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Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump

Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump

Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump
Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump
Compare at: $19.99  (60% off)
There is no better, no easier, no simpler bottle opener anywhere and especially at this price. Lost one at our daughters wedding and bought 4 more to make sure i was never without one. Have given at least 10 as gifts with many thanks.
3/17/2022 - Dave, NC. " />
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Ditch the cork screw! This wine bottle opener is the easy and safe way to remove corks from wine bottles. It uses an injector pump to compress air underneath the cork, lifting it out effortlessly like magic; it'll have you saying "WOW"!

Safely and Easily Remove the Cork of a Wine Bottle

Just slide the needle into the cork, then give the handle a couple pumps. It's really that easy.

The Wine Bottle Injector Pump features a needle guard that will stop it from poking you and keep the needle center on the cork while you push it in.

This is so much easier that using a cork screw, and it's a lot less expensive than electric wine bottle openers.


- Uses Compressed Air to Open Wine Bottles
- Easy to Use
- Sharp Injector Needle Slides Right into Cork
- Needle Safety Guard
- Just a few pumps and the cork rises by itself!
- No more frustrating cork screws or expensive electric openers

Please Note: If the cork hasn't budged within 6 pumps - stop pumping; the cork might be too old or stuck and dangerous pressure might build up inside.

5 Stars  A very useful wine bottle opener 
I have owned one for several years and I find it useful for most corks. I purchased this for a frien so they could more successfully remove corks that are older and crumbly.

5 Stars  easy peasy 

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
Does exactly what is says it does. Works great.

5 Stars  Wow! 
This thing works great! So easy! Be careful, though. The pressure built up inside the wine bottle is enough to shoot the opener with the cork on it to the ceiling with enough force to put a dent in the ceiling! Hang on to the device when it blows!

5 Stars  Awesome wine opener!! 
This thing is spectacular! It is SO easy to use! Threw all other openers away!

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
This is an excellent, and fun, product. I ordered two of these - one for my house and one for my travel trailer. It is very easy to use, effective in blowing the cork out of the bottle, and fun to show off. It is compact and works efficiently to avoid the twisting and turning of a cork screw. Lots of fun to use!!

5 Stars  Best Ever 
Without a doubt, this is the BEST wine opener EVER! I love it! So easy. Bought 2 for friends and may order more!

5 Stars  Still another Christmas gift 
It works. Neat item as I have tested it before it becomes a Christmas gift.

4 Stars  Fun Pop 
You need to know the needle needs to go in the miiddle of the cork and you should not squeeze the sides when you are pumping. I love the pop when it opens.

4 Stars  Works well for bad corks 

5 Stars  Works Great 
Great way to open a wine bottle.

5 Stars  wine pump 
works great A++++++++++++++++++

4 Stars  Slick, easy to use 
A very inexpensive way to open a bottle of wine with minimal effort. It lacks an included cutter to remove the cover over the cork which is why I didnt rate it as 5 stars.

5 Stars  Works good 
Really like Scared the heck out of me when the cork POPPED out! LOL Wasnt expecting THAT! But it works awesome! I love not having to turn, & turn & TURN the cork screw! I LOVE EVERYTHING Ive ordered from Pulse!

5 Stars  Pleasant surprise 
I was pleasantly surprised with this wine opener. I have used one with CO2 catridges for years and this works just as well and I wont need to buy any cartidges anymore. I recommend it!

5 Stars  So simple it works. 
See Headline. It says it all.

5 Stars  Fast and easy 
Good opener! Much faster and easier than any other opener I own or have used. Handy to store tool

5 Stars  Easy to Use 
This is easy to use, easy to carry with you on outings and does not require electricity or batteries.

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
This works absolutely great. No struggling or muscling needed. Going to order more for gifts. Thank you!!!

4 Stars  great product 
works well except difficult to pump for older people

5 Stars  A Big Hit This New Years 
I got a few of these in preparation for our NYE party. These are great and people loved how they worked. The only negative is I think we drank a lot more because everyone wanted to use the openers!

5 Stars  Wine opener 
I love it!! So easy to open wine bottles!!

5 Stars  Wine cork opener 
Great product!! Best way ever to open wine bottles!!

5 Stars  Great price and fun to use 
Not only was this item priced right but it is fun to use!

5 Stars  So easy, even I cant mess it up! 
Great product, ez to use and durable

5 Stars  Easy with Quality 
Rugged and easy to use delivered quickly!

4 Stars  WOW! I wouldnt have believed it. 
Its so easy to use and works great. I did have to work to get the cork off of the opener. Cork did not come off easily, hence the 4 stars instead of 5. But still, this works amazingly. I wish I could have rated 4 1/2 or 4 3/4 stars.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
The Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump is absolutely fantastic. It really works. I had been having a tough time opening wine bottles due to arthritis in my hands. I intend to purchase more as Christmas gifts.

5 Stars  Wine Corker 
Love this. Works great and now I don t need to spend money on Cork Pop refill cartridges.

3 Stars  Works sometimes 
I have used the wine opener about four times, so far. Twice it worked and twice it didnt do anything. Just so-so from me.

