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Super Fast Rechargeable Micro Pocket Racer w/ Globe

Super Fast Rechargeable Micro Pocket Racer w/ Globe

Super Fast Rechargeable Micro Pocket Racer w/ Globe
Super Fast Rechargeable Micro Pocket Racer w/ Globe
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $19.99  (50% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (65% off)

The Micro Racer Toy Your Kids Will Love

The Rechargeable Lighted Micro Pocket Racer With Stunt Dome gives you endless hours of fun as the car zips, loops, turns, and flips at speeds up to 15 MPH.

Two bright multi-colored LED headlights go through a complex dance of flashes, fades, and police-style flash-pulses. It's absolutely stunning to see this micro racer in action.

When you release the car in the included Stunt Dome, you get a stunt and light show worthy of the Vegas Strip! Two different speed modes give you different effects and light trails as the car speeds around the dome: up, down, side to side, and upside down.

Let the Stunt Dome go on the floor and it will take on a life of its own, racing off in random directions. This makes it super-fun for pets to chase.

For more fun, take the micro racer car out of the stunt dome and hook up the included lanyard clip. The car will race around in a perfect circle at speeds fast enough to only see the brilliant light-trail left behind. Plus, you can add multiple micro racers and lanyards together for a really cool show!

Each micro racer is rechargeable and only takes an average of 30 minutes to fully recharge. This will give you about 25 minutes of racing.

NOTE: Make sure when you open the stunt dome for the first time to take out the clear plastic half-moon packing piece.


- Super Fun Micro Racer
- Two Fast Speeds: 10 and 15 MPH
- Flashing Headlights With Multiple Flash Modes
- Includes Stunt Dome And Stunt Lanyard
- Sleek Design With Racing Stripe
- 360 Fast Spin Action
- Does Incredible Loops And Turns, At Super-Fast Speeds
- Stunt Dome Races Around Floor While Car Gives An Awesome Light Show
- Fun For Kids, Adults, And Even Pets
- Add More Cars And Stunt Domes For Added Fun
- Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Lasts For 25 Minutes
- Charge Cord Plugs Into Any USB Port
- Car Dimensions 1.75" X 1" X 0.75"

This Pocket Racer is Fun For All Ages

From kids to adults, our micro racer fits in your pocket and also makes a great gift.

Kids love it because it provides hours of fun either inside or outside the stunt dome. Turn off the lights and they have a great light show with colorful LED headlights whirling around.

Adults love it because it makes a great desk toy and a quick distraction for breaks at work.

Buy your lighted micro racer pocket toy today at this great low price.

5 Stars  Way cool! 
The car IS super fast!! My grandson loved it! We laughed so hard when my cat freaked out when he saw it. I ll be buying more of these!

5 Stars  really good 
My cat loves the car. Have to buy a couple at a time so that IF one goes under the bed, couch, whatever, I have a replacement. I try to keep it in the bathroom just so that does not happen. This is one of the best toys ever!

5 Stars  Great grandson loves them 
Keeps my GGrandson very busy

5 Stars  Cool fast car 
This little car is awesome its so fast and if you dont grab it fast enough it jumps out your hand

5 Stars  what a kick. 
kids are crazy about these cars.

5 Stars  Micro pocket racer 
Fun little racer for the kids. Pretty durable and fast.Good deal for the money.

5 Stars  Super fun car! 
Gave these to my grandsons and they absolutely love it! Very versatile too, it works in or out of the ball. The lights are fun for playing at night in the dark & it s super fast!

5 Stars  Great little toy 
Grandkids love them. Neat idea. Car is really fast on flat surface.

5 Stars  Ordered for my grandson and great nephews 
Really cute and loads of fun and entertainment.

5 Stars  micro pocket racer 
Gave as gift to 3 kids and they all loved it. Grown ups wanted one too.

5 Stars  Fun toy 
Racer is a fun little toy. It doesnt go in a straight line, but thats okay. Still lots of fun.

5 Stars  Very playful 
Got this for great-grand nephew as a belated Christmas gift. Loves it.

5 Stars  pocket racer 
Grandchildren love it!

5 Stars  As advertised.... 
I bought these for our grandchildren girl 8, boy 5. They love the cars, both with and without the plastic globes. These cars are very fast, moving in random directions. It is difficult to use them in the globe, because the cars naturally want to fit into the curved ball -- upside down. Moving the globe quickly in a circular motion will usually force the cars wheels against the ball. They work best on a hard surface. Lotsa fun and a heckuva good price!

