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Table Tech Buddy Adjustable Laptop Desk

Table Tech Buddy Adjustable Laptop Desk

Table Tech Buddy Adjustable Laptop Desk
Table Tech Buddy Adjustable Laptop Desk
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Laptops may have revolutionized computing, allowing people to work from anywhere, but once you eliminate the desk... where do you put your laptop?

The Table Tech Buddy has done for the desk what laptops did for computers. Now you can bring your desk wherever you go! No more balancing that hot laptop on your legs, or building a makeshift desk out of sofa cushions or pillows. The Table Tech Buddy lets you work and play on your laptop comfortably pretty much anywhere.

The laptop desk that's perfect for work and e learning

Many of us like to use our laptops and tablets on the bed or sofa, but struggle to get comfortable AND be able to work the way we want to. Now you can place the Table Tech Buddy around your legs while you recline and adjust it to the perfect height and angle!

With 2 points of articulation it is easy to get the perfect angle. Simple pressure release buttons allow you to adjust the desk for a sitting position, a reclining position, and even a standing position (when standing on a traditional desktop). And not having a hot laptop sitting on your legs allows for air circulation to dissipate the heat from your laptop.

Plus, it collapses down completely flat, and lightweight, aluminum construction makes it convenient to bring with you in a briefcase, backpack or schoolbag.

With so many people working and learning from home the Table Tech Buddy will allow you to create a comfortable work space, no matter where you're working.


- Adjustable aluminum laptop stand
- Allows you to create a comfortable work space anywhere
- Reduces neck pain from looking down at your laptop
- Helps correct your posture
- Work while sitting, standing, reclining and more
- Press the adjustable buttons to set the perfect position
- Non-scratch clamps keep your laptop or tablet in place
- Quickly collapses to make it portable
- Overall Height: 9.5 inch
- Overall Width: 12 inch

5 Stars  My nice table 
Love it very much very useful

4 Stars  Adjustable desk works well 
This product works well though it is a little unstable if you move your laptop periodically. It is pretty easy to position to different levels, but again its just a bit wobbly.

5 Stars  Great for your laptop, iPad and even your iPhone 
The stand adjusts easily to a limitless array of heights and angles. This stand turned out to be more than I expected. I love it. I also purchased one each for my two daughters and they are delighted.

5 Stars  A Life Saver - 
This tech table is already saving my aching, aged, back - I cant say enough positive about what a major advantage such a simple device provides. The versatility of being able to use it on a desk, a table, a bed, a lap, sitting, standing... coupled with its light weight and minimal space requirements - an all-round winner! Great price too.

5 Stars  Flexible, attractive, functional 
This little item is easy to use, very secure, and very flexible. I have laptop with a removable screen so I can use it to hold my screen at a good height and distance when the screen is separated from the keyboard. When using the laptop with the keyboard attached, it would just as well.

5 Stars  As advertised 
It was exactly what I needed to position my laptop to avoid a sore neck and within my budget after filling my Christmas List.

5 Stars  Just What I wanted 
I needed a product like this to adjust my laptop for a decent zoom exposure.

5 Stars  A Buddy all should have 
I love this so much. I have one at home, one at the office, and several coworkers have ordered as well.

5 Stars  I love this laptop stand! 
sturdy and easy to adjust. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Perfect! 
This is just what I needed for traveling with my laptop. It keeps it high off the table and the adjustability is a big plus.

5 Stars  Glad to have it 
This little computer stand makes life easier. Simple to set up and adjust.

5 Stars  not sure if I needed tech buddy, now I cant function without it. 
Was easy to set up, very sturdy and worth the very good price.I had to get a much smaller computer, and it was very hard to work with, now with the Table table tech buddy I enjoy being on the computer again.

4 Stars  laptop desk is cool !!!!!! 
it is just the right size to use on your lap for a place to read or do crossword puzzles !!!! sturdy and well-made !!!!

2 Stars  Laptop Desk 
Its not heavy enough or sturdy enough.

5 Stars  Really helps me out 
Solid, sturdy, really helps get it where it is usable for me.

5 Stars  Good Invention. 
I like it!

5 Stars  Practical & functional 
Very easy to set up & it folds down flat in a jiffy. I can throw it right in my duffel bag with my lap top & other essentials. A very wise buy on my part.

5 Stars  Works as advertised. 
Use it to rest my keyboard when gaming on my PC.

4 Stars  Very nice Laptop Desk but made for a child 
This is a very well made piece, but it needs to be about 2 - 3 inches wider. I can place it over my legs on my chair, but the legs of the Laptop Desk are pushed outward to the point I am afraid the joint at the desktop will break

5 Stars  Convenient, Light Weight, Massive positioning capabilities 
There are so many uses for this top notch adjustable table, Makes reading a book fun again. Hands free, good posture for neck, simple to adjust, etc. I love it so much I bought two. My 11 inch tablet is now being used because with this table tech I can go anywhere with it

4 Stars  Great item 
Works far better then I expected. Very pleased with it, but seems not extremely sturdy. I bought two and like them.

