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Steam Mop with Vibration and Blacklight Technology (Refurbished)

Steam Mop with Vibration and Blacklight Technology (Refurbished)

Steam Mop with Vibration and Blacklight Technology (Refurbished)
Steam Mop with Vibration and Blacklight Technology (Refurbished)
Your Price: $59.99
Compare at: $64.99  (769% off)

The Luna Steam Mop is the ultimate floor cleaner that actually sanitizes your floor while making it sparkly clean. Nothing makes your hardwood, tile, linoleum or Pergo floors look more dazzling (or smell fresher) than a good steam cleaning!

But the Luna doesn't stop where the hard floor surface ends... it actually comes with a carpet glider attachment that's perfect for cleaning a deodorizing carpeting and area rugs. It's a steam cleaner AND carpet cleaner in one!

This is no ordinary steamer. It uses micro vibration technology to lift dirt and debris from a stubborn area. Plus, there's an LED light that illuminates dark areas and a black light to actually show you messes you didn't even know were there so you can blast them away with sanitizing steam vapor!

- Steam Cleaner for Hard Floor Surfaces and Carpeting
- Includes Carpet Glider Attachment
- Includes 2 Machine Washable, Microfiber Mop Heads
- Vibrating Head Lifts Dirt and Debris
- Mop Heads Attach Easily with Hook-and-Loop Adhesion
- Just Fill with Water, Plug It In and Turn It On... Steam is Produced in Under a Minute!
- On-Board Cord Wrap for Easy Storage
- Head Swivels for Easy Cleaning Around Corners and Under Furniture
- Includes both an LED Light and a Black Light for Illuminated Messes
- Cleans, Deodorizes and Sanitizes
- Includes Water Filling Container
- Factory Refurbished Steam Cleaners Work Just Like New!
- Stands at 46"

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled.

5 Stars  Steam it up! 
Durable 5 Quality 5 Ease of use 5 Clean ability 5

5 Stars  This steam cleaner is the best!! 
Works great, price is right! An instruction book would have been nice but I figured out how to use it. I use distilled water to prevent mineral build up issues. Thank you Pulse for a wonderful product at an affordable price!

5 Stars  Works very Well 
Easy to use and does a good job

5 Stars  Easy to use 
I purchased this to try to keep kitchen and bath floors clean. As I age, it is harder for me to get on my hands and knees to do the cleaning. This made all the difference.

5 Stars  I LOVE this!!!! Works great! 
I ordered this because I broke my last steam cleaner and this one was cheaper. It works GREAT!!! I LOVE the light and it cleans my floors perfectly and heats up faster than my last one! I highly recommend this!! You wont regret it!

5 Stars  Works great! 
Bought this steam mop to replace a different model that has worn out. This mop is lightweight and easy to use. I like all the features led lights, vibrating head, different settings. I especially like the extra long power cord. This mop makes cleaning my tile floors a breeze!

5 Stars  I love it! 
We have mostly ceramic tile floors, but 1 room is wood. I have one medium size rug. Im impressed with how clean my floors look now. Ive spot cleaned the rug on various types of pet accidents, as we have 5 cats & 2 dogs. That was also impressive. Its not as fast as pushing a mop, but I feel it gets the floor so much cleaner, so its worth the time.

4 Stars  Works Great! 
Easy to use and it works great.

5 Stars  Steam mop 
It works fantastically. I love it. Thank you.....

4 Stars  Good product for the price. 
I bought the steam cleaner to use on our carpets. It only does a fair job on the carpet.

5 Stars  Steam mop 
I have a large area of tile floor and I really like how easy this mop is to use. Works great, does a thorough job, and saves my back from lots of bending and scrubbing.

5 Stars  So glad I got it! 
I may not be the best house keeper in town, but I had no idea how much I was missing. I Swiffer the floors and mop at least once a week and spot mop as needed. I got this machine and decided to clean the floors the next day even though it hadnt been a week yet. I vacuumed and Swiffered first then used the steamer. OMG...it got up so much crud from my light beige textured ceramic tile floor it was unbelievable. I saturated the first mop head, then used a second one and saturated it just for the kitchen and half of the dining room. I rinsed out the first pad and used it again for the living room traffic areas...I had rolled up the area rug and the surrounding traffic areas looked gray. After using the steamer the whole floor matched again. I rinsed our the second pad and used it for the hall and bathroom. The downstairs bathroom floor has not been so clean since it was installed, I think. I am going to use this regularly and never buy wet Swiffer mop pads again. I love the fact that I dont need strong chemicals, too. I have a couple of dogs that dont need to walk around and get that on their feet.

5 Stars  Love this machine 
I love this machine and how it has the lighted up chamber in the back that shows how much water there is in there. I love the black light and the white light effect. Lets you see what you have missed or stains, etc. And I love the vibration that it gives off to help get a soiled area up. My floors look nice and clean now.

5 Stars  Amazing Mop 
Its unbelievable how good this mop cleans, and it is so easy to use.

5 Stars  Works Great 
I wanted something simple and easy to use. This fits the bill

5 Stars  Nice 
Works great. We are happy with the product.

3 Stars  Steam Mop 
Not overly impressed with this mop, does not smoothly go over the floor, hard to push. Lesson learned - really not worth the price.

4 Stars  steam mop 
So far so good, I like it

5 Stars  Great Value 
This steam mop works great. One plus is the long cord it has on it--you can cover a large area without having to find another outlet. It has a lot of advantages over some of the more expensive ones--an excellent value.

5 Stars  Steam mop 
Easy to use. Does a good job.

4 Stars  The steam cleans surfaces very efficiently. 
The only thing I didnt like is that where the cleaning pad attaches to the unit with little white grippers, the grippers came off all over the floor, this was a refurbished unit. I had to sweep after I was done to pick those up. So Im going to have to attach it a different way soon, most likely with rubber bands. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

5 Stars  Refurbished Steam Mop 
Works very good on Kitchen floor tile. Have not tried it on carpet, but suspect it will work just as good.

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Steam Mop with Vibration and Blacklight Technology (Refurbished)

The Luna Steam Mop is the ultimate floor cleaner that actually sanitizes your floor while making it sparkly clean. Nothing makes your hardwood, tile, linoleum or Pergo floors look more dazzling (or smell fresher) than a good steam cleaning!