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The Chilly Wrap Stay-Cool Neck Gaiter and Instant Face Mask

The Chilly Wrap Stay-Cool Neck Gaiter and Instant Face Mask

The Chilly Wrap Stay-Cool Neck Gaiter and Instant Face Mask
The Chilly Wrap Stay-Cool Neck Gaiter and Instant Face Mask
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Stay cool in the hottest conditions with Chilly Wrap Stay-Cool neck gaiter. This innovative cooling wrap is made with fabric technology that allows you stay cool on hot days for hours!

To activate, soak the material in water, wring it, and snap the wrap. It's that simple! As the water evaporates, the material drops in temperature quickly, leaving you cool and dry.

You can wear this lightweight cooling wrap in many different ways. Wear it on your head, around your neck or even around your wrist. Best of all, it's reusable! Just be sure to re-wet it and repeat the activation process.

You can safely machine wash Chilly Wrap and air dry it.

- Cools up to 30% of Outside Temperature
- Use as a Face Mask
- 10+ Ways to Wear It
- Cooling Lasts for Hours
- Just Soak, Wring, and Snap to Activate
- Fast Activating, Non-clingy Material
- Chemical-Free Material
- Reusable and Machine Washable
- Tumble Dry on Low or Air Dry (preferred option)
- Protects from Sun's UV Rays
- Controlled Evaporation for Most Efficient Cooling
- Dimensions: 18in. (L) x 10in. (W)

5 Stars  Good deal and fast service 
I have been buying things from Pulsetv for several years and almost all that I have purchased has met my expectations. When, on occasion, that was not the case Pulsetv has done what they promised to do. That is why I periodically buy items from them that are of interest to me.

5 Stars  Works like a charm 
So easy, so wonderful. In the heat of this summer and Im sure summers to come, this is a godsend. Easy to use, easy to refresh. Love it.

4 Stars  Cooler Gater 
I work in the industrial sector and half the time in the sub, these are great for keeping you cool and protect your skin from the sun.

5 Stars  cool heads and necks 
When you are out side working in Georgia and with the heat and humidity we have, you will surely appreciate the head wrap and neck scarf

5 Stars  Chilly Wrap 
They work great.

5 Stars  This really works! 
Amazingly enough, this product really does offer cooling relief and is re-charged by just dampening it again and shaking it out. I have two now... a smaller one and this larger one.

5 Stars  Headwear 
Great cool wrap Bought two I wore one and my girlfriend wore one while cutting a couple acres of grass. Still cool when we got done. Very impressed.

5 Stars  does as advertised 
This works well as a quick mask cover.

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The Chilly Wrap Stay-Cool Neck Gaiter and Instant Face Mask

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