2 Stars  Not what I thought it would be 
Kids didn t like it as much as we hoped

5 Stars  JUST GREAT 
My grand kids love them

5 Stars  Pocket cars are a hit 
One of the least expensive gifts but most fun. Would have bought more if the price remained 1.99. Nonetheless great fun for the kids on Christmas day.

5 Stars  Very Entertaining Toy 
I bought 2 of these as Christmas presents for my 2 grandsons. They both really liked this toy. It will keep them entertained for a long time.

5 Stars  great race toy 
My little two year old great grandson loved this. right size for his hands and it was so colorful both in the ball and on the floor. Nice it did not need batteries just usb cord

5 Stars  wonderful 
My grandsons love this toy!

3 Stars  the micro car is pretty awesome, but... 
this car is fantastic but the charging cable is so small it is easily misplaced and once it is gone, no other cable around will charge the car back up so the car is useless without the cable

5 Stars  Lighted Rechargeable Micro Pocket Racer Toy 
Wonderful present that kids really like! They are lightning fast! Have bought before on sale will buy again.

5 Stars  Great entertaining toy 
I bought this Racer Toy for my 2-year-old granddaughter and she loves it. We keep it inside the ball so there isnt a chance that she could swallow the small car. She loves to hold the ball with the car running around inside while the ball vibrates in her hands. She figured out that if she put the ball on the floor with the running car inside the ball would roll around the floor in a gyro type motion.

5 Stars  These little cars can move 
These are small but so cool, I think My grandsons will love them, I would Definitely buy them again.

4 Stars  Fun toy 
This is a fun toy, but it is difficult to get ball closed before the car takes off. Really fun once it is together and moving fast. Cat is scared of it.

5 Stars  Fun little car 
On-time delivery. Fun little car. Just need to figure out how to keep the lid shut more often but that just means I need to read the directions better LOL. Going to maybe shave off the one little knob on it so that that thing will roll all over the floor when the cars running. Very pleased with this and the price was awesome. My grandson loved it

4 Stars  Kids love it 
Kids love it

5 Stars  Micro Pocket Racer 
This is really a cute little car and does everything advertised. Fun to watch. I ordered 4 for family members. They enjoy them very much!

5 Stars  Love them 
my grandkids love them.

5 Stars  Micro Pocket racer Toy 
Good Christmas gifts.

5 Stars  Too fun 
The Grandkids loved them. They are fun and versatile.

2 Stars  Disappointing 
Cars work well on flat surfaces but in the ball the cars prefer being upside down and do not work like in the video.

5 Stars  Great racer! 
Easy to use, quick charge. A bonus is that kids feel the gyroscopic effect while car spins in globe. I bought 2!

3 Stars  Grandchildren love them. 
Due to the small battery, I found the cars need a fresh charge in order to go fast enough for centrifugal force to keep them going around the plastic ball.

5 Stars  A gift to my grandson 
He loved it!!

5 Stars  Lighted Rechargeable Micro Pocket Racer Toy 
incredibly fast and fun, grand kids loved them

4 Stars  mini racer wiyh dome 
Grandson liked it.

5 Stars  cool racing car ever!! 
this is the coolest little race car ever. has a USB charger and you can either use it with the call or without. It lights up and in the dark it is so cool to see it race around. My son loves it. So does my husband. Sabrina Nicol

3 Stars  Mini Racer w/Stunt Dome 
I bought this for my two Maine Coons. The first problem I have is charging. I have to reseat the connection several times in order to get a good charge. The second is getting it INSIDE the dome the right way. I have to keep flipping it until the tires make contact with the dome. Very difficult, but runs really well when you get it right.

