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The ORIGINAL HY-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

The ORIGINAL HY-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

The ORIGINAL HY-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
The ORIGINAL HY-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
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What is an Impact Massager?

The Hy-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Massager is one of the best and most relaxing massage experiences you will ever have. It's the same type of massager many pro athletes use to recover from rigorous workouts and activity but at a price that's affordable to everyone.

Just like the professional units, it has a super-strong 3900RPM motor with 6 different power settings for precise massaging control.

Using Deep Tissue Impact Massager

Try a high setting for those tense or tight back and shoulder muscles. Or try a lower setting to ease out leg cramps and give yourself a soothing foot massage. You will find the muscle massager works wonders all over your body. It works great for restless leg syndrome, back pain, and even neck tension that causes migraine headaches. You'll also increase your body's blood flow and range of motion.

The unit comes with 4 different professional massage attachments. The "Round" attachment works great for loosening tense muscles all over the body. The "Flat" attachment gives a nice relaxing massage to gently work out stiff muscles. The "Conical" attachment works just like a professional masseuse for targeting specific trigger points. The "U-Shaped Head" is great for areas around the achilles tendon, trapezoids, and calf muscles.

The massager is cordless with a powerful 1.5-hour rechargeable battery so you can take it anywhere like the gym or office. It's also very quiet and easy to use with a simple one-button operation.


- Professional Grade Impact Massager
- 3900RPM Motor W/ Six Power Settings
- Relaxes And Loosens All Major Muscle Groups
- Accelerates Muscle Warmup And Recovery
- 4 Different Professional Massage Attachments
- Athletes And Health Clubs Use Similar Models
- Ergonomic Grip
- Promotes Blood Circulation
- Improves Range Of Motion
- Lightweight And Cordless
- Rechargeable 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
- Chargetime / Runtime: 2.5hrs / 1.5hrs
- Packaging May Vary
- Dimensions: 8.25" X 7" X 2.5" 1.64 LBS

It is very handy.

5 Stars  This massager is awesome! 
Over the years, we have purchase a few hand held massagers for helping with sore backs and muscles. This one is the best we ve had so far. It gets deep when needed and can be gentle as well. I recommend this massager at this great price to all.

5 Stars  Great product 
My 77 year old wife is enjoying her new massager. She has tight muscle s and arthritis. The massager helps her greatly.

5 Stars  very good quality massager 
I got this massager for my husband for Christmas. He loves it and I like it too. Very good quality and very good price.

5 Stars  Great item at reasonable price 
I bought one of these massagers for my wife who has issue with extremely tight shoulders. She loved it so much that we ended up purchasing FOUR MORE to use as Christmas presents. Definitely worth the price

5 Stars  Top quality product 
This is as good as, if not better than massagers that cost much more money. Various speeds, the lowest speed is enough for any massage you might need, but that top speed is something else! I am very happy I bought this product!

5 Stars  great massager 
makes me feel good

5 Stars  feels so good 
good pressures. multi settings. price is right for the quality

5 Stars  I rarely review products, but this one is outstanding! 
This is a very well constructed and very effective portable massage unit. Being a doctor treating musculoskeletal disorders, our patients often tell us they prefer this treatment to other methods we use with modalities costing multiple times as much.

4 Stars  Great massager 
Works as advertized.

5 Stars  Good Price Good Product 
This thumper massage is well made and has weight to it. I havent had the opportunity to run the battery out yet, so I cant speak to the recharge or run time, but it does the work so far!


5 Stars  Massager 
Nice unit. Even had my physical therapist check it out and he thought it was a really good unit. Price was awesome. Don t need to buy the really expensive ones this will work just fine.

5 Stars  Works great! 
Great for breaking up tight or sore muscles. Rechargeable battery life works for several treatments without need to recharge. Durable, should last a long time.

4 Stars  Seems to work! 
Havent used it for long yet but, it seems to be helping. Only time will tell!

5 Stars  Great device for deep massage 
This device is amazing! I use it loosen neck and shoulder muscles, and it does it very well.

5 Stars  muscle comfort 
works well.

Very satisfied. When feeling tightness I simply use the massager at a slow speed for about 10-15 minutes and I get a feeling of relaxation

4 Stars  Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager that is right for me 
Like this one Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager that I bought two month ago. It working very good, battery life is great. Easy to use. Does good work for muscles. Light weight help to use for longer time in the different area. Recommended to have.

5 Stars  Cordless deep tissue muscle massager 
As a massage therapist I m pleased to have a great massage tool, that didn t cost an astronomical price. It really works well for me.

4 Stars  Does what our University sports model does. 
If you are active, you need this. Target areas that bother you during physical activity or just general massage. The pulse seems more effective than regular massage. This, along with stretching helps blood flow.

5 Stars  HY-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager 
Received item in excellent condition, very good product.

5 Stars  Perfect Gift!! 
Bought this for my grandson for Christmas, huge success! Everyone wanted a massage!

4 Stars  Healing 
Very nice product. Bought a similar one from Costco with one more attachment for $99. This one works just as well and the extra attachment fits this one as well.

5 Stars  Massager 
My boss let me borrow hers that she bought for $210.00 dollars. And this one does everything that hers did and more. This is amazing price that you will not be let down. This is great for tension and pain and also great price.. Enjoy its worth more then they are asking

4 Stars  Pain pain go away 
Just wish it came with a carrying pouch,other than that perfect, a knob on the back would of been helpful to control the pulse,but still a excellent purchase

5 Stars  Muscle Massager 
Excellent. Well made . Plenty of power. Great attachments.

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Video: The ORIGINAL HY-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

The Hy-Impact Cordless Deep Tissue Massager is one of the best and most relaxing massage experiences you will ever have. It's the same type of massager many pro athletes use to recover from rigorous workouts and activity but at a price that's affordable to everyone.
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