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Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband

Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband

Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband
Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband
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Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy for Those On-the-Go!

This ultralight stylish and wearable wristband is here to help keep hand sanitizer always accessible - especially for those of us that are always on-the-go!

With this convenient dispenser you can clean up and stay safe in seconds! Plus, there's no need to search for bottled sanitizer in a bag, purse or your pocket.

How Do You Use the Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband?

Made of durable silicone, this PPE accessory allows you to fill it with the sanitizer of your choice, remove the plug, and dispense it just by pressing down of the top of the wristband.

How Do You Refill the Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband?

It's as quick and easy to fill as it is to use! To fill, simply remove the plug found on the side of the band and insert hand sanitizer. To make sure that the liquid does fill the wristband a refillable bottle is included that fits into the reservoir so you can avoid spills and wasting valuable sanitizer. Once it's full you can firmly insert the plug and you're ready! NOTE: Hand Sanitizer is NOT included with purchase of the wrist strap.

It's ideal for both adults and kids; and it's especially handy for back to school, vacations, camping, trips to the store, and much more.


- Keeps hand sanitizer easily accessible
- Made of both kids and adults
- Helps you get clean in seconds
- Material: Silicone
- Waterproof
- Available in Black
- One size fits most
- Wristband is flexible, durable and comfortable
- Holds approx. 10mL of liquids
- Easy to refill
- Included refillable bottle
- Perfect for school, vacations, store, and more

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