobe will do the same but at a calmer rate of 3 seconds, Fade a will shift between hues through a relaxing gradient, and Smooth creates an exciting lightning effect.

    Once you find your favorite setting, you can keep it that way. The light has a smart memory function that will remember your settings even after you turn it off.

    The remote control has a range of 26 ft and the energy saving LEDs have a 30,000 hour lifespan, so you can save more energy for a lot longer. This 10 Watt light bulb dishes out an impressive 400 lumens.

    No matter if you're a party animal or a calm book worm, this light bulb will be sure to satisfy any lifestyle. It's great for holidays, birthdays, mood lighting, vlogging and more.


    • Change the Color of Your Lights at a Press of a Button
    • Perfect for Working, Parties, or Mood Lighting
    • 16 Different Colors
    • 4 Alternate Light Modes (Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth)
    • 4 Brightness Levels
    • Remote Control Works Up to 26 Feet
    • Remembers Settings After Power Off
    • 10 Watts
    • 110V - 220V
    • 400 Lumens
    • 30,000 Hour Lifespan
    • Standard, E27 Base
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    Color changing light bulbs are a nice upgrade to your home (both indoor and outdoor) but the price of these bulbs can be as much as $15 for just ONE BULB!

    Not to mention you may need to buy other accessories to make them work (think Philips Hue).

    Well hang onto your hats, we've solved that expensive problem and made Color Changing LED Light Bulbs affordable to EVERYONE!

    Why Buy These?
    I guess I say... WHY NOT! For almost the price of a regular LED Bulb you're getting a Color CHANGING one. That means you can keep it at a bright white or warm white that are the traditional colors, but when you want to have fun, party or holiday colors... just use the INCLUDED remote to make it any color you want.

    I put these in my outdoor fixtures in front of my house and for the 4th, I had one Red, one White and the other Blue. It was so fun and festive and EASY!

    I can't wait for other holidays!

    Grab your three pack of these gorgeous Color Changing LED Lights. They'll last virtually a lifetime AND use way less electrical... And of course, kick up home decorating a notch!
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