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World War I: A Lost Generation DVD

World War I: A Lost Generation DVD

World War I: A Lost Generation DVD
World War I: A Lost Generation DVD
Your Price: $3.99
Compare at: $9.99  (60% off)
• 2-part Doumentary Program
• 44 Minutes
• Release Date: 2010
• Region 1

World War I caused greater destruction and involved more countries than any other war except WWII. An assassin's bullet set off the war, and a system of military agreements brought the main European powers into the fight. Both sides expected a quick victory, but the war lasted four years and took the lives of almost 10 million men. Extreme patriotism gave men a cause to die for and propaganda raised support for the war while making the enemy seem villainous.

This fascinating 2-part documentary program chronicles the major events of this devastating period in the world's history through insightful narration and compelling archival footage and photographs.

- 2-part Doumentary Program
- 44 Minute
- Release Date: 2010
- Region 1

5 Stars  ww1 
Greatservice & price. thnks vr/rl

5 Stars  World War I A Lost Generation 
Good use of actual camera footage. Well researched.

5 Stars  Got a great visual of what we had history class back in the 60s 
Studied this in high school, but this was a much better view than in my books at the time.

5 Stars  WW1 DVD 
The DVD was very interesting and historically important. My grandfather was in WW1 so I was very interested in the DVD. Your shipping was very expeditious. I bought 2 extra DVDs for a couple of my friends. Pulse TV is an excellent company to deal with!

2 Stars  World War I A Lost Generation 
I was quite disappointed with this DVD. I understand that there is little footage of that war and what footage there is does not have the quality of the WWII documentaries - so I have no problem with that. My disappointment is with the amount of real information about WWI. The information is sketchy and much too abbreviated. I would love to see something with more depth - like Victory At Sea which is a true benchmark for any war documentary. Nice try but .

5 Stars  History come alive. 
I learned more history watching this 44 minute DVD than in years of grade school and college history classes. While War is to be avoided, this DVD made me see and feel what happens in war and even more why it should be avoided if at all possible.

5 Stars  Educational 
Wanted My Grandson To Learn About History... Not Everything Is A Video Game...

3 Stars  WW1 
OK, Not enough depth but still good to view.

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