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TENS Unit Electronic Massager & Muscle Stimulation Kit

TENS Unit Electronic Massager & Muscle Stimulation Kit

TENS Unit Electronic Massager & Muscle Stimulation Kit
TENS Unit Electronic Massager & Muscle Stimulation Kit
Your Price: $24.91
Compare at: $299.99  (91% off)
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Get one for $29.99
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Smaller than most cell phones, the FDA Approved Smart Relief Electro-Therapy Massager gives you the healing power of Physical Therapy in the palm of your hand. Use anytime, anywhere and kiss aches, pains and sore muscles goodbye with this muscle contractor.

This TENS machine includes 10 different modes such as cupping, kneading, shiatsu, and acupuncture. Additionally the 10 intensity levels will ensure you find the right therapy for pain relief. The TENS Massager is user friendly and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. The Electro Stim includes a body chart with suggested treatment points including sciatica. Getting started is simple, and once you do with electro stimulation, there's no going back.

Here is a comparison of the best Electrotherapy Pain Relief Devices:

  Smart Relief™ Tens Unit Starter Kit Icy Hot TENS Therapy Kit Omron Electrotherapy TENS
Price $29.99 $54.89 $81.89
Body Chart YES YES NO

TENS Stimulator Features:
- LCD display screen
- 10 different modes
- 10 intensity levels
- 2 pairs of massage pads
- 2 connection cords
- Cord organizer spool
- Acupuncture point chart
- USB charging cord with wall adapter
- Rechargeable Lithium Battery
- FDA Cleared

Please Note: Always check with your physician before using any type of massage/pain management system. This may not replace professional treatment and is not recommended for people with heart related issues.

5 Stars  Tens unit 
Gives excellent treatment,and also the battery holds a charge for a long time.

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FDA Approved Tens Unit Electro-Therapy Massager by Smart Relief. Features 10 modes settings and 10 intensity levels for pain relief management.
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