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Rescue Me - Intensive Care Balm for Distressed Skin

Rescue Me - Intensive Care Balm for Distressed Skin

Rescue Me - Intensive Care Balm for Distressed Skin
Rescue Me - Intensive Care Balm for Distressed Skin
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Rescue Me is an intensive care balm enriched with 21 essential oils and herbs including soy (source of vitamin E), cocoa (anti-oxidant), beeswax (anti-infammatory and locks in moisture) and frankincense (infection fighting). It soothes, heals and protects distressed skin with light topical application.

Apply for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, sunburn, stretch marks, bruises, arthritis, cold sores, scars, and more. It even fights and prevents acne. It's the all-in-one miracle balm for just about every skin problem out there; an indispensible addition to your medicine cabinet!

Features and Benefits:
- Intensive Skin Care Balm
- 2 oz. Tin
- Features 21 Essential Oils and Herbs
- Heals, Soothes and Moisturizes Skin
- Anti-infectious, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties
- Antiseptic, Burn Treatment and Bug Bite Ointment
- Also effective against cuts, athlete's foot and mouth and skin sores
- Glycerin free

4 Stars  Great for cracked fingers 
Hubby is always working outside and his hands get dried out & cracked. He used this and said it worked good. Better if he put it on a bandaid and went to bed...it healed up the cracks faster

5 Stars  Very effective, but gentle 
I had a little hole in the skin near my left ankle because of venous ulcers, and the skin was very dry there. With this balm I improved the skin structure, and I got the hole closed. I used this also for my stuffed nose. Some balm on the outside and also a little inside, and I could breathe again. Usually I take Tiger Balm for this. But the Rescue Me balm is more gentle and the scent is a little less intense. When your nose is inflamed then it burns less. Rescue Me is an all-purpose balm. I have ordered two more!

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