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Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single Serve Coffee Maker
Single Serve Coffee Maker
Compare at: $39.99  (55% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Brewed Coffee

Brewing up a delicious cup of coffee is as easy as pour, push and go - AND in just a few minutes!

Compare to Keurig Coffee Makers

Many say the coffee from this is better than that of a K-Cup maker. That's because it utilizes the simplicity of ground coffee and brews a customizable cup of coffee quickly. It features a steel mesh scoop for filtering freshly ground coffee, along with a 14-oz. water reservoir allowing you to make several cups at a time without refilling.

The Coffee Maker That Fits Anywhere

This compact, sleek design takes up very little counter space, making it perfect for any size kitchen, office desk, dorm, or hotel room.

Break out your favorite travel mug! This personal coffee maker is designed to fit most 14 oz. travel mugs - great for frequent travelers and morning commuters.

Now You Can Afford Even The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

K-Cups and the coffee they contain typically come out to over $50/lb. $50/lb for old, stale coffee (yes most coffee in K-Cups is stale).

The highest end craft coffee found don't even come close to that mark at around $24-32/lb. Less than half of the price for much, much better quality coffee.


- Makes up to 14 oz
- Fits most mugs
- Brew the perfect amount in seconds
- Removable & washable filter
- Takes up little space
- Durable
- Plug-In Operation
- Easy to clean
- 11.75" H x 4.75" W x 6.75" D

5 Stars  Cant believe it! 
Works wonderfully well, I use it everyday ad there little to zero mess. You can manager the strength of your coffee yourself with using multiple kcups.

5 Stars  Single Serve Coffee Maker 
Love it. Perfect for one quick cup of coffee, and you dont have to mess with the pods.

3 Stars  Equals K-Cup machine 
I think is does not equal the old fashioned perk coffee maker or good restaurant coffee. It takes too long to cool down so I can make two cups! But it sure is better than instant coffee.

5 Stars  This GREAT!! 
This is exactly what I was looking for!!! NO ONE else has the single-serve Coffee Maker anywhere!!! I had one years ago and it stopped working. Tried to find another one and had to settle for a 5-cup maker. I kept forgetting to turn it off at night. With this one that is never an issue as it turns off when brewing is done! Thank you for such a great product!!!

5 Stars  Perfect cup of HOT coffee! 
I have a Keurig but the pods are so expensive. I found this little jewel that uses regular coffee, making this economical. The coffee brews fast is much hotter than the from my Keurig. I would definitely recommend

5 Stars  Single Serve Coffee Maker 
Compact, very easy to use. Makes a great cup of coffee. Youll save a ton of money over using K-cups.

5 Stars  Best coffee maker 
This is the best coffee maker I have ever had. Better tasting coffee and much cheaper than Keurig.

5 Stars  Coffee Maker 
I usually only have one cup of coffee/tea, this is a fast way to make a cup. Very impressed with how fast and hot the water is.


3 Stars  Could be better 
Way too slow, keeps dripping after shut off, messy.

5 Stars  save time/money !! 
I have my original K-Cup maker & the new one from Pulse .... the original one takes 4 minutes or so to make a cup of coffee !!!!! it is easier to clean up because of the cup ... just throw it away !!!! the NEW ONE ???? it takes about a minute for it to brew .... only downside is I have to remember to EMPTY the little coffee basket of the coffee grounds !!!! it is a REALLY neat little coffee maker ?!?!? fast & cheaper to use than a K-Cup coffee maker !!!! LOVE IT !??!?!?!?!

5 Stars  Single Serve Coffee Maker 
Ive been using single serve coffee makers for many years, and the best one we had found was put out by Black and Decker. Its a very nice product. However, when we got the PulseTV coffee maker, we found that one was even better. Its much faster, it can accommodate tall coffee mugs, and it takes up less space on the counter. Its even much less expensive. I cannot judge its comparative life span yet, but that will have to wait.

5 Stars  Great machine 
Coffee maker makes great coffee. Easy to use and clean. Coffee in just seconds

5 Stars  Excellent customer service 
I received a coffee maker that leaked. I called the company and they immediately sent me another coffee maker that worked. It is a much better device than my Keurig coffee maker. Easy to use and clean.

5 Stars  Single Serve Coffee Maker 
This is perfect for singles like myself. It is attractive and works great to produce a great cup of coffee I am happy with this product and the seller

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
Perfect for making one cup of beverage or one cup of hot water for instant oatmeal, soups and other things! I use this maker several times a day for quite a few things!

5 Stars  I Like It 
Id been using a percolator for years then a Mr. Coffee for years and just got tired of the whole coffee ground thing although the flavor of the brewed coffee couldnt be beat. I decided to try the Keurig K cup style. Although the convenience of the K cup is nice I never really enjoyed the flavor of any brand offered. When this single cup brewer was offered at a reasonable price I thought I had nothing to lose so I got one. As soon as I brewed the first cup I knew Id made the right decision.

5 Stars  Really nice! 
I agree with the rest of the reviewers that this is a really nice single-serve coffee maker. Very easy to use and clean, takes up no room at all and makes a great cup of coffee with no splattering during the dispensing. My only ever so slight con is that theres a bit of sludge left in the bottom of my coffee mug, but thats the same with any single-serve Ive ever tried. Just info for you if you wondered, not a complaint. And the price? Cant beat it. I am very, very pleased.

5 Stars  Best single-cup coffee brewer 
Better than the previous brand I used, two of which died prematurely. Good design, works well, easy to clean. What else could you want for Twenty dollars?

4 Stars  Single Serve Coffee Maker 
Serves its purpose. Concerned at first because I had trouble turning it on the second time. OK now.

4 Stars  Nice 
Very Nice

5 Stars  Great Product 
Works great, no Problems

5 Stars  best one cup / mug coffee maker 
This is the best one cup / mug coffee maker I have found. It is great in the evening when I want just one mug of decaf coffee or a busy morning when I do not want to make a full pot of percolator coffee. No cost for K-Cups, easy to use and clean. And the coffee is piping hot compared to other drip coffee makers. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

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