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Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk
Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk
Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk
Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk
Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk

Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk

Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $39.99  (75% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
Key Features:
- Save more than $30 off store prices
- Automatically Turns on At Night
- Set it Once and Forget It
- Water and Weather-proof
- Cool White LED
- Built-In Rechargeable Battery
- Simple to Assemble

Looking to make a statement for your yard, garden, or walkways? These elegant night lights are a sleek and hassle-free way to add lighting to any area of your yard. The solar panel charges the built-in battery during the day and automatically turns on at night.

Decorate around your flowers, landscaping, or along your driveway. Since they're powered by the sun, no need to replace batteries or go through the hassle of complicated wiring.

It uses a single cool white LED that shines through a clear, beveled housing. The pole and head have a brushed stainless-steel exterior.

You get 8 total lights in one box. This plain, bulk packaging saves you money, and assembly couldn't be easier. Just push the stake and light head onto either side of the stainless steel pole, and push it into your lawn.

Features & Benefits:
- Save more than $30 off store prices
- No wires, outlets, plugs or electricians needed
- Solar-Powered: Charges All Day
- Automatically Turns on At Night
- Set it Once and Forget It
- Water and Weather-proof
- Cool White LED
- Built-In Rechargeable Battery
- Simple to Assemble
- Elegant Brushed Stainless-Steel Exterior
- You Get 8 in One Package
- No Buying Extra Batteries, Complicated Wiring
- 4in Plastic Spike for Stability
- Installed Dimensions: 10in Tall x 2.25in Diameter
- Decorate Walkways, Landscaping, Garden, Driveway, and More

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4 Stars  Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk 
Nice, and for the price, certainly acceptable.

5 Stars  Star burst path lighting 
Absolutely the best price I found for these solar path lights. I recommend them to everyone. Easy install, no fuss. Lights at night spread star burst on our path.

1 Stars  Sorry but these are junk 
Two didnt work out of the box and they are painfully dim and pathetic. Granted they were very cheap but a quarter would be too much. Sorry.

5 Stars  These work great 
I have bought several sets of lights from other places and these are the best Ive found. They work and look great. Very pleased!

5 Stars  Tinny lights 
I love these lights to tell you the truth they are better than my large ones, they are working when my others dont. Even in the winter. So I had to buy two more pk this yr. the price is great thank you

3 Stars  Pretty but Not Powerful 
Bought these to replace ones I had along my walkways that I bought at local store couple years ago. These do not put out enough to be used to light ones way. I have now re-positioned them around my garden just to add some bling. Will be headed to my local store to get more of my old lights that actually do their job.

5 Stars  solar powered garden lights 
excellent buy! works well, I bought several sets and have them all over my yard and in flower pots.

5 Stars  Solar lights 
Not strong enough to throw any light but great for marking a path. 2 of them didnt work but 2 new ones were sent to me. Im more than satisfied now

1 Stars  Dont waste your money 
I live in Florida and I thought these night lights would work great. Well they do for about three to four hours. I bought two packages. I wont bother putting out the ones in the second box. My mistake. Dont waste your time or money on these. I will say I was very impressed with the packaging.

5 Stars  Work great 
They work great if you remember to switch them on.No instructions are included, but not really necessary.

5 Stars  Beautiful lights 
They are small but put out a great light

2 Stars  Solar-power garden lights 
poor quality. very dim light which almost can be noticed.

5 Stars  heated seet coushions 
it is so so nice

5 Stars  My favorite lights 
just bought more. I bought them last year and they are still working great so I am getting more to put around my house. they look beautiful

4 Stars  Works Good 
Could be brighter

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights - 8pk 
Cannot beat the price. Lights work really well. Only negative is that the battery is not replaceable, so when the light no longer works, it must be completely replaced. Ive replaced probably one full set of 8, but still cheaper than the cost of replacement batteries for other solar lights.

4 Stars  Updated review 
Previously, I submitted a review that mentioned two of the solar lights did not work and there was no way to possibly fix them. I felt the other working lights were still a good value. I never contacted customer service but they reached out to me by email to inform me they would send replacement lights which to my great surprise, they did. Product ?? ?????? Customer service ??????????

5 Stars  Solar Lights 8 
I got them and everything seems to be ok have not had a lot of sun for the solar to brighten them as the night falls but its ok Spring and Summer is right around the corner and they can get the boost they need

3 Stars  Some defective units 
I opened & charged all 16. 4 did not work at all. The others are all OK.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Stainless Steel Garden Lights-8 pk. 
They were placed around the bushes in my front yard. They look beautiful at night.

5 Stars  solar lights 
EXCELLENT!! Works great...Ive ordered three boxes of these I have them all over my yard. They even dont require a lot of sun to charge them.

5 Stars  Best ever 
Purchased these lights and 4 of the 8 did not work. Notified the company and they sent me a whole new set free of charge and did not request I return the faulty set. Great company and really nice lights. Work well and look great in the yard. Would buy again if I needed more.

5 Stars  Solar lights 
They light up my driveway at night

1 Stars  They dont light up bright 
We had 3 very sunny days and at night it was barely lit. We will see how it lights after a week of sun if its better.

3 Stars  Garden Light 8pk 
Was not happy with these lights 4 out of the 8 did not work. Got in touch with the company and they sent a complete new set no questions asked. Very happy with the lights now that they all work and 10 stars to the company for backing there product. Will continue to order from Pulse TV.

