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Pumice Stone Cleaner: Removes Tough Stains from Toilets, Tile, Sink, and more...

Pumice Stone Cleaner: Removes Tough Stains from Toilets, Tile, Sink, and more...

Pumice Stone Cleaner: Removes Tough Stains from Toilets, Tile, Sink, and more...
Pumice Stone Cleaner: Removes Tough Stains from Toilets, Tile, Sink, and more...
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Pumice Sticks: The Heavy Duty Scouring Tool

When hard-water deposits, corrosion and rust stains become too much for your toilet brush or scouring sponge, you need the power of pumice to get the job done right.

What is a Pumice Stick?

Pumice is a light weight volcanic rock that has been used for centuries as a mild abrasive. Shaped into a cleaning 'stick' and equipped with a convenient handle, you can use pumice to polish away those stains without the need for harsh cleaning agents and without damaging your expensive fixtures.

What can I use my Pumice Stick on?

Use these pumice sticks on toilet bowls, bathtubs, shower tiles and sinks; anything that's vulnerable to calcium, rust, lime and that unsightly build-up that seems impossible to clean. The soap scum in your bathtub, that impervious ring at the water line in your toilet, it all disappears under the pumice stick.

Pumice is widely used in the beauty industry to smooth rough skin, so if you can use it on your elbows and feet you can use it on your bathtub! You can even use it on non-polished metal like your oven racks, your barbecue grill grate and cast iron cookware. And you don't need harsh cleansers or scouring agents. Just make sure the pumice stick and the surface you are cleaning is wet and use a gentle polishing motion. Before use please test a small, inconspicuous spot first. Pumice may dull highly polished surfaces. DO NOT use on: stainless steel, polished metals, marble, glass, fiberglass, unbaked enamel finishes, or plastic. Each package contains 2 Pumice Stone Cleaning Sticks. When a toilet brush or scouring sponge isn't enough, Pumice stone is the solution to your cleaning problem.


- Clean porcelain and tile without any harsh cleansers
- Works great on hard water, calcium and rust stains
- Scratch free
- For use in the bathroom, kitchen, basement
- Can even be used on swimming pool tiles and barbecue grates
- Environmentally friendly
- Material: natural pumice stone
- Size: Stone: 5.25 inch X 1.5 inch sq; Handle: 4 inches
- Package Includes: 2 pumice stone cleaning sticks

5 Stars  Cleans calcium deposits 
This pumice cleaner does a great job of removing calcium and other deposits that accumulate in the toilet. Im very satisfied with this product. Cleans and does not scratch the porcelain.

5 Stars  Works great on tough rust stains. 
We have a well and our water has a lot of iron. Even though we have water conditioning, we still would get tough rust stains in our sinks and bathtub that other products we tried, I wont mention names, could not remove. I was intrigued by these pumice stones and they worked great! They erased the stains we had for years!

5 Stars  Pumice stone cleaner 
Love this product for removing stubborn toilet stains.

5 Stars  Pumice Stone Pumices Well 
Removed stains that existed for years...

5 Stars  Pumice stone cleaner 
We had some stains in our toilet that I could not remove and I tried multiple products. Tried this pumice stone and it removed all of the stains. Our toilet looks brand new. The packaging states that it wont scratch the bowl, so I hope that claim is true.

5 Stars  WOW! 
The pumice stone works great on removing stains from my toilet. Can not imagine being without it.

5 Stars  Great 
I have had them before and love them. Work the best.

5 Stars  Pumice Stone Cleaner 
perfect tool to use to get hard water stains off of sin, toliets, tile without damaging the surfact

4 Stars  A great item at a great price 
These toilet stones work very well. The only problem I have is the handle doesnt stay in the stone, but they can still be used without the handle.

5 Stars  pumice stone 
tried everything on the tuff toilet stains nothing worked until the pumice stone

4 Stars  Pumice stones 
Great, except uses up too fast!

5 Stars  Good product 

5 Stars  Amazing cleaning tool 
I was a little apprehensive that the handle might not be up to an aggressive clean but it sure not disappoint...

5 Stars  Easy to use .. no more hands in the toilet water ! 
We purchased a few packs of the toilet scrubbers, and they work fantastic. I have used the scrubbers before, but none of the ones I ever used had handles. The handles not only keep your hands dry and out of the water, but they provide more leverage to make scouring the bowl easier.

4 Stars  Does work !! 
This Item does work as claimed, but it took a lot of work to get any results. Also I wore down one of the stones to about nothing.

5 Stars  Works great 
Removed some old stains from inside the toilet that a cleaning service couldnt remove.

5 Stars  Toilet bowl cleaner pumice stone 
Worked better than I thought, very satisfied

5 Stars  toilet bowl cleaner Pumice Stone 
Most effective cleaner I have ever used in toilet bowl.

2 Stars  Not really a fan 
The pumice stone leaves streaks that are harder to get off than the original stain. It also loses a lot of the pumice in storage so it creates somewhat of a mess.

5 Stars  pumice cleaner works 
took off the grime in the bathtub

5 Stars  solid 
really works on toilet ring. nothing else worked

5 Stars  Works 
Took the ring out of the toilet bowl

5 Stars  Toilet Bowl Cleaner Pumice Stone 
Product cleaned the calcium deposits from my toilets easily and now they look like new.

5 Stars  works well 
This is about the only thing I found that works in the toilet. Having a handle is a big plus.

5 Stars  Takes work but gets it done 
This involves some elbow grease, but it got out the stains that were on my toilet for years. Thank you!

5 Stars  Amazing 
It took out stains with one swipe that I have been trying to clean for years. It doesnt appear to scratch the bowl.

5 Stars  Works like a charm! 
Used the pumice stone in three bathrooms that were stained at various levels and wiped them away with a little elbow grease. The worst one looks like a brand new toilet bowl.

3 Stars  Worked So-So 
Removed some of the toilet bowl stain, but not all.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Really works

5 Stars  Pumice Stone 
Wow! love this stone. When I get sick. Im down for awhile. And our toilet bowl dont get clean until Im on my feet. And having a male in house. It takes urine off right away. Love it!

5 Stars  Renewed A Not So Old Toilet As Promised 
One of our low flow toilets started to stain badly, well the pumice stone made it like new again. Big TX.

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