5 Stars  Childs toy 
Child loved it and played with it for hours

2 Stars  boring 
I bought two of these racers for my grandkids. Frankly, they were bored after less than a minute.

5 Stars  Kids loved it 
Performance exceeded all expectations.

4 Stars  Need to speed 
My nephew loved this little car and for mere pennies on a dollar. Its the little gifts that count.

5 Stars  Cool Car 
Christmas gift for my friends son. He really likes it. It lights up brightly. Mom says its not good on carpet.

5 Stars  Cool Car 
Christmas gift for my friends son. He likes it. Mom said it really lights up brightly. Not good on carpet mom says.

1 Stars  More like 0 stars 
Highly disappointed with operation and product overall.

4 Stars  Really Cool! 
Bought these for my nephews for Christmas. They were the hit of the party! Loved them.

4 Stars  Great Hit 
The racers were a great hit with our grandkids. They played with them continuously.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Lighted Super Mini Racer with Stunt Dome 
We love this little car. Lights change colors and car has two speeds. Our dogs had fun chasing the dome as it rolled across the carpet. Can use the car by itself or clip the small strap to it and hold it with a pen as the car spins around. And you can put the car in the super dome and let it roll around the room. The dome is hard to get apart but it wont pop open as the car spins around inside. Comes with a USB cord to recharge the car. Bought two. Would make a great stocking stuffer so should have gotten more for Christmas 2020. Especially at this great price!

5 Stars  Grandson loved it. 
My grandson received very expensive gifts but wind up playing with the tiny car. Carries it with him to this day. He loves it.

5 Stars  Great little toy 
My grandkids 7 & 10 love this. Easy to charge and use.

5 Stars  Super fun. 
I kept one and gave one to a friends son. He loved it too.

5 Stars  Mini racer 
Works Great, My grandson loves it. And I believe my brothers care will too.

1 Stars  Not worth a dime 
Terrible product. wont even stay on the wheels when operating. A complete waste of money

4 Stars  Very small! 
Cons This item was much smaller than I expected. It is Very small, about 1.5 inches from nose to tail. The stunt dome is a 3 inch plastic sphere. it is often difficult to get the car spinning around in the dome, and it sometimes fails and just lies on its back spinning its wheels. Pros IT WORKS, and being USB rechargeable it needs no batteries. It races around in its dome very fast and if the dome is placed on a smooth floor it makes an excellent cat toy which was my intended use. It also will run around in circles out of its dome when held by a string. Attachment point and connector are included. Overall it is well worth its small price, but DO NOT buy this for a small child, it would be a choking hazard because of its size.

2 Stars  A cheap little tech toy - luckily I didnt pay much 
These little cars are cute and quite functional from a rechargeable motorized standpoint. But the wheels and gears are poorly designed and for the most part they just skitter around with no real direction. If you use the globe or the attached tether, they go in a circle very fast, but that becomes very boring very quickly. They cause a lot of giggles, but are rather unsatisfying.

5 Stars  Even the adults loved them 
We gave these to our 8 grandchildren at an early Christmas celebration and they were a great hit. Even the adults were playing with them.

4 Stars  rechargerable lighted super mini racer/stunt dome item #8877. 
The Lighted Super Mini Racer W/ Stunt Dome is very interesting. I bought them for my grand sons, and they are having a great time with them. Put the Racer inside the dome and watch them go at super fast speed.

5 Stars  Great Buy! 
Grandsons love these.

2 Stars  Mini racer 
A lot smaller than anticipated and very limited what it can do

3 Stars  10 min fun 
This Mini Racer car is fun for 10 min, when it runs inside the plastic ball. Then kids lost the interest.

5 Stars  tiny mini racer, big winner! 
actually bought this for my grandkitty...and he loves it..zack shows you putting a pencil in the center and letting it run around the pencil, well if you put the strap around the leg of a kitchen chair, the kitty will lay there and bat it all around...good idea to have 2, so one can be charging and when the other goes out, just replace it and recharge the dead one...then you always have one ready and dont have to wait 30 minutes...kotya thanks you from the bottom of his wagging tail...

5 Stars  mini racer 
Pets and small children are fascinated

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