5 Stars  garden lights 
Love these! I bought several sets. They work really great, Im thinking about ordering more.

5 Stars  As advertised 
These garden lights work as advertised and have been a welcomed addition to my entryway. For the price, one couldnt ask for anything more.

2 Stars  Disappointing 
Even with a good strong sunlight day, they only last about 4 hours.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Garden Lights 
The lights are easy to install, and they do come on at dusk and off at daylight. However they are not as bright as the demo indicates when there are other lights in the area.

5 Stars  Flex Desk Lamp 
It work very good

5 Stars  Solar powered garden lights 
Tried some other less expensive and not as well made solar lights in the past. Had to replace some every 3 or 4 months due to failure and/or breakage. The stainless steel lights are well made, easy to maintain and thus far have provided a nice touch to our landscaping outside. Really think for the price that you pay for this product, you wont find or beat the offer due to quality and beauty.

5 Stars  Solar outdoor lights 
Bright & beautiful. Id buy these again, good price!

3 Stars  Overhyped 
Lights are nowhere near as bright as hyped. Between the 8 lights, theres probably an hour to two difference between brightness time. Would not buy again.

1 Stars  Stailess steel garden lights 
I have ordered many items at different time. Al have been great. The solar powered steel garden lights do not come up to what was expected.The brightness of these lights on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 2 at max. Be assured I will continue to be your customer.One bad items does not have a great impact. Tanks

4 Stars  Garden lights 
They are great. The wife loves them. The only problem is one light does not work.

5 Stars  Inexpensive, well made, and useful 
Perfect accent lighting and helpful guide in the dark.

5 Stars  Beautiful! 
I have bought 40 of these to line my driveway and walkways. They are just beautiful, and though I averaged 1 bad light for every 6 I bought, Pulse TV was very attentive in replacing the bad ones. Very happy with this purchase.

4 Stars  Lights 
Lights were very nice, but, one, from each set was either broken, or, would not work

2 Stars  Too Dim 
These dont really illuminate a walkway... They are just too dim, even after a FULL DAY of sunshine. They do give a hint of where the walkway is, though.

5 Stars  These Lights Are Great 
These lights are sturdy and work as advertised. We have them in our backyard as accents and they are very attractive.

3 Stars  stainless steel garden lights 
I like the stainless steel vs plastic, but the light is not real bright. At night time coming home I really need a brighter light to assist me up the sidewalk

5 Stars  worth the money 
very bright, last all night, solar recovers well!! thinking of buying more

5 Stars  Stainless Steel Garden Lights 
We were very surprised when we placed these lights in our front yard. We had our bushes trimmed and the lights look great in front of them. I have ordered another set just in case any go out. So far they work beautifully.

1 Stars  Very disappointed in these lights!!! DO NOT BUY!!! 
These lights are VERY small They put out very little light. And they look really cheap. I guess one gets what one pays for. Oh well. Lesson learned.

3 Stars  Solar lights 
On 2 orders had some that would not charge got replacements sent asap Iam satisfied

1 Stars  Junk 
Very Very dim, not worth installing. Wasted money and time

1 Stars  Solar Power lights - 8 pack 
Was very disappointed with these lights. Have purchased ones that look just like these before at retail store many times. They were about $1.99 each and no ship charge. They put out a nice big light and still using them. The ones in question would probably be ok somewhere you just wanted a hint of light They do charge up ok so no problem there. However, I would not order these again. My opinion.

3 Stars  too small 
The lights are much smaller than I was expecting..especially the bulb. Does not produce much light

4 Stars  Not that Bright! 
Although these lights are made with metal the plastic on these lights is very flimsy and easy to break. No instructions included so I had a difficult time finding the on switch? Although the price it right, the lights are not that bright !

3 Stars  GOOD 
Work very well. Not practical for what I wanted.Are not high enough off the ground. Need something that is about three feet off the ground so I can see the ligt while backing u the driveway

4 Stars  Great lights 
For the price these are the best solar lights I have purchased. The only draw back is that the plastic stakes break easily. But they light up every night and stay lit for quite awhile. They look great.

5 Stars  problem solved 
after reading my review about receiving some defective lights i received an email from customer service offering to replace defective lights. I really like the lights and was pleased with the prompt reply from customer service. I bought a dashcam from Pulse that works great.

These were sub-standard in my opinion. I didnt expect much, I got much less. I realized for the amount of money you get what you pay for. But geesh, I placed these around my concrete patio at my backdoor and from six feet away you can barely see the light. Ive got lightning bugs fireflies with more lumens flying around!

5 Stars  They work! 
These garden lights are small but they cast a wide light pattern. We love no batteries to change. Our last set of lights from another vendor had batteries which leaked and ruined the lights. These have been out rain or shine and are lovely

5 Stars  Work like a charm 
These lights provide just the accent I was hoping for along the wood line to the rear of my home. They look great! Not too bright just right.

4 Stars  solar lights 
These worked great once I figured them out as they came without instructions. I am a little technically challenged, lol. Like them and work for the reason I purchased them. Already thinking of getting more.

5 Stars  Solar Powered lights for back yard 
These lights are very attractive, smallish and add a nice ambience to our back yard.

5 Stars  I got these last time and love them 
They are not real bright but look really beautfil at night. Just the right amount of light when we are outside.

4 Stars  On/Off switch 
Switch, why needed, is not the best. Positioning can turn light off without any external interference. But for the price I paid, I dont expect a Class I switch.

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