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Simoniz Heated Auto Cushion

Simoniz Heated Auto Cushion

Simoniz Heated Auto Cushion
Simoniz Heated Auto Cushion
Compare at: $39.99  (65% off)
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With the Simoniz Heated Car Seat, you can add the luxury feature of heated seats in your car without the luxury price tag!

The Heated Car Seat fits right over your existing seat with ease and plugs directly into your car's DC socket (lighter socket). It includes an easy to use switch on the DC cord that allows you to control the heated seats setting. The Heated Car Seat covers both the back and seat cushion of your car seat.

Throw one on your driver's seat and one on the passenger's seat - when you buy more you save more, and these make great gifts!

- Luxury Heated Car Seat
- Fits over existing seat
- Heats to a comfortable temperature in 3-5 minutes
- 12V DC; Plugs into Cigarette Lighter Socket
- Easy to Use Switch
- Fits most car seats
- High, Low, and Off settings
- Materials: Foam with Polyurethane Cover; Elastic Straps
- Folds up for easy storage
- Cushion Dimensions: 18"W x 38"H Overall;
- 4.5 foot cord

About Simoniz: They were the first American car wax company in 1910. They've been a leader in the Auto industry ever since!

In the 2000's they successfully branched out to offer product that not only make your car look better, but all kinds of accessories that add a bit of luxury to your car.

5 Stars  What a nice way to stay warm. 
Purchased one of these for each of my cars that my mom rides in. Her joints hurt even more in the cold weather, these seat warmers help keep her comfortable when we travel.

5 Stars  heated car seat 
This car seat with heat works great! It is so nice to use when the weather is cold. It heats up quickly and keeps warm while on. I like the heat option very much.

5 Stars  The cold on my rear is gone 
I LOVE this heated seat. Although I have heated seats in my car, I have given these as gifts to my friends. They all rave about these seats. I have ordered another 25 seats for next Christmas to give to my friends who were left out this Christmas.

5 Stars  The Chill is Gone 
Works great! Have 2, one for the truck and one, inside, for my computer chair. Bought a converter for indoor use.

1 Stars  Stopped working after 1 month 
It worked GREAT while it did...less than 30 days later, DEAD. Lights up, no heat

5 Stars  Fabulous product 
It was great being able to have a warm seat while waiting for my van to heat up.

3 Stars  I have the heated seats but not the car ?? 
Sorry, I bought these for my car. It STILL is not ready. The gentleman is trying his best to fix it so I can use these in it. When my car is ready I hope to have another opportunity to update this review. They arrived fast and I am anxious to try them out.

5 Stars  Warms your bootay with the quickness 
So I got this for my GF. Its around 30s-50s in Vegas. Cars take 5-10 min warming up before it starts blowing hot air inside the vehicle. This thing tho...put it on high and within seconds you begin to feel the heat. She uses it every day. Got it on sale here, a must buy.

This is the best on cold winters here in Buffalo NY. I keep the seat at low because it is super hot on high. This is a good bargain for cars without heated seats. A GREAT product made by Simonize a GREAT company

5 Stars  Heated Auto Seat Cushion 
Excellent Product, Excellent Value. Thank you.

5 Stars  a whole lot less costly than buying a new suv with heat seats- 
My 2004 explorer xly does not have factory heat seats. For a song and a dance my arthritice spine and boney butt really appreciate this INEXPENSIVE Simoniz tush toaster !!! ND i SAVED OVER 25 k $$ BUYING A NEW RIG. aND UP HERE IN THE bLUE rIDGE mTS OF nc/tn..TODAY THE TEMPS ARE 12 DEGREES!! AHOOOOO FOR ANISAS PIX. BRUCE NELSON vILAS, nc

5 Stars  Toasty Bottom on a Budget 
My 2007 Dodge Dakota does not have heated seats. In addition, the heated seats in my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire quit, due to broken wires over 10 years ago. Add all this to my aging bones and I was a captive reader when this product came across my screen. I immediately ordered 3 units. They arrived last night, and I immediately opened one up for my morning commute. Installation, as per the instructions, was simple and easy. I put it into my Dakota, hooked up all the straps, and plugged it into my 12v socket. I started on High, and was soon basking in the warmth generated by the seat cushion. It has a bit of padding, and the wires are undetectable. It wasnt long before I lowered the temperature setting to low. The high setting was not uncomfortable, but I have always started on high, dropping to low once my seat is comfy. This unit is easily worth twice what I paid. In fact, the low price almost put me off from buying it, as I didnt believe that a quality heater could be obtained at such a low price. The Simoniz name was part of the appeal, as Ive been using Simoniz products nearly all of my driving lifetime. Of course I hope that everyone had a chance to get one or two of these heated cushions, but I hope, as well, that I have a chance to pick up a couple more. My wife will not appreciate sitting in a cold seat while Im smiling on a cold winters day.

