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Solar Garden Lighthouse with Rotating Light

Solar Garden Lighthouse with Rotating Light

Solar Garden Lighthouse with Rotating Light
Solar Garden Lighthouse with Rotating Light
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Here's an outdoor decoration that will be the talk of the neighborhood! It's the Solar Garden Lighthouse with a light that actually rotates like a real lighthouse!

It's nothing blinding or obnoxious, but at night, it will gently illuminate the ground and foliage around it. And the best part is that it's solar powered. So not only is there zero wiring or setup required, but you never have to turn in on or off. It charges up in the sun all day, then the rotating light will turn on automatically at night.

The Lighthouse is weather resistant, so you don't have to worry about light rain or snow, though you may want to bring it in during a deluge.

Complimenting the realistic rotating light is a stunning amount of detail. Each miniature brick on the structure is etched into the mold; there's a guard rail around the lens where the catwalk would be and accent windows that give it a hand painted aesthetic.

- Garden Lighthouse With Realistic Rotating Light
- Solar Powered, No Wiring Required
- Charges During the Day, Turns on Automatically at Night
- Highly Detailed Design
- Weather Resistant
- On/Off Switch Located Under Roof
- Runs for 6 to 8 Hours on Full Charge
- 10.5" x 3.5"

5 Stars  Lighthouse 
I love it. The turning light is bright enough. Reminds me of the ocean

3 Stars  Cute but not bright . 
Needs to be brighter. Doesnt give enough light.

4 Stars  Fun 
The item looks great. Although I thought it would be a little larger and the light doesnt stay on that long.

5 Stars  I loved the first one so much, I bought another! 
I originally bought this to put in the front of my house where there are a couple of hedges and some mulch. We live on a lagoon off of the bay and we always sit out back, so thats where it stays so we can enjoy looking at it. Our friends came down to stay and one of them loved it and wanted one too, so I ordered one for her and another one for the front of the house. The little spinning light is just way too cute!

5 Stars  Cute and unique 
I love solar yard art, and the lighthouse is a welcome addition to my collection. Its nicely detailed, and the rotating light is distinctive--unlike anything else I have.

4 Stars  Lighthouse solar light 
This is cute and the light rotates around like a real lighthouse. Its small like for an outside top top. And a lot of compliments.

3 Stars  Solar garden Lighthouse 
A novel idea and cute to use in different locations, but because of its size, does not radiant much light. It also does not seem to stay on very long even though it is in the sun for 8-10 hours a day charging.

5 Stars  Really Neat Display 
Lighthouse arrived, was set up, and works fine. A great addition to outdoor flower area.

5 Stars  Its Cute 
Works as promoted. Even works in lighted areas.

5 Stars  Solar Garden Lighthouse 
I purchased 2 and gave one to my next door neighbor,who put it in their yard. Were both enjoying them.

4 Stars  Garden Lighthouse 
Its very well done and the detail is good. It works well. The negative is the size. Its small. Overall, we are pleased we purchased it.

5 Stars  Solar Garden Lighthouse 
I gave this to my wife for our anniversary. We placed it on the waterfall of our small pond in the midst of the flower garden. It gives the garden a surreal appearance at night as the light slowly passes over the pond.

4 Stars  Solar lighthouse 
they work well i thought they were a larger than actually they were but nice and colorful

5 Stars  FANTASTIC !! 
Very unique. People really like the rotating light. Great addition to the garden. Recommended.

5 Stars  Solar Lighthouse 
Very realistic, functions well, easy to see in the dark

5 Stars  The most adorable little lighthouse ever! 
I live on a lagoon off of the bay and thought this would be a cute yard decoration. I am certainly not disappointed! Took it out of the box, put it in a sunny location, and boom, that evening the light came on and was spinning around like a real lighthouse. The only problem is that it would look really great out front, and we sit out back and I want to be able to see it every night! Maybe Ill get another for the front yard!

3 Stars  Cute 
These are cute on my deck but the batteries dont last long. I just ordered some new ones to see if I can get them to stay on longer. Very delicate so dont drop them

5 Stars  super cute at night 
We love lighthouses and had a large unit that finally lived out its time on display. This little guy sits in our garden with two Japanese floats and just lights up the corner at night. Works great with our sun being somewhat ??? in the northwest. Very happy.

5 Stars  Lighthouse 
Love It

5 Stars  Nautical feeling 
I love, love, love lighthouses. I summered near one for six years in Ocean City, MD. This brings back great memories of past years!

5 Stars  Solar lighthouse 
Real nice. Solar light spins around. Good for July 4th. Pretty red, white, and blue colors. Love it!

4 Stars  Really cute 
This is a very cute lighthouse, especially since it has a rotating light on it. Got 4 stars only because I thought it would be a little taller and the plastic would be thicker. As long as there wont be the fear of it getting knocked over, it should do well.

5 Stars  Love it. 
And my wife loves it too.

5 Stars  Neat Little Patio Solar-Powered Addition 
This little lighthouse performs exactly as advertised faithfully shines throughout the night, night after night. Im very pleased with this product..thank you!

4 Stars  Great Addition to Fairy Land! 
I have a fairy land in my back yard with 12 separate areas, such as parks, villages trailer park, etc. and I got two of these lighthouses to add to the effect. I wouldnt mind if they were a little brighter, but they definitely add to the display, with their turning light swinging around most of the night long. The solar power is a real help so I do not have to run wiring through the villages.

5 Stars  Cute 
God quality

5 Stars  Solar Garden Light House 
What a treat it is to look at the revolving light when its nighttime! Its a joy to watch.

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Solar Garden Lighthouse with Rotating Light

Here's an outdoor decoration that will be the talk of the neighborhood! It's the Solar Garden Lighthouse with a light that actually rotates like a real lighthouse!