5 Stars  Easy pop up 
Pump handle 3/4 times coke pops up

5 Stars  Perfect 
Very easy to use. Perfect to use as a party trick

5 Stars  The easiest way to open wine bottles 
As simple as the title.

5 Stars  Everyone should own this! 
This purchase was actually for my MIL so she could easily open wine with arthritic hands. I already own one This is easy to use and with the design there is no risk of poking yourself with the sharp air needle that goes into the bottle. Just be ready for the LOUD POP!

5 Stars  Great tool 
Best wine opener. Lots of fun too.

5 Stars  Fabulous product! I have ordered three thus far 
This is the best wine opener I have ever tried. No more struggling to twist corkscrew openers. This is so easy to use. I love it. I will buy more for gifts. AAA+ rating.

Quick and easy to use. Proved to be fail proof


5 Stars  Wine bottle opener 
Works pretty good. It makes me nervous to use because I have to pump it at least 3 times, not like 2 on the commercial. I DO like it better than my other openers.

5 Stars  easy and fun to use with a loud POP! at the end 
Great drop ship gift item

5 Stars  GOAT Opener 
There is no better, no easier, no simpler bottle opener anywhere and especially at this price. Lost one at our daughters wedding and bought 4 more to make sure i was never without one. Have given at least 10 as gifts with many thanks.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle opener 
I liked the idea of air opening a bottle of wine. The old cork screw was a would mess up the cork on occasion. This little air pump was so easy to use and not near the hassle of the old type of opener. I give it 5 stars!

5 Stars  Great price 
Great opener

5 Stars  wine bottle opener 

5 Stars  Finally easy to open bottles with corks 
I used to pass by bottles of anything with cork stoppers. Finally decided to try this item and it worked. This was a particularly difficult one and took a few pumps, but finally it came out!

5 Stars  It works 
Easiest cork remover I ever used. It works so well I bought more to give to friends.

5 Stars  Quick and easy 
love it!

5 Stars  good 
they love it works great for plastic

5 Stars  Works like magic every time 
This is one of my favorite gadgets. It replaces my former fancy wine opener that needed expensive gas cartridges to work. Love mine and have given several for gifts.

5 Stars  Excellent Functionality 
Only takes a few seconds & sure beats the old fashion cork screw. It doesnt stretch out the cork so you can re-use it. There are no cork crumbs sharing the wine. The needle is very strong.

5 Stars  excellent product 
the best purchase for the price

5 Stars  Great bottle opener! 
This wine bottle opener works like a charm! After a few pumps the cork literally pops out. The first time I used it the pop surprised me. Now that I am expecting the pop it is still a surprise and amazing how it works. Works great!

5 Stars  Works great! 
Works great. Great Deal.

5 Stars  Easiest to use wine bottle opener ever! 
Finally a wine bottle opener that is super easy to use. I will purchase this product again.

5 Stars  Easy Peasy 
Easy and quick way to remove a cork from any bottle. Cork pops right off. No tugging required

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener injector pump 
Without a doubt, the best un-corker ever! 95% of corks are removed with just a few pumps. Older, tighter corks may take several pumps, but it always works.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
I love the wine bottle opener. It is so easy to use and was as exactly as advertised.

5 Stars  It really works! 
Easy way to open a bottle of wine! No more tugging on the cork, it pops out!

5 Stars  Best tool ever!!! 
I can t get enough of this wine bottle opener!! Everyone I give it to absolutely loves it. They are the coolest thing ever!!!

5 Stars  Best Wine Bottle Opener Ever! 
This works exactly as advertised in the video. I just love it. Its so easy to use. It would make a great gift, perhaps along with a bottle of wine. Highly recommended!!!

4 Stars  Cork goes pop! 
Easy to use cork opener.

5 Stars  Works Great! 
Quick and easy to use! I have given several as gifts.

5 Stars  Best thing I have ever bought! 
Works every time! Great product at a great value.

5 Stars  Makes opening a wine bottle fun. 
This is the second time we have ordered four of these openers. They have been an appreciated gift for our wine loving friends. It is so easy to use that I taught our 11 year old grand daughter how to open wine much to her parents chagrin.

5 Stars  Effortless 
Excellent value

5 Stars  Wow! 
Have only used once, but it worked like a charm! Inserted needle, 4-5 pumps and out popped the cork! It s a hard plastic so needs to be handled with some care.

5 Stars  The best thing since sliced bread! 
This product is perfect! For all the ppl who dont have an electric wine bottle opener, this is the next best thing.

5 Stars  Wine opener 
Excellent opener great Xmas gift thinking about purchasing two more.

4 Stars  Works Great!! 
This device works great. It is a little difficult to remove the cork from the needle.

5 Stars  Very easy to use wine opener 
Works great on real and plastic corks. Much easier than the traditional corkscrew.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
They work great !!!

