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Solar Ultrasonic Birds Away

Solar Ultrasonic Birds Away

Solar Ultrasonic Birds Away
Solar Ultrasonic Birds Away
Your Price: $29.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $49.98 (75% off)
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Protect your home and yard from those pesky birds with this Solar Ultrasonic Birds Away.

Chemical free it is safe to use anywhere. Using ultrasound frequency you will repel all kinds of birds like crows, seagulls, pigeons and more.

No power source is needed! It is solar powered so you can place this anywhere with a sun source. Need it in a place that doesn't have sunshine? No worries used the included USB cord to charge it up and place anywhere.

With a maximum volume level of 75 decibels this is great for keeping birds and small animals away from your home. No more birds nest where you don't want them!

For improved protection, it has an Auto Night function. When set, it will automatically flash the internal LED lights every 10 seconds.

With it's easy to use hook or magnet you can place this almost anywhere.

- Keep Birds Away The Humane Way
- Chemical Free
- Works In 2 Ways (Sound & Light)
- 3 Speakers
- Deters Both Birds and Small Animals
- Covers A 30-Foot Range
- Portable, Place Anywhere
- 2 Ways To Power (Solar or USB port)
- Convenient Hanging Hook Included
- Repels All Kinds of Birds (Crows, Pigeons, Seagulls & more)
- German Technology
- Frequency: 24 - 65 kHx +/- 10%
- Max: 75 dB Plus Flashing Lights
- Weatherproof
- SAVE a WHOPPING $20.00 more when you buy two!

5 Stars  It really works 
The pigeons are staying 30 - 40 feet distant, off the roof, and messing with the solar panels. Please get some more I need to give them to my neighbors.

5 Stars  GREAT 
the bird works great

1 Stars  Solar Ultrasonic Birds Away 
Part charged but never worked.Birds landed On IT! Thanks but no thanks.

5 Stars  ?? Finally Stopped Them ?? 
I will admit to being somewhat of a skeptic after reading about the the SOLAR Ultrasonic Birds Away claims. I have been challenged by our STATE protected Swallows nesting on my front porch and leaving a trail of, well you know what in their wake. This product is amazing. Its been up three weeks and I have not had to overhaul my front porch and ultimately resort to my power washer to remove their calling cards. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to deter birds without harming them in the relocation process. Just gentle encouragement to find some new real estate to call home!

1 Stars  Did not deter the birds at all. 
I have a photo of this product sitting next to my pool in full sun so I know it is charged and there is a big stork standing practically on top of it. Does not keep birds away.

5 Stars  It works 
It stop the birds from coming to eat the cat food from outside

4 Stars  Some Help 
The area around our pool which the birds drop their droppings is much cleaner. But it doesnt completely take care of the problem. It just isnt as bad.

5 Stars  Peace and quietness on the front porch 
The solar ultrasonic birds away really works great and keeps all the birds away from my front porch. I highly recommend it if you need to keep any birds away from where ever . I only wished that I found this years ago

5 Stars  Get rid of pesky seagulls! 
We had seagulls nesting on our boat lift top and also messing up our beach area. Adding this ultrasonic device to our dock has kept them away! We are thrilled with the results!

5 Stars  GREAT so far 
I used to have at least 50 birds a day in my yard. So far after 2 weeks, I only saw 2 birds and they flew away within a minute

5 Stars  Solar Ultrasonic Birds Away 
I purchased this item to see if it works as advertised. To my amazement its working and doing the job, keeping the pigeons and other birds away. From the telephone wires and area, which they do their mess on the cars everyday. Im very pleased with no more bird mess on my cars.

5 Stars  Made my bird problem go away 100%! 
I had so many birds around my back yard, making a mess all over my patio furniture. I had to wash them almost daily and they were always wet when I wanted to sit on them. Now I am bird0free and can enjoy my backyard every day!

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