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Set of 2 Gorilla Clutch Ties - Grip and Lift Heavy Items With Ease

Set of 2 Gorilla Clutch Ties - Grip and Lift Heavy Items With Ease

Set of 2 Gorilla Clutch Ties - Grip and Lift Heavy Items With Ease
Set of 2 Gorilla Clutch Ties - Grip and Lift Heavy Items With Ease
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Hang or carry almost anything with these Gorilla Clutch Ties! These heavy duty ties securely wrap around items making it easy to carry or hang them up for storage.

It has a sturdy, ergonomic grip handle making it effortless to carry almost any item. It's great for lugging around large cables, ropes, hoses or bundles of groceries. They can hold up to 50lbs! It has four interlocking notches so you can adjust the size of the grip to fit any item.

It's not just for carrying things around, you can use it to hang stuff up too! Wrap them around a bicycle and hang it on the wall in order to save space and tidy up any garage. It conveniently has a screw hole in the handle so you can easily hang it with ease.

- 2pk Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Ties
- Comfortable Grip Handle
- Carry Heavy Objects At Ease
- Bundle Secure and Handle
- Store and Hang Various Objects
- Multi-purpose and Reusable
- 50lb Capacity
- Waterproof
- Adjustable
- Size: 17.5" x 4"

5 Stars  Wonderful for carrying outside electrical cords 
I untangled my electrical cord to use with the edger. Afterwards, I wrapped it around my arm to loop, then tied it with the Gorilla Clutch Tie. Not only did it hold, it was easy to carry and allowed me to easily hang it in the garage. I know when I use the cord again, it wont be tangled.

4 Stars  IT WORKS 
Hanging it on a spiket requires turning off water and removal of valve as it will no fit over valve.

5 Stars  Great 
Good for tidying up wire, rope, and hoses in my tool shed.

4 Stars  Easy to use 
The clutch ties are easy to use and hang when finished. I find that it is quite useful for extension cords and small garden hoses. Sometimes I dont have it locked properly and it comes apart. I will get used to making sure it it locked.

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