5 Stars  wine opener 
I use a wine opener but sometimes it is not placed properly and chews up the cork. I used this injector pump and it was a breeze to open my Riesling. I am happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  Works like a charm! 
What a great, yet basic, and therefore inexpensive, way to remove a wine bottle cork!! Works like a charm! We got 10 of em as stocking stuffers

5 Stars  Works Great ! 
Works Great !

5 Stars  Screwing 
The wine bottle opener is amazing ! Sure beats screwing with a corkscrew !!!!!!!

5 Stars  Wine cork opener 
Wonderful piece of equipment work very well love it.

5 Stars  Does the trick! 
Quick and easy. Love it!!

Works like a charm!!!

5 Stars  Good product 
Works as advertised easy peasy

5 Stars  One person Opener 
Best Opener i used

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
This was the easiest way to uncork a wine bottle I have ever used. I bought two of them. [Yes, Ive already heard the comment One for each hand.]

4 Stars  Very happy 
This wine bottle opener is very easy to use and I have shown a few people how it operates, and they make a purchase of one. Some of the other people said they would come back and get one for a Christmas present. It is far more easy to open a bottle then a waiters corkscrew, and is cheaper then any other opener.

5 Stars  Quick & Easy Wine Bottle Opener 
This gadget is fun to use -- and extraordinarily easy. AND it entertains my guests.

4 Stars  good item 
works great

5 Stars  bottle opener 

5 Stars  Rating by proxy 
I bought this item as a gift for Christmas. I give a bottle of wine and this wine bottle opener would be a perfect compliment. I like the idea of the easy opening of a wine bottle.

4 Stars  Not bad. 
Works great. The only thing I don t like is the size of the needle that injects the air in. After removing the cork from the opener the hole that the needle had made does not reseal and if the bottle is lates on its side the wine will spill out if the volume is high enough.

5 Stars  Great little opener 
This little gadget works great. Just get ready for the pop that sounds like opening a bottle of Champaign.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
It pops the cork right out. Besides being handy it is a novelty item. Pull it out at a party and pop the wine cork out and watch the crowds eyes pop out.

5 Stars  Easy to use wine bottle opener 
Works as easily as advertised. Wish I bought one earlier.

5 Stars  One Person Opener 
Great Opener

5 Stars  This thing really works! 
Works exactly as advertised, every time. No more mangled corks leaving debris in the wine. The cork just pops out, completely intact. Amazing.

5 Stars  The Best 
This thing works great! I have an expensive nitrogen powered one that I have used for old corks, for years. This little guy does the same thing, as well, and costs a fraction of the price. Plus, no nitrogen refills to buy. Cant beat it...

5 Stars  Great wine bottle opener 
Weighs next to nothing...easy to operate...works every time...small enough to be taken anywhere. Couldnt be more pleased.

5 Stars  Works great 
Easy to use, quick cork remover! Already bought 5 of these for family and friends

5 Stars  Works Great 
Its a breeze to open a bottle of wine with this pump! Just as advertised, would make nice gift for wine lover!

5 Stars  Its amazing!!! 
This wine bottle opener is absolutely fantastic! It takes literally seconds to pop the cork. This is the third batch Ive ordered. I think Ive ordered about 10 of them. For the price and effectiveness, they make great gifts!

5 Stars  Easy NO HASSLE time saver! 
Why get one when four will go around to more folks whom enjoy wine!

5 Stars  Greatest wine opener ever 
It works exactly as advertised... I bought several as gifts and backups..Simple and easy. I brought one to my cousin who drinks plenty of wine. At first he looked at it sceptically. then after the fourth or fifth bottle of wine he was convinced.. great tool.

5 Stars  Wine Boattle Opener 
Works like a champ. Easy to insert and two or three pumps and out goes the cork. Also very easy to get cork off of the injector.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
Works really well. Used it last night. Great product. Why didnt think of this!

5 Stars  Wine Cork Remover 
Works fine - easy - good value

5 Stars  THE BEST 
The BEST and EASIEST wine opener evah !! Ive tried them all at prices 4x the cost of this little powerhouse. The first time out of the box, my wine was open in seconds and not minutes...Plus all the broken pieces of cork I used to have to filter out of my wine.....well...a problem no more. I went back and ordered several more to give as gifts. Love it! Where were you a lifetime ago?

5 Stars  Quick, easy and fun 
My wife posted a video of the first time I used my new opener, 4 pumps and pop, and got 3 friends asking where to get one. I just ordered 3 more and gave them as presents. The Pulsetv price was less than half what similar units sell for on line.

5 Stars  Worked better than I thought 
I bought this because I drink a glass of wine a night and have pain in my shoulder and opening the bottle is my least favorite part. The first time I used it I had to pump more than several times and the pop it made scared me and made me apprehensive about using it again. The next time I gave about 4 pumps and then tried to pull it.out to use a different device. The cork came right out with a little pop. This second method worked really well and is easier than other devises. I am now very glad I bought it.

