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Digital Video Recording Spy Pen - It Really Writes!

Digital Video Recording Spy Pen - It Really Writes!

Digital Video Recording Spy Pen - It Really Writes!
Digital Video Recording Spy Pen - It Really Writes!
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Become a Super Sleuth with the Hidden Spy Pen Camera

This amazing Digital Spy Pen has a hidden camera to record video, audio, and even take photos. It's easy enough for anyone to use with a simple one-button operation. Just have the pen's camera lens pointed in the direction you want to record and press the button. It's that easy and discreet enough that no one will ever suspect your recording.

Better yet, this model is an actual working executive style pen! Go from taking notes to recording lectures, business meetings, or something funny in seconds. Everything is recorded on to a Micro SD card (not included) and it will transfer files to your computer through the included cord, just like a removable USB drive.

The Spy Camera Pen is also the same size as a regular pen and easily fits in your pocket, purse, or bag.


- Functional Ball-Point Pen
- Hidden Digital Camcorder (video and sound)
- Records To Micro SD cards (not included)
- Charging cord
- Connects To Your Computer as a Removable Disk
- One Button Operation
- Unique Mode Switch Allows You To Select Photo, Video, Or Audio Recording
- Video Format: AVI video format
- Video Resolution: (720 x 480)
- PC and Mac Compatible
- Battery type: High Capacity, Rechargeable
- Battery lasts for roughly 60 minutes of video recording on a full charge
- Includes Built-In Camera, Microphone, and Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Please Note: Check your local and state laws for guidance on rules of recording other people.

4 Stars  Pictures are terrific 
Some learning curve on how to aim the camera, but photographs are remarkably sharp. The threads on the two pieces of the pen are too fine making it difficult to reassemble.

2 Stars  Spy pen 
I have purchased 3 of these pens, & none of them hold a charge. Also, you have to purchase an SD card separately, as advertised. To be fair, the pen is great while it is working, but that doesnt seem to be very long.

5 Stars  Great Item 
It does everything it is supposed to do. A great item to record those around you in the event you need to have a record of what went on.

1 Stars  Can not use, sim card not included and not available from PulseTV 
Pen not usable do to incomplete package included
We do state in the ad on our site that an SD Card is needed but not included. You can purchase an SD Card where electronics or photography products are sold.
8/5/2021 - Sandy

5 Stars  Great For Much More Than I Thought. 
I bought this just as a fun item to mess around with. Turns out I really love the pen, so I always carry it around. With the recording function, I have used it many times to remember a phone number off a billboard, or something I see in in a store that I want to research more later. I LOVE THIS THING!

4 Stars  Seems to work fine 
Ive only had this for a short time. Test videos are good quality. Flashing LED signals can be a bit confusing but so far seems worth the investment.

4 Stars  affordable 
Great price, good product. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because it takes some getting use to the operation through practice, but that is on me, not the product. Other than that, it does what it says.

Q: The videos are not playing well, what can I do?
A: Playing the AVI files the pen records works much better with the free VLC Media Player (it is free several places online), rather than using Windows Media Player or other common players.

Q: How Do I Turn On the Pen?
A: Press the button on the top until the green light on the pen comes on. Video

Q: How Do I Take A Picture?
A: Press the button on the top of the pen. A green light will go out, then come back on. Video

Q: How Do I Take A Video?
A: Hold down the button on the top of the pen for 3 seconds. A green light will flash on and off consistently while the video is recording. Press the button on the top to stop recording. Video

Q: How Do I Turn Off The Pen?
A: Hold down the button on the top of the pen until a red light appears. The red light will then disappear. Video

Q: How Do I Charge The Pen?
A: Plug the USB end of the cord that came with the pen into the computer. Plug the other end into the middle of the pen. Video

Q: How Do I View My Photos or Videos?
A: Plug the pen into the computer with the Micro SD Card in it. A file will pop up. Click on "View Files". Another file will pop up with a video and photo folder inside of it. Click on either folder and the files will be in them. Video

Q: How do I know when the pen is done charging?
A: The instruction manual states that the red light should stop flashing when it is fully charged after 4 hours. We have tested many and found that some of them will keep flashing even past 4 hours, but the pen is still fully charged.

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Digital Video Recording Spy Pen - It Really Writes!

It looks and writes like a pen, but is actually one of the world's smallest & most discreet digital recorders.