5 Stars  Heated car seat 
Wow, really love the heated car seat! Have purchased many products from Pulse and have been very satisfied with everything. This is a great company to deal with. Thanks so much for your service.

5 Stars  It Works! 
I ordered one of these for my friend and when I saw how cushy it was I ordered one for myself. It says 3-5 minute warm up but it is much faster, by the time I have backed out of my driveway it is warm.

3 Stars  Simoniz Heated Auto Cushion 
Heats up nicely. Thats all. Bad things about it . . . too short for your back, straps around seat lets it slip down when you get in vehicle, bottom holding straps lets seat almost come out of the car when you leave the vehicle, cost more than if I bought it at a store that sold them near me. My fault on that one. I didnt see a seat like it until after I bought them. A flyer came out after I received them. The price of shipping was more than one of the seats. No need to be greedy.

5 Stars  Awsome procuct 
My wife loves it. I gave it to her for Christmas she really like it in her 2006 ford escape.

5 Stars  We love them!!! 
My Wife put them in the truck in minutes. hooked them up and the warmed up so fast. Best deal We ever got.

4 Stars  Portable Car Seat Heater 
The portable car seat warmer works well and is secured on to the car seat by straps. It uses power from the cigarette lighterso you are limited by the number of lighters in your car and what you have plugged into it.

5 Stars  Warm Tush 
Had to use the low setting because of how intense the high heat was. That is not a problem. Clips were missing to hold down the various sections though.

5 Stars  Great seat heater 
Great seat heater. Works well. Heats wel. Fits great

5 Stars  Stay warm 
Bought this heated seat for my car, great product!! No more cold tush waiting for your heater to get warm. Easy to use. 2 heat settings. Fits most any seat. Love it!!!!

5 Stars  Simoniz Heated Auto Cushion 
Gave as gift. Recipient is satisfied.

4 Stars  heated seet coushions 
They are very coumfortable and nice and worm

5 Stars  Heated auto seat 
Works well so far really enjoyingg it

4 Stars  Heated Seat Cushion 
Works well and has two settings low and high.

5 Stars  Nice and Toasty! 
This heated auto cushion heats up quickly and makes winter driving tasks bearable. Even though I live in South Louisiana, we get many days below freezing and I hate to get into a car with ice cold seats. My vehicle has leather seats but they are not heated. When I saw these on your site, I had to try them out. They warm my leather seat nicely!

5 Stars  Outstanding! 
This makes the 5th heated Simoniz seat Ive gotten from Pulsetv.com and yes, they are great! Absolutely no issues with them, I made sure my 86 year old Mom knew to unplug it after driving with it plugged in, her car is a 1996 model, but with all of the others they are totally care free! I like the idea of being able to transfer to another vehicle,i.e. new car/suv or rental if need be. If you trust an item that keeps us warm here in northern Wisconsin in the Wintertime, then this item is for you! Enjoy!

5 Stars  NICE and TOASTY! 
Expensive looking and fits the seats great! It heats right up. Very comfortable, too!

5 Stars  Outstanding!!! 
Cold Winter weather in Wisconsin now doesnt seem so cold any more! The PERFECT Christmas/birthday present for anyone you care about in Cold Weather states. My 86 year old Mom, 4 adult chidren, spouse, and myself all agree this is the answer to dreading to go out to a cold car, just Wonderful! Buying a new car,take these with you to the new vehicle. They heat up quickly and actually will make you sweat!

4 Stars  This product works great. 
Its difficult to install by oneself but it looks really good and it works great. I bought this as a gift for my sister who lives in Idaho where it snows. She loves it!

5 Stars  Works great! 
The seat warmer in my car recently stopped working. While I dont use it that often, its handy on cold days or when my back is bothering me. I decided to give this heated seat cushion a try and Im glad I did! This product is well-made, easy to use, and heats up quickly. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  simonize heated cushion 

5 Stars  Back 
It works great gets hot fast good for me.

5 Stars  Happy Camper 
This is great. No more cold truck seat in the winter.

5 Stars  Cold weather necessity! 
Perfect for the owner of a non-luxury car in winter! It starts warming immediately, which I am so grateful for!

5 Stars  Heated Seats 
Purchased this after I couldnt get a much more expensive seat heater installed in my wifes van. This works perfectly and was about $100.00 less expensive. Regards, Dan Shaw

5 Stars  Car seat heater 
Not quite as good as the factory heated seats but does a good job for the money.

5 Stars  Great 
Works great on cold mornings!

3 Stars  Bun Warmer 
The Heated Cushion works great. My Issues is keeping it in place getting in out of the vehicle.

5 Stars  Ms.G s heated seat 
I love my Simoniz heated auto cushion. heats up less than a minute. Feels like a message on my back. I give this a five star.I would recommend this to any one who do not have a heat warmer in their car.

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