5 Stars  It works!! 
Used it over christmas and impressed my girls, even my 5 macho boys. Bought more for gifts

5 Stars  Saves time and grief 
I bought this on a whim to see if it would help as we have had several wine bottles the the cork breaks off in the bottle and we have difficulty getting it out. This product eliminated all issues. It removed it like a hot knife cuts through butter. No cork pieces dropped into the bottle either. It has been a wine saver

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
This is a terrific item. Dont know why it took so long for someone to come up with it.So simple,and so innovative. Really glad that I bought it!

5 Stars  The easy way to pop a cork 
The wine bottle opener injector pump works as advertised. We purchased four about six months ago and four more recently. We have been giving them to our wine loving friends.

5 Stars  Simple and Easy 
This wine opener is very simple and easy to use. Just press needle down through the cork, pump a few times and cork pops out. If your reseal after pouring, more pumps will be required, but hey, that is physics!

5 Stars  Well Worth The Price 
Works great.

5 Stars  An easy way to open a wine bottle 
Ordered two - one for a gift. One works great! The cork pops out with three or 4 pumps. The other a no-go. Keep pumping with no cork movement. Probably a manufacturing flaw.

5 Stars  good product 
is great for the price with quick delivery

5 Stars  Best cork screw ever!! 
Easily opens wine bottles with minimum effort!

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
I bought two of these, one for kitchen and one for lower level bar. They work GREAT and my wife is so happy with them.

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener 
Really works well. Easy to use. I would buy again

I bought two initial but now intend to buy another for a friend. I can open a bottle of wine after cutting seal in just a few pumps. HIGHLY recommend

5 Stars  Man that was easy! 
Ok i dont drink a lot of wine but when i do i hate the corkscrews to get the cork out. This was easypeasy!... I will be buying my wine drinking daughters one maybe two lol. Works exactly as advertised. If you drink wine and need a cork out of the bottle..then this is for you. BTW cant beat the price.

4 Stars  Quick and easy wine opener 
I have used this for several months now. For most cork types it is faster and more convenient than a corkscrew. I have purchased several as gifts to wine loving friends. I have had one of these fail after months of use but PulseTV quickly replaced it.

5 Stars  Great Gadget 
I Purchased two Wine Bottle Injector Pumps, one for myself and another to give as a gift at Thanksgiving to our hostess.To our great amazement it worked beautifully. Several people at our gathering voiced how much they would love to have one and others wanted to know where I found it. I purchased two more of them to give as Christmas gifts. I have since seen them advertised elsewhere but not at this good price. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone thinking about purchasing it.

5 Stars  works well 
I have severe arthritis in both hands & wrists. This opener is easy to use and my arthritis does not interfere.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
I bought 6? Everyone was very pleased and used the item on new years eve

5 Stars  Love how this works. 
It meets my expectations and is very good. I do recommend this bottle opener.

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener injector pump 
I Love my wine bottle opener injector pump!! Ive ordered several to give to friends & family. No twisting to get into the cork, no batteries needed to operate it. Just a few pumps & out it pops, & a quick push on the guard & the cork is free.

5 Stars  Great 
Great idea. Works great and priced is right..

5 Stars  Easy wine bottle opening 
Works great. Bought Four of them. Giving three as gifts. Sooooo easy to pull the cork.

5 Stars  Love this wine opener! 
So easy to use & fast!! Ordered 4 for gifts & wished I had ordered more!!

5 Stars  great little device 
I bought one of these months ago for myself and have given two more as gifts. So easy to use - much better than the usual wine bottle openers.

4 Stars  Great Opener 
I was really surprised when I first used this wine opener. The cork just popped right out.

4 Stars  Great Wine Opener 
Have not used my electric opener since getting this little jewel. Only problem is removing the cork once opened.

5 Stars  bottle opener 
I am fond of gadgets and this is my gadget of the year. It will be stocking stuffers....

5 Stars  Great Item 
Very good quality and makes a great gift!!!!

5 Stars  Better than advertised 
I highly recommend this wine opener. We drink several bottle of wine every week and this opener has yet to fail. I have had it for over a year. I bought a spare opener just in case. Its still in the box if I ever need it.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
This is a GREAT product. I give them to my customers as Thank Yous, as well as in gift bags for golf teams. At $5 each it is worthwhile. At regular price it is too expensive to purchase en masse, with shipping costs included.

5 Stars  Great openner 
Very pleased. Worked exactly as stated.

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
My wife is very pleased with this wine opener. She is the wine drinker and she was amazed how quickly the opener uncorks her wine bottles. Very pleased

5 Stars  Pop goes the wine cork ! 
This gadget works wonderfully , exactly as it is advertised . !! . Got one for my Daughter also .

5 Stars  Easy and Fun To Use 
Very easy and fun to use. Just a few pumps and POP! Its open!

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener 
Works as advertised. I enjoy showing everyone how easy it is to use.

