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Remove-It-All Thumb Scraper 2 Pack

Remove-It-All Thumb Scraper 2 Pack

Remove-It-All Thumb Scraper 2 Pack
Remove-It-All Thumb Scraper 2 Pack
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $14.99  (46% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (53% off)
Get one for $7.99
Save $2.00 and get two for $13.98
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The product you didn't know you needed! The Thumb Scraper set out to make removing stickers and grime a breeze, but it has become a go-to tool around the house and even at work!

Remove Stickers and Grime Easily Without Using Your Nails

This tool works great at removing stickers and gunk, leaving your surfaces residue-free, but is perfect for so many frustrating tasks. It can be used to remove super-sticky labels off of jars, open packages, scrape food off of cooking trays and stones, open difficult lids, remove gum or wax from surfaces, even use them on a glass top stove without worrying about scratches.

Before this tool, metal scrapers were the best option and they just weren't flexible enough to get under labels to justify the extra time it took to use them. Now you have a flexible and thin alternative that will keep its shape and sharpness for thousands of uses.

The ergonomic, non-slip grip has indentations for your thumb and pointer finger making it comfortable and easy to hold no matter the job. AND it's small enough to use one handed and in hard to reach areas.

Never waste a manicure or break a nail again on tough to remove stickers and debris, the Scraper has your back!


- Long Lasting Thumb Scraper
- Nylon with Non Slip Grip
- Perfect for Many Frustrating Tasks
- Saves Your Manicure
- Won't Scratch Delicate Surfaces
- Comfortable Thumb Indentation for Stability
- Gets in Hard to Reach Areas
- Flexible and Durable Design
- Dishwasher Safe
- Dimensions: 3.6in x 1.5in x .5in

5 Stars  Works great! 
I have used it to help scrape pans while doing dishes you do have to soak them for a little bit but it has worked for everything I have tried so far.

5 Stars  Great tool to have 
This works as described. Wish I had it earlier.

5 Stars  Great product 
Will buy more

5 Stars  AWESOME! 
These little gadgets are the best ever! They never scratch but works great at scraping labels, sticky stuff off counters and floors. So many uses, love these! I bought more for gifts!

5 Stars  Thumb scraper 
Its just the right size and so handy for many things. I bought several for stocking stuffers, which will be soon.

5 Stars  Remove-It-All Thumb Scraper 2 Pack 
Finally have 1 been looking for 1 for years now i have 2. works great used it to scrape off last year Regis, so i could put on this years.

5 Stars  Scraper 
Have been using this on my glass stove top with great results.

3 Stars  Scraper 

5 Stars  Scraper 
Love it, saves on my nails big time. Not expensive either.

5 Stars  just push 
works like a charm - easy peasy

5 Stars  Useful scraping tools 
Great for scraping labels, glue, tape, etc. without damaging surfaces. Stopped using the razor blade scrapers.

5 Stars  Thumb scraper s 
They work will well for what I wanted them for.

5 Stars  Very useful 
I got really tired of messing up my fingernails. This item a 2-pack REALLY made a difference for me. I am allergic to soaps so this was a great addition to my kitchen.

2 Stars  Not So Useful 
Not sharp enough or strong enough to remove most labels or dried on counter spills but it does work sometimes.
Try wetting the area that needs to be scraped and let it soak in for a while before trying to remove.
6/10/2022 - Sandy

5 Stars  Great tool 
Works great!

5 Stars  Thumb Scraper 
Does the job very well & you get two in a pack.

5 Stars  Great 
This is a very handy tool. I love it

5 Stars  Best Gadget 
I bought these a while back and hadnt used them. I needed to get something off my counter top and tried these and now I use these all over the house.

5 Stars  Great item 
Theas work great!!!!

4 Stars  durable 
It works, I like the handle, no slip

5 Stars  So handy! 
So far used it for opening packages, scraping labels off bottles, and getting the tape off windows and that is just in the first 2 hours I had these so I can see these are really going to be a big help to me and to my nails!

