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USB Wall Adapter
USB Wall Adapter
USB Wall Adapter
USB Wall Adapter
USB Wall Adapter
USB Wall Adapter

USB Wall Adapter

USB Wall Adapter

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Compare at: $7.99  (87% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out

This is one invaluable item to have on hand!

Let's face it, we are hooked on our smartphone, iPhones, iPads and tablets and we need to constantly charge them. That's why we all need these USB Wall Adapters.

Use these to charge your tablet, smart phone, iPad, iPod, or iPhone. Either replace a lost charger or use as a spare for all your devices that are either powered by or need to charge via a USB port.

- USB Wall Adapter
- Small and Portable
- Comes in White and Black (no color choice)
- Great for Travel
- 1000 mAh
- Use in Airports, Coffee shops and at home
- Charges USB devices such as Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, eReaders & MP3 Players from any power outlet

Please Note: For iPads the charging time will be longer than for other devices.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Works great! Great price! 
You can never have enough USB wall adapters in this day and age. They work great and and you cannot beat the price. Great deal!

5 Stars  Great Value!! 
I couldnt believe these were being sold at such a low price. Ive used all three adapters that I bought, and all work great ...on my iPhone 8, my wifes Samsung Galaxy 9 and all our Bluetooth devices that need charging ...like speakers, earbuds, etc. I would definitely recommend these adapters if youre looking to keep some extra around the house. I need to order more! I appreciate that Pulsetv.com doesnt load up the price on an item when they certainly could have. Thanks for a great product at a great price!

5 Stars  USB Adapter 
Does just what I need it to do! I would buy it again.

5 Stars  Ninja LED LED Light Bulb 
Great item. Just add patch cords and you dont need the charger to plug in and have dangle from the wall outlet.

5 Stars  Great Price 
As advertised

5 Stars  Works really well 
These extra USB plugs really come in hand especially as some LED lights using USB plugs do not have the plugs.

Worked very well for replacement chargers lost by the Nobody entity which used it last somewhere else.

5 Stars  Works well for charging mobile devices 
Great price for a 1000ma USB Wall Adapter

5 Stars  Good price 
works great and the price was good.

5 Stars  Work as intended 
These little adapters come in very handy. I ordered 5, kept 2 and gave the remaining 3 as Christmas gifts. I am sure the recipients will put them to good use!

5 Stars  Great item 
I have four of them so I can charge phone, tablet, etc. almost wherever I am in the house!

4 Stars  small, but usefull 
Yhis is a great buy at 99 cents. does the job effectively and is extremely usefull when you lack a lot of socket space for the job

5 Stars  great adaptors 
I love these new adapters. There thinner design is great!

5 Stars  A/C charging blocks 
Work good as the higher priced ones that I have bought

5 Stars  Great value 
I often need an adapter when charging a device. Now I have back up to carry in my backpack and keep in my desk at work.

5 Stars  Works for me 
Great item and great price, work well for me.

5 Stars  Excellent price 
I bought these so I could leave chargers in my truck and also the car so if I or friends need them I have them available at all times

5 Stars  Convenient not having chords hanging all over by plugs 
This is so handy for in a guest room so company can change their phones..

5 Stars  My brother and I both thank you a lot! 
My brother Bobby and I both use eCigarettes which must be recharged every day sorta like cellphones and these nifty plug ins are great! Just stick a USB Port adapter into them and screw on the stick battery that looks like a real cigarette and in an hour or so- presto! Back to smoking again and no this is not vaping! Hate all the lies being spread re smoking and vaping anyway! JUUL and RJR should sue the ACS and the AMA!

5 Stars  These Are Perfect 
These Things Work Great! I Have 20 Of Them.

5 Stars  Never have enough 
You can never have enough USB wall adapters. Nothing is worse than having to scout around the house looking for one of these things when yt. Theyre either all being used charging a couple of kindles, downloading books for kindles, charging cell phones, or the kids have them all upstairs doing the same thing. Solution? Buy a bunch of them and with that recent 99cent sale, thats what I did. There is at least one in every room.

5 Stars  Works for all things 
I works great for all my electronics

5 Stars  These plugs are great!!!! 
I got 5 of these plugs! It seems we are always needing one more! They are light weight and convent Thanks for these I dont have to scrounge around to find one. !

5 Stars  usb wall charger 
very handy to have and use when going away on vacation etc.

5 Stars  These USB Wall Adapters are great!!! 
Buying these wall adapters helped me so much. I needed one for my cell phone recharging, and they saved me from being embarrassed.

Review this item!