2 Stars  It opened a wine bottle the first time, but..... 
I bought a couple of pumps based on the video, and it worked after opening the first bottle. It looked like it was a good buy...tried on a second bottle and it did not do as expected so I used the regular screw opener and I blamed it on an air leak in the bottle..so I tried it again, and again..etc it would not do the trick. Good concept, bad results.

5 Stars  This is the best wine bottle opener weve ever come across.. Really! 
Stick in the needle. Give it a few brisk pumps. Out comes the cork. How ingenious is that? Simple and easy. Weve done the T-handle cork screw pull like crazy till the cork screw breaks and hits ya in the mouth. Weve done the twist the center screw and push the 2 arms down and the cork center pulls out because the screw is just plain too small. Weve done the electric rechargable wine cork puller but it dies when the cork is half pulled out, and ya gotta unwind the darn thing then use the old T-handle manual puller to MAYBE get the cork out.. sheesh.. weve got a drawer full of cork removers. All promising to be the NEXT BEST THING in wine cork removers.. so yes, we had to try this one too, pretty much expecting the same lame outcome. But, guess what? This Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump actually WORKS! No getting smacked in the face, no dead screw motor in the middle of pulling a cork or the darn thing is just plain dead from sitting in the cabinet , no putting the bottle between your feet and getting a hernia trying to pull an insanely stuck cork out then finally getting it out and the bottle flicks over on its side on your brand-new living room carpet. We bought 5, gave the extras away to some of our friends, bought 6 more and gifted those too.. all we can say is thank you. The last wine opener well ever need..

5 Stars  Better than others 
Doesnt require expensive, short-lasting cartridges. Pressure is supplied by easily pumped handle. Works beautifully and is priced fairly.

5 Stars  Wine Opener 
It is a fantastic item. The BEST wine bottle opener Ive ever used!!!!!


5 Stars  Very simple and easy to use. 
These cork removers work great. I bought 2 additional to give to other family members.

5 Stars  Amazing. Pop and. Open 
Placed cork back in and gave me a few days on the wine. Tiny needle

3 Stars  This needs a man! 
I as a 92 pound woman struggle to open wine. I think it needs a mans punching action to work properly. Im just too weak.

5 Stars  GREAT 
It is great so easy love it gave a few too friends and thy love it thank you thank you

5 Stars  Quick, easy way to uncork a wine bottle 
Simple to use, very controllable and fast.

5 Stars  Works Great 
I love this device. Works great as advertised and makes getting the cork out of the wine bottle as easy as possible. Since it is a pump there are not cartridges to replace.

4 Stars  Great value 
Works as advertised.

5 Stars  5 Stars plus!!!!! 
I have purchased countless items over the years from Pulse. This wine opener gets the best review. I LOVE it and cannot recommended it highly enough. Buy several and give them for gifts. I did.

5 Stars  Most handy bottle opener I have ever had. 
Opens without a problem. Better than traditional thist openers.

5 Stars  Great pop 
Easy to open. Best I have found

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener 
This little pump makes opening your wine bottles so much simpler! No more wrist twisting,frustrating cork screws or wasting time and electricity with those big electric models. This one only requires a couple of pushes and out pops the cork.They make great gifts too!

5 Stars  No twisting..Just pump 
Works great & fun too.

5 Stars  Injector Pump Wine Bottle Opener 
By far the best and easiest wine bottle opener we have ever used! AND, inexpensive.

5 Stars  Bottle opener injector pump 
Easy to use. Worked well opening my wine bottles.

5 Stars  Wine Opener 
Love it,works easy

5 Stars  Weather Clock 
Love it, I have it in my kitchen and it looks great on the wall.

5 Stars  wine bottle pressure opener 
great value durable easy to use

2 Stars  Wine cork remover 
Tried and found it took10 to 12 pumps to work. I ordered two and my neighbors worked very well like three pumps. Would not Oder again

4 Stars  Great 
Bought originally as Christmas gifts and two for myself..my husband loved these so bought again for a birthday gift. Passed his test so definitely recommend

5 Stars  Not Just For Wine Bottles! 
While it is sold as a wine bottle opener, it works great on ANY bottle with a cork - I use it to open Craft Beer bottle corks. No twisting and straining to get the champaign type cork out - 4 or 5 pumps and youre pouring your brew. Works GREAT!!!

4 Stars  Ingenious 
Makes it effortless to open a bottle!

5 Stars  Fabulous wine opener 
This is a great wine opener. It is very easy to use. I liked it so much that I have bought several more of them as gifts for Christmas. Thumbs up!!

5 Stars  Cant believe how easy this is 
I purchased 2 for gifts, and one for me. When I first used it I was amazed at how easy it was to use. I think they will make great gifts.

5 Stars  Great product. 
Those Ive given these to have raved about them as the best theyve ever used. I want to order a couple more!

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener injector pump 
Love it! It works excellent for opening wine bottles. I ordered more to pass out to the family.

5 Stars  corkscrew 
best corkscrew ever

5 Stars  Wine opener 
Love it works fast and doesnt destroy the cork

5 Stars  No effort 
Love this wine opener! Even easy with arthritis!

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
I ordered several of these & LOVED it so much I ordered a few more! I wanted them for family & friends. Especially nice for those with arthritis &, bonus, requires no batteries!