5 Stars  Easy to Use 
This is a very handy laptop table that is easy to adjust to use many ways. I hope it continues to be usable for many years. It s a nice design, and it looks to be fairly durable.

4 Stars  My buddy 
My table top buddy is very useful. Its now my friend and used for multiple occasions, while on my patio, or traveling. I even bought one for my husband and he loves it, hasnt stopped using it since he got it.

5 Stars  Perfect foe bed bound patients 
I just love my laptop table! I can set it up in a variety of ways

5 Stars  computer portable table 
Very nice works our really nice.

5 Stars  table tech buddy 
love it! enough said.I just love it!

2 Stars  Disappointed, be aware of how narrow it is 
I ordered 2 of these thinking they would be great for working on my iPad while sitting in my recliner. The issue is unless you are very slim the arm span is so narrow it will not fit over your hips. I ordered one as a gift and they have the same issue. While I can return it, the return shipping is so expensive I will be keeping them and giving to a child.

1 Stars  over rated 
not stable very weak

3 Stars  Almost, but not quite 
Not quite wide enough for both legs to fit under. Not quite tall enough, either - when adjusted to be high enough it is unstable and can tip over.

2 Stars  Not what I expected 
Not made very well. I bought another one from another Company. It cost too much to send back so I kept it, but do not recommend it.

5 Stars  Laptop Desk 
I was able to get my Granddaughter and Myself this Laptop Table. Both of us do not use our Laptops on a Desk so this is very nice to have. Very happy with this purchase and Price.

5 Stars  Table tech 
Nice good price

3 Stars  Table Tech Buddy Adjustible Laptop Desk 
It s better than nothing , not strong, tips easily

5 Stars  Makes life easier 
Makes it easier for my kids to do their school work

5 Stars  Flexible and sturdy 
Perfect for holding my iPad during family zoom calls. Exactly what I needed.

4 Stars  Very helpful! 
I havent used this as a portable desk. I use it on my desk so that I can sit up straight, not hunched over in order to see the keyboard and display of my laptop computer. The neck discomfort I used to experience rarely bothers me now. This device is easy to set up. I had it unpacked and was using it in just minnutes! The table clips firmly hold the laptop in the right position without worry that it might fall out. I would buy it again.

5 Stars  Great little adjustable table 

5 Stars  Great Uses 
Thanks for this item. I have been using it to hold my DVD player to watch movies. I will be using it to hold my tablet too.

5 Stars  Adjustable stand 
Perfect size for IPad while looking at Email. Family Zoom sessions are easier for setting up.

5 Stars  Tech Buddy success 
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Great. Those are the remarks I received from the four gifts I gave for Christmas. Keep up the good work!!! Customer for life!!!!

2 Stars  Hard to Set UP 
This is very hard to set up. Once I did it kept falling over. I baught two and the other one is still in the box. It will really take some study to set this up so it does not fall over out of balance.

5 Stars  Handy for many tasks 
I bought 4 of these for family members and myself for Christmas. I read in bed, my wife uses it for virtual teaching with her laptop and my daughter uses it for many things including a snack tray. With 18 different configurations, it works for any situation.

5 Stars  Very convenient 
This desk is very convenient for sitting and working with my tablet and laptop. It will be easy to carry with me.

4 Stars  Laptop Desk 
It works well, not as sturdy as I thought it would be. It does hold my laptop well.

5 Stars  Loved them so much...I bought more 
Bought 2 of these for my wife and I to study in bed. Turns out the kids loved them and I had to buy 2 more for a total of 4. Now we use them all over the house and we use them for our Zoom meetings twice a week as well. Love them!

5 Stars  Works great for Lenovo laptop 
My wife uses this for her stand up desk to teach remotely. It holds her laptop securely and is solid while typing.

5 Stars  great products 
my son and daughter both love the laptop desk

4 Stars  Really Cool 
Love this product except it it difficult to raise and lower this due to the buttons being hard to press in.

5 Stars  Perfect For So Many Things! 
Everyone in my house was fighting over the table tech buddy, so I had to buy a couple more. It just works for so many things. My kids love to use it as a desk for coloring and using the iPad, and my wife has been using it in bed while she reads. She likes to highlight stuff in her books so she says its nice having a place to put her highlighter. Before it would always get lost in the bed. 5 stars for this one!

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Table Tech Buddy Adjustable Laptop Desk

Now you can bring your desk wherever you go! No more balancing that hot laptop on your legs, or building a makeshift desk out of sofa cushions or pillows. The Table Tech Buddy lets you work and play on your laptop comfortably pretty much anywhere.