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The Original Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch

The Original Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch

The Original Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch
The Original Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch
Your Price: $9.99
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This beautifully designed pocket watch is a testament to the incredible craftsmanship of a bygone era. Inspired by the Jesse James train robbery of 1874, this piece is modeled after the train conductor's own pocket watch which James himself stole, and later returned. Master craftsman of the day designed that watch's intricate clockwork and built a unique case with windows to show off the mechanics.

While a historic work of art like that would be worth a small fortune, this modern piece captures all of the beauty and style of the original but with precision quartz movement for reliability and accuracy.

Handsomely adorned with beautifully round silver or gold tone bezel, this antique style pocket watch features a sturdy butterfly hinge and brilliant stem set. It even includes a 26" chain and fob which allows one to wear the watch a number of different ways.

With a certificate of authenticity from the American Historic Society, you can celebrate the glory of the old west with the beautifully nostalgic Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch! Your watch will come in either silver or gold-tone (no choice available).

- Beautiful Antique Style Commemorates the Old West
- Windowed Casing Shows Off Brilliant Clockwork
- Winding Mechanism Powered with Quartz Movement
- Pocket Watch Includes 26" Chain & Fob
- Certificate of Authenticity from the American Historic Society
- For Men or Women
- Comes in either Silver or Gold (No Choice Available)
- Dimensions: 1.75" diameter x .5"

Very good quality, attractive

5 Stars  Gorgeous !!! 
I purchased this watch as a gift for a good friend. He was impressed with the quality & that it came with a Certificate of Authenticity. He uses it every day & takes good care of it.

5 Stars  Kansascity here we come 
My husband thought he died and went to heaven

5 Stars  Beautiful Watch 
It was an anniversary gift to my husband and he loved it.

5 Stars  Interesting Pocket Watch 
Old-fashioned wind-up. Very attractive and clever. Use one to show young children how watches worked in the olden days. The price makes it a great value and conversation piece.

5 Stars  Beautiful watch 
This watch is gorgeous. It keeps good time. Dont be fooled. This watch is not battery operated. It is spring powered and has a mechanical movement not quartz quartz is electric. Never need to buy a replacement battery. Cant wait to get a vest with a watch pocket.

2 Stars  A soft plastic watch face????? 
I know the watch was only $9.99 but I was very surprised to find that the watch face was SOFT plastic. I didnt expect glass but I didnt expect the soft, bendable plastic. Ill have to handle it very carefully. Otherwise, it is an attractive piece for the price.

5 Stars  Great Pocket Watch 
This is a very well built Commemorative Pocket Watch. It Keeps perfect time and is VERY Attractive. Worth much more than what Pulse TV is selling it for. I Highly recommend this watch!!!

5 Stars  All products that I have ordered, good job! 
Pulsetv.com and the crew that works for this company just do a good job all the time. They do have good prices, stock on hand plus the delivery time is fast right to the front door at my house. They just take care of business all the time. Curtis L. Skatvold

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The Original Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch

The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is a beautiful time piece that evokes the spirit of the old west in all its glory.