5 Stars  Works Great! 
I have purchased about a dozen of these now and the work great! Ive given them to everyone. No more broken corks and with these you can easily put cork back in and lay wine bottle on side with no leaks.

4 Stars  Excellent product 
This product performs as described. It is not strong enough to have the cork break through the covering foil as a butterfly bottle opener can do but using this after removing the foil is simple and quick. Also Customer Service was excellent. I received one that was defective but after contacting Customer Service a new one was sent to me immediately.

4 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
Very easy to use. My wife loves it.

5 Stars  Love this product, but... 
I have had this now for a couple of months and have used it frequently I really like it. But I want to warn people, for my wine bottle, it takes about 7-10 steady pumps. Do not get all excited and start pumping up and down frantically. I did that and the wine bottle exploded not only did I have broken glass and wine all over my kitchen, I had multiple cuts on the hand that was holding the bottle. Now I am careful and slow, but the cork does not come out slowly like in the video, it pops like a champagne cork! I love the way the cork slides off so easily with the plastic ring. One of my favorite PULSE purchases!
Wow! I'm glad to hear you are okay Jo Anne. Thank you so much for this review. I am sure that it will be helpful to other customers. :)
3/25/2019 - Paula

4 Stars  Ive only used it 3 times and this works 
However, it took as little experimentation. Opening was simple but getting the cork off the opener by moving the plastic ring took a bit of wrangling. If the cork has a plastic on top of it, remove it 1st or it is very difficult. I think some cooking spray will help next time though

5 Stars  Great Tool 
Works as advertised and with very little effort ...

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
Ideal - does just as it is meant to do, and easy as well.

4 Stars  Works fine 
The item worked just fine after a few pumps the cork popped right out. However, removal of the cork from the spike is far from easy, often requiring significant force. This is similar to my experience with other pressure-type cork removers. However, the price of this unit is considerably lower than those others.

5 Stars  Great product, great value 
I had purchased a similar product while I was vacationing in France. I didnt use it until I returned. I fell in love with it and wanted to buy one for several friends. Voila! Pulse TV had it for sale, and much less expensive too. It works beautifully. The corks just slide out like greased lightning! Im a loyal PulseTV shopper.

5 Stars  Pump and go 
Inject in the bottle, pump 4 or 5 times and out pops the cork. Its that easy.

5 Stars  Great wine bottle opener 
This wine opener is fantastic and so easy to use.

5 Stars  My new favorite gadget 
I really thought it was not going to work, I thought it was going to blow the bottle up, but it is slick. It works just like the video, and so easy to get cork off, unlike a hand corkscrew. This is my favorite gadget. I gave one as a gift.

5 Stars  NEAT! 
It works and every bottle opened sounds like champagne popping!

5 Stars  Best opener ever 
Awesome tool. Great buy

5 Stars  bottle openers 
I bought these for gifts for my children so have yet to hear how they thought of them.

5 Stars  fast and easy 
1,2,3 and the cork is popped. Fast and easy.

5 Stars  Review of Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
I bought quite a few of these pumps and I am likely to buy more. They are very reasonably priced and they work well. The pump is particularly useful for 2 reasons. First, it opens a wine bottle effectively by inserting air under the cork to pop the cork out instead of cutting up the cork like a normal wine opener. It takes a little time and effort to pump the air under the cork but its still very effective and efficient. Inserting the needle into the bottle leaves only a small hole and is less likely than a normal wine opener to make the cork break into pieces. Second, it works using your own effort instead of using a prefilled cartridge containing compressed air or some other gas to pop the cork out of a wine bottle. Those systems work but you cant control the speed of the process very well. Also, if you run out of cartridges which cost more money, you cant use the pump until you buy more. Using this device, which is very cheap, you can always open a bottle of wine with just a little effort. Several of my friends who are frequent wine drinkers used my pump and wanted their own. Now I am buying extras so I can give them away to friends. I am very satisfied with the pump.

5 Stars  Great wine bottle opener 
Works really well and opens bottles easily.

5 Stars  Works great 
Easy to use and well made. My hubby loves it

3 Stars  Not as advertised, but it works okay! 
The video attached to the advertisement shows one or two pumps of the opener for the cork to pop. On several different attempts to pop corks it took no less than eight pumps to work up enough pressure to pop the cork. Additionally, it did not work as well on the newer man made corks. I prefer the older crimp the bottle cork extractors.

5 Stars  Great wine opener! 
This wine opener is one of the easiest I have ever used!

5 Stars  About time a simple device is available 
Well made and easy,safe and simple to use.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
It hasnt been used yet. I bought it with my 92 year old parents in mind. Theyre the wine drinkers in the house and my Dad still likes using the old timie cord screw... Go Figure

1 Stars  Tired me out 
I pumped and pumped this thing and the cork moved very little Went back to old cork remover much easier

5 Stars  Opener works great! 
The Injector Pump is fantastic. Works best with ordinary cork material verses man-made material.