5 Stars  Handy Tool! 
This is a handy tool for many tasks that saves my thumbs & nails where scraping something is involved. Handy to have a couple around the house to reach for. And Ive tucked them in with a birthday gift for a friend. It could also make a great stocking stuffer at Christmas.

2 Stars  Thumb Scraper 
Does not do a whole lot of the things I tried it on, such as labels, etc.

5 Stars  Remove-It-All Thumb Scrapers 
I purchased this item in the past from another source, but they were no longer selling them. Then I found them on Pulse TV. These Thumb Scrapers are fantastic. They save your manicure, you can get tags off of items with very little effort, you can scrape up dried spills too. Awesome product. Gave them away as Christmas Gifts. All were very happy with them! Wish it were my idea. Thank you Pulse TV.

4 Stars  HELP ME 

4 Stars  Thumb Scraper 
Works great when cleaning my non-stick cooking pan.

5 Stars  Tag remover 
Works exactly as described! Super handy.

5 Stars  Great for cleaning stove 
Great item

5 Stars  Good Tool. 
This little tool is great. It scrapes with out scratching. These are handy and sturdy.

5 Stars  Handy little scrapers 
I ordered a set for my home, but when my daughter saw them, she asked me to please get more. As manager in the liquor department at a large grocery store, she has found them to be so handy! I love that they don t scratch up and damage anything. I ended up ordering two more sets!

5 Stars  Thankful! 
These are the BEST!!! My thumbnails thank me every day! The scrapers are strong, functional, and NOT destructive to the surface you are scraping! WOW!!! What a discovery!

5 Stars  Works great!! 
I clean houses and this scraper is a real time and finger saver! I like it a lot!!

5 Stars  The gadget I didnt know I needed 
So simple, yet so effective, I love it!

5 Stars  TS 
Great item

5 Stars  Great idea 
Product works as described! Love it

5 Stars  great scraper 
I was stripping paint off an old lamp and this was PERFECT!! I was able, with a chemical stripper, to scrape off without scratching the beautiful metal underneath the paint.

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
Ive already saved my thumbnail! These are handy and sturdy. I easily removed a sticky label.

5 Stars  This really works! 
This actually works on getting those tough labels off of items. Even removed a label from a wine bottle.

5 Stars  These are just great 
I find myself using these for so many things. Love them!

5 Stars  Best, most efficient scraper in decades 
My whole life I have been second & third using containers when safe and one of the overwhelming routines is removing either original labels and stickers or secondary labels & stickers from reuse. As simple as these scrapers are, they are the most efficient scraper Ive ever used and Ive used hundreds, right down to my thumbnail. Quality rigidity, nonslip thumb indentation, sharp corner if needed and just the right size to handle for a scraper. This is the type of thing that anyone and everyone should have in their utility arsenal to use not only for labels but ANY type of scraping, and safely.

5 Stars  Works better then expected 
Best gift I could have given! My Uncles really love these for both house and garage!

5 Stars  Very handy 
These scrapers are soft enough not to scratch but study enough to get the job done

5 Stars  Scraper 
Very handy, used it on removing labels and scraping pots.

5 Stars  Great tool 
This little tool is amazing! It scrapes with out scratching. It works on really baked on spills. I also scraped hard spills off the counter top. Love it!

5 Stars  scrapers 
I really like how it removes dried on food from pots and pans. It also removes caked on lime.

5 Stars  Works better then expected 
Going to get a pair for the whole family! Yes, these worked great! Not only on the window clings, but on bird droppings on the car windows, the scale on the house windows, best thing for cleaning a window since sliced bread!

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Remove-It-All Thumb Scraper 2 Pack

The product you didn't know you needed! The Thumb Scraper set out to make removing stickers and grime a breeze, but it has become a go-to tool around the house and even at work!