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Smart Activity Bracelet W/ Live Body Temperature Tracking

Smart Activity Bracelet W/ Live Body Temperature Tracking

Smart Activity Bracelet W/ Live Body Temperature Tracking
Smart Activity Bracelet W/ Live Body Temperature Tracking
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What Can This Activity Tracker Do?

Monitor things like steps, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and even your sleep and fatigue. Plus the main screen gives you a whole bunch of useful information you can see at just a glance. You'll see the time and date, your current body temperature, heart rate, and your total amount of steps taken for the day. Plus the screen on this activity tracker is in full color so all the information stands out to be easily read.

Navigating the menus is super easy thanks to the ultra-responsive touchscreen sensor. You'll feel a little notch on the lower part of the screen, that is where you touch to navigate. You can either swipe over it or tap it. When you want to make a selection or go into a menu, simply hold your finger to the touch sensor.

Track Your Health Progress

Included with the tracker is the "Wearfit 2.0" App. When you connect your phone via Bluetooth, your health data will be logged by the app so you can track your health readings and progress over time. This is also where you'll find the sleep and fatigue monitors. And since the tracker is already connected to your phone, it will receive and display your phone's text messages. If you're having trouble locating your phone, you can also activate the "Find My Phone" feature. This will sound an alarm on the phone so it can be found.

Works With Your Smartphone

To take advantage of all the features, this watch is designed to work with your smartphone. When the watch is connected, it will sync the date, time, and health data automatically.


- Monitor Your Health in Real-Time
- Displays Time, Date, And Body Temperature On Main Screen
- Motion Sensor Turn On Screen When Looking At It
- Responsive Touch Screen Sensor Makes Navigating Menus Easy
- Includes Popular Wearfit 2.0 App
- Track Sleep And Fatigue
- Displays Phone's Text Messages
- Handy Stopwatch Feature
- Long-Lasting Battery (3-5 Days)
- Works With IOS And Andriod Devices
- Adjustable Band Fits Small To Large Wrists

5 Stars  Great fitness tracker 
I find that it connects easily and keep a running record of temp and oxygen level especially important during these times.

5 Stars  The best one yet & I love it 
Oh my wow, this is the best watch that I wished I could have found first. I had just received an over $100 dollar smart watch. Somehow I came upon Pulsetv, once I saw that watch. I ordered it quick, charged it, set it up. I just have to figure out a few things, but I am loving it! Of course I returned the other one, so sorry for them

4 Stars  Health Bracelet 
I am still getting to know how to use it. So far so good though.

3 Stars  OK PRODUCT 
Does ok, however, it disconnects from phone application almost daily and I have to reconnect to get it to work with the app.

3 Stars  Ok 
Only holds charg for one day

3 Stars  Bracelet is ok, battery not so much 
The bracelet doe a pretty decent job with temperature, bp, o2, etc but I am not impressed with the battery so far. It says the battery lasts 3-5 days, but I pretty much have to recharge it every day.

4 Stars  Ok for 24 hrs 
Doesn t hold the charge for more than a day and a half

5 Stars  Very good unexpensive bracelet watch 
I like it very much. I wear everyday and night. Sometime is small discrepancy with measuring blood pressure but it could be because of weather change. Thanks. Good purchase.

4 Stars  instruction book 
The printing on the instruction book is so small that I cannot read it. I have to use my magnifying glass and even that is not working. Help

5 Stars  My daughter loves it! 
I gave the smart bracelet to my daughter in her stocking. She loves it. She immediately charged it and has only taken it off once - to recharge it. Great Christmas present.

4 Stars  Great. Has everything I want. Battery needs recharging every day 
I have had other smart bracelets before. Some didnt work as advertised. Some of the apps were not user friendly. This FINALLY has everything I want. Blood pressure, temperature, Heart Beats per minute, Blood oxygen, and steps walked. The battery doesnt last much past 24 hours, so I recharge it every morning. Would have gotten 5 stars if the battery could have lasted, say 36 hours. Great little gadget. Better than those twice as expensive.

3 Stars  Activity Bracelet 
The charging connection is not the easiest to use. It takes some time and patience. The settings adjustments can also be a challenge to change. For the price and my purpose, it gets the job done.

4 Stars  Like it. As good as Fitbit 
I think the product is well worth the price. It looks and acts like a Fitbit. So far the readings are very accurate. Instruction booklet related to the App would be helpful. As I play around with the App I find more things I can do. Battery life is good and charging is fast.

5 Stars  Wife beginning to learn her new technology 
My wife is now wearing her new watch and body meter. Loves it and is anxious to learn how to operate it.

4 Stars  Great Little Tracker 
For the price, it is a great little tracker Time, date, steps, miles, notifications, alarm, blood pressure, heartbeats and more. It is B&W, not color. I am very happy with it as it suits my needs.

4 Stars  Not enough info in manual for set up . 
The bracelet is all that it says it does but the very small set up manual is not very informative on the set up features . E.G . the clock I had to go to the internet .

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Smart Activity Bracelet W/ Live Body Temperature Tracking

The Smart Activity Bracelet monitors and tracks various important health information in real-time to help keep you active, motivated, and progressing towards a healthier lifestyle.