5 Stars  AMAZING! 
Really Works! Fun to watch and fun to do!

1 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump??? 
It says pump 4 to 8 times. On the bottles it works on that can be 30 to 50 pumps before the cork pops. The cork pops like your opening Champange. Saw QVC show of bottle opener, 4-8 pumps, no pop on opening.
Wow! It sounds like this item might be defective. It shouldn't take more than a few pumps. It does make a pop when opening a bottle of wine.
2/10/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Great gift 
Works great and makes a nice gift along with a bottle of wine.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Throw away the old corkscrew wine bottle openers away. Using this injector pump is fast, neat and fun. No more broken pieces of cork finding their way into the wine.

5 Stars  Best wine opener 
Easy to use, pops cork right out

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
purchased for daughter and daughter in law. Both liked the ease of use.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
Mom is happy! Very Happy. Therefor, so am I. Thanks.

4 Stars  Wine bottle opener 
I have only used it once and it worked just fine

5 Stars  Perfect 
Bottle opener is easy to operate. No mess or crumbled cork. Perfect

5 Stars  Great product! 
Great product and great value! Easy to use - husband loves it! We like it so much we ordered three more to use as gifts!

5 Stars  It really works 
Simple but efficient. Love it and recommend 100%.

5 Stars  The Best Ever 
I purchased one of these a few months ago doubtful about how good it would be. I was pleased and amazed in how easy it was to open the bottle and dispose of the cork safely. For someone with arthritis in their hands, this is a MUST. Actually its a must for any wine drinker. I ordered two more to have on hand or to give as gifts.

3 Stars  wine bottle opener pump 
1st unit recd was defective. 2nd & 3rd recd works fine. did have several non openers. the size of the neck and thickness of cork proved to have negative effect. couldnt remove the cork.

1 Stars  Thumbs Down!!! 
Another terrible product from Pulse that I needed to discard. The wine opener had to be pumped several times making it harder to get the cork out because it required greater strength that some people in our household didnt have.Also, it made such a loud noise when it finally poped out.

5 Stars  As Seen On TV 
Much better price that TV purchase!

5 Stars  This Is AWESOME! 
Ive always had problems removing the cork from a wine bottle. This injector pump is so easy to use! I dont have a problem with corks anymore. I bought 3 others for gifts.

5 Stars  Cork..wine bottle opener 
Sons girlfriend LOVED. her CHRISTMAS PRESENT.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
Great wine bottle cork remover. Easy to use, no drilling with the cork screw opener, just a few pumps and out comes the cork.

2 Stars  Doesnt work 
Works less than 50% of the time. Went back to rabbit ear type

5 Stars  Oh! Wow! 
It works with little effort. For me, two pumps and I was in!

5 Stars  Love it! 
Once we read all the details in the directions it worked great!! Love it!

5 Stars  Works nice 
I did purchase a battery can opener from you that does not work ,otherwise have been pleased with all other purchases

5 Stars  Works well 
And it does not chew up the cork.

5 Stars  Works as Advertised 
Works great. Much easier and faster than a corkscrew. I had my doubts, but I tried one and love it.

5 Stars  wine opener 
works great

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener 
the opener was great product and is reasonably priced. It also made a good gift

3 Stars  POP goes the cork! 
I brew mead and cork my own bottles. I got the injector pump and on my first try had to pump about 10 or more times, when suddenly the cork and the apparatus flew out of the bottle with a report as loud as gunfire. Will have to be more careful next time.

3 Stars  Not too bad, but hope there is something better 
I thought this would be the ultimate opener. As I recall the description, one was to do 3-4 pumps. Per the directions, use 4-8 pumps. If it works right, the cork comes out with a jarringly loud pop. Sometimes I have to finish the removal with the old corkscrew. I am not unhappy with the product. Still looking for the ultimate de-corker.

4 Stars  opener 
worked well very easy to use recommended highly

5 Stars  Great New Way to Open Wine Bottles 
The easiest way to open wine bottles

5 Stars  Works Just Like Advertised! 
By far the easiest way to open a bottle of wine I have ever come across. Slide the needle in, 3-8 pumps and out pops the cork every time! Have tried every tool out there over the years and this one surpasses them all. Went back and bought some for the relatives after they all marveled at it over Christmas.

4 Stars  I was surprised - it worked!!!!!!!!!! 
I really did not expect much from this opener, but I made a mistake - It Worked!!! It was pretty simple to use and the cork popped right out!! I have only used it one time, but that one time it worked like a Dream!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Works Great! 
I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it! It is so easy to use. She said it is her most favorite wine opener ever! Great product. Would recommend.

5 Stars  Easy wine bottle opening 
Great reasonably price tool. Just insert the needle into the cork, press plunger a few times and the cork is pushed out of bottle. Freiends who have seen it are impressed with it. I have bought several for interesting gifts Recommend this one

5 Stars  Very easy to use 
I love this!! It is very easy to use & works every time. If you have problems using your hands, this will help you.

