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Suction Cup Magnifying Mirror

Suction Cup Magnifying Mirror

Suction Cup Magnifying Mirror
Suction Cup Magnifying Mirror
Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $12.99  (61% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $6.98 (73% off)
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If you have been getting by with your bathroom wall mirror for putting on makeup, tweezing your brows and shaving, you might be shocked at what your missing! This magnifying mirror is a must-have addition to your morning routine.

Best Magnifying Mirror For Tweezing, Shaving, Make-Up Application and more...

Magnifying in at 12 times closer than a normal mirror, this handy tool makes it easy to get the perfect flick of your eyeliner, put your moisturizers, gels, and serums in just the right spot, and pluck up each of those little unwanted hairs.

The Solution To Limited Bathroom Counter Space!

A high quality magnifying mirror like this are often freestanding. The problem is they can take up a lot of space. For those of us with limited counter space, this magnifying mirror has two suction cups on the back that allows you affix it to almost any flat and smooth surface like your wall mirror.

Plus mounting it allows for hands-free usage.

Bottom line a powerful magnifying mirror allows you to isolate even the finest hair for precise, easy tweezing. You'll love the power and convenience that this mirror provides.


- Magnified At 12x Closer Than A Normal Mirror
- 2 Suction Cups Provide Hands-Free Convenience
- Attaches To Almost Any Flat, Smooth Surface
- Design Minimizes Counter Clutter
- 5 inches Wide
- Great for Tweezing, Making Precise Makeup Application, Shaving and more!

5 Stars  magnifying mirror 
I already have a 10 X magnifying mirror this one is a little better to find stray facial hairs that need plucking. I dont use the suction cups but someone may love them like men to shave in the shower!!!! Good product good price wish shipping was a little less, but everything costs $$

4 Stars  mirror 
It was what I had hoped was a little larger but it does the job.

5 Stars  great item 
really a neat thing while shaving

5 Stars  Very Powerful 
This is a strong mirror and I can see everything... Im not sure that is good LOL.

5 Stars  excellent 
it says 12X. I thought it said 10x when I bought it. Either way, it is an excellent mirror. For the magnification is has it is very clear. I bought 2, one for myself as I hav a lot of face blemishes, etc and one for my son. He likes it a bunch, too.

5 Stars  Mirror 
Love this mirror. I was on a trip and having some eye problems, this magnified mirror helped me see the eye problems in detail.

1 Stars  worst product ever 
Mirror is very distorted and image show upside down. Very hard to shave with that mirror.

1 Stars  Not as Pictured 
Im not sure what good a mirror is if you practically have to touch your nose to it to see anything clearly! At first I thought it was just because I need glasses, but had my sister try it and she said the same thing I did. I can only see about a third of my face and would have to move around to see different areas! Very disappointed.

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Video: Suction Cup Magnifying Mirror

If you have been getting by with your bathroom wall mirror for putting on makeup, tweezing your brows and shaving, you might be shocked at what your missing!
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