4 Stars  Wonderful cork-pulling magic 
Didnt work on the first bottle - had to get the hang of giving it a few, hard pumps. Then it was terrific!

5 Stars  Works GREAT! 
This thing works GREAT and even my wife loves it.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I bought pone for my sister-in-law who has arthritis in her hand so cant use a traditional wine bottle opener. She likes it so much I bought one for me

5 Stars  Works as described 
This item works just as described. It is a lot easier than most wine openers.

5 Stars  Pop w/o the Fizz! 
Was I surprised! About three pumps, and the cork slid effortlessly out of the bottle, like champagne but without the messy fizz! I had to be restrained from trying to open every bottle we had..

5 Stars  Love it 
Very easy to use

4 Stars  Works on good corks 
Has problems with bad corks- but most pullers do.

5 Stars  WOW! 
So simple! So easy! So cool!

4 Stars  ok 
Works well on most bottles

3 Stars  Disappointed 
Video shows 3-4 pumps and the cork pops out. After 12-14 pumps the cork pops out. You should consider selling used cars!

4 Stars  Like it 
Like it very much only issue and not a big one is getting the cork off

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener 
The best opener I ever used. Quick, simple and it worked just like Pulse advertised. Another excellent buy, thanks Pulse.

4 Stars  easy to use. removing the cork has been a lone defect 
This item is very useful for opening wine bottles. I use a knife to remove the label seal before inserting the needle. After the cork pops out I also need a sharp point knife to remove the cork from the needle.
Hi! The opener actually has something that helps you remove the cork. You can actually view this trick at the end of the video, at the 1:33 marker.
12/23/2018 - Rachael S.

5 Stars  Amazing Product 
This wine bottle opener is amazing. I ordered two more for gifts

4 Stars  Works okay for the price 
Works okay and the price is right. It does the job very simply which is what you can expect.

5 Stars  Best ever 
This wine opener is the best Ive ever used. Easy to use...no chance of getting hurt and easy to dispose to cork. For those nervous about the needle.... its completely enclosed and never extends beyond the protective cover. Everyone that sees it..., wants one.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump 
I love this gadget. I have been through so many wine bottle openers and they all break. This works great. Im hoping it doesnt break like all the rest.

5 Stars  Great Wine Bottle Opener 
Really easy, no screwing a cork screw, twisting and turning. A few pumps and off comes the cork. I ordered 4 and gave friends. They love it. Yes, we drink wine in Hawaii.....not only Mai-Tai. LOL

5 Stars  Wine bottle opener 
Nice and easy to handle.

1 Stars  IFFY 
The thing worked once in five tries and then only after turning and twisting..

2 Stars  Just OK 
It takes a lot of pumping before it pops open. I expected it to slide out slowly. I need to use another device to get the cork off the needle. I have been using a small screw-driver.
Hi! The opener actually has something that helps you remove the cork. You can actually view this trick at the end of the video, at the 1:33 marker.
12/20/2018 - Rachael S.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Of course I had to try this out as soon as I got it and it worked like a charm, just like your video. Its nice not to have to be plugged into an outlet too.

5 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump Item #8304 
I am a Road Warrior spending 5 days a week on the road. It was a hassle to try and open a bottle of wine until I saw the video on this wine opener. I purchased 2 One for on the road the other at home Have an electric opener and this one is so much easier. So much fun to open a bottle of wine on the road now

5 Stars  Great gadget! 
bought 2, one for me and one for my daughter, she will love it, giving it to her for Christmas! Thanks!

3 Stars  Wine Bottle Opener Review 
In the instructions, it doesnt say anything about needing to cut the foil off the top of the bottle. Need to do that before inserting the needle. I now have a hole in my ceiling from pumping and pumping, then finally managing to cut the foil off.

5 Stars  Injector pump wine bottle opener 
I ordered these for Christmas gifts and one for myself. Like anything else I have ordered here it does exactly what they tell me it will do. Fast, very effective, and I highly recommend it to all of you.

5 Stars  Love it 
Its the easiest wine opener i ever own love it

5 Stars  Holy smoke, what a GREAT opener! 
Today my wine bottle opener injector pump arrived and of course I HAD to grab a new bottle and put it to the test. Let me put it this way I want a million bottles to open one after another --- this was FUN! So darn easy and efficient and never fails. I bought 2 of them just in case one ever goes bad. This opener is hands downs the best Ive ever had!

5 Stars  Amazing! 
This opener is the fastest, easiest, slickest wine bottle cork remover I have ever seen. Plus it has a simple, sturdy design and seems built to last. We love it! I sure hope PulseTV gets more in soon... I would like to order a bunch more as gifts for fellow wine-loving friends.

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Wine Bottle Opener Injector Pump

This wine bottle opener is the easy and safe way to remove corks from wine bottles. It uses an injector pump to compress air underneath the cork, lifting it out effortlessly like magic; it'll have you saying WOW!