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Red Copper Santoku Chef's Knife
red copper chef knife
red copper chef knife
red copper chef knife
red copper chef knife
red copper chef knife
red copper chef knife
Red Copper Santoku Chef's Knife

Red Copper Santoku Chef's Knife

Red Copper Santoku Chef's Knife

Your Price: $2.91
Compare at: $24.99  (88% off)
Sold Out
- 7-inch blade
- Copper-infused ceramic blade
- Dimpled Blade Design so food slides off the blade
- Razor Sharp Blade tackles all your cutting needs
- Ergonomic and Weight Balanced Handle

The Red Copper Chef Knife is a super-sharp, copper-infused chopping machine! Perfect for slicing and dicing everything including meats, fruits, vegetables and even frozen foods. The Red Copper Chef Knife features a 7 inch blade with ergonomic design so anyone can use it to prepare food with ease.

An Affordable Chef Knife with High-Quality Features

Looking for an awesome Chef's Knife? THIS IS IT! The Red Copper Santoku Chef's Knife™ has everything you could want in a kitchen knife except that high price.

Compare it to any expensive Chef Knife that can sell for over $100 and you'll agree this is every bit as good!

The Red Copper™ Chef's Knife is a 7-inch meal prep solution. Made of incredibly durable, nonstick copper-infused ceramic surface, food slides right off the knife. It's lightweight and easy to handle.

Effortlessly dice cubes of cheese, slice raw potatoes, and chop your favorite meats, without your food sticking to the blade!

This will be your favorite knife in your kitchen and your most versatile one!


- 7-inch blade
- Copper-infused ceramic blade
- Dimpled Blade Design so food slides off the blade
- Razor Sharp Blade tackles all your cutting needs
- A must-have in every kitchen
- Weight Balanced Handle
- Ergonomic Handle
- Durable Stainless-Steel Core
- Oval Cut Design Reduces Friction
- Special Not Available in Stores Deal
- Professional Quality
- Perfect as a gift for any home chef

A Great Chef Knife at a Great Price

The Red Copper Chef knife is perfect for any home chef. It’s ergonomic design makes it easy to use for beginner home chefs or for the more experienced. At this price, it also makes a great gift for family and friends.

Don’t waste money on expensive chef knives that get dull and cost 10x more, buy the Red Copper Chef Knife today and save.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Sharp & Sturdy 
This is a really nice knife for such a great price, its sharp and heavy, well balanced & well made. Im glad I bought two because this will make a great gift.

5 Stars  Great Knife 
I just love this knife. I eat lemons daily and this knife breezes through the tough skin, and it cut my cantaloupe like going through butter...Best knife Ive ever had in my 76 years. And after all that it cuts tomatoes with ease. I would recommend this knife to all.

5 Stars  Wonderful addition to knife collection 
Looks great. Extremely sharp. Great handling.

5 Stars  Knife 
Excellent product. Very sharp......

4 Stars  sharp 
The knife comes sharp so be careful. I wish it had a full blade guard instead of just on the tip.

5 Stars  Shsrp 
Its a knife, thats really sharp. Works great.

5 Stars  Love them 
I bought one knife and loved so much, I bought 4 more, two for family and two as backups for myself. Less than $3 each.

5 Stars  Great kitchen tool 
Loved this knife! It cuts so smoothly. I dont have much strength in my hands, and this knife made cutting onions so easy.

4 Stars  Chefs Knife 
Worth the money for the price.

5 Stars  awesome knife! 
i recommend it it has become my favorite knife ! it cut though anything w little efort

5 Stars  Red Copper knife 
This is my favorite knife. You can slice sweet potatoes before theyre cooked, slice tomatoes easily. Great knife great price!

5 Stars  Great knife..great price 
Knife is very sharp, the handle is very comfortable in my hand and the price is good! I am very pleased with this purchase. I would buy again

5 Stars  Knife 
So good Ive got 5 now

5 Stars  Sharp knife 
This is one of the best knives I have used so far. For the price it cant be beat. We have a set of Cutco knives and this one is at least as good if not better than the high priced brand.

5 Stars  Amazing! 
Love, love this knife. Nothing sticks to it and it is really sharp. Highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Red Copper Knife 
I love it! Smaller than my butcher knife, great midsize ??.

4 Stars  Loving to cut 
It has a comfortable handle and cuts easily. The size is great for smaller jobs. It also cleans up nicely.

5 Stars  Red Copper knife 
Im happy I made this purchase. This is a great sharp knife and is lightweight. I purchased two for myself and one for my daughter to use.

5 Stars  Great 
It works well

5 Stars  Great knife and price 
I have another copper knife from another manufacturer and it is the dullest thing ever pick this one up for a much better price and Im amazed at how sharp the knife is has a good feel to the hand and will cut things super thin at this price you do need to get a few

5 Stars  Great knife. 
So far this knife has worked perfectly. Good feel in my hand.

5 Stars  The Knives 
Thev product is awesome, cuts thru meat like soft Butter, thank and highly recommend

5 Stars  Sharpest Knife 
I took a chance on ordering 2 of these red copper chefs knifes I am truly satisfied, having limited use of my hands due to RA arthritis these as such a jewel to use. They are the sharpest knife I have in my kitchen. finally, I dont mind cutting onions, potatoes etc. and I do exercise caution.

5 Stars  Good size 
I bought 2 for myself and 1 for my 3 adult children.

5 Stars  GREAT knife and GREAT deal! 
I bought this thinking Its SO inexpensive, its not a big deal even if the knife is only mediocre. BUT the knife is not only incredibly sharp and easy to handle, but its also very good-looking! I immediately placed an order for a second one for me and one for each of my adult daughters!

5 Stars  Wonder Knife 
Cut through meat, bread, vegies without a problem. I have bad wrists and this knife makes cutting easy for me. Cleans itself with food sliding off of the knife.

5 Stars  Love the knife 
The knife is great, easy to use. Only thing is I wish it came with a cover. Its a large knife so difficult to store.

5 Stars  Best knife Ive ever used 
This is the sharpest knife Ive ever used it cuts veggies and meat super, definitely the Best Buy for the money!! Love it bought 2 more.

5 Stars  This knife is really sharp 
Cuts nice. I liked it so much that I bought my daughter one.

5 Stars  Sharp 
Cuts great and can make nice cuts easily. Easy cleanup. Love it.

5 Stars  This thing is really sharp! 
I like the grip and the way this knife handles. And...it is really sharp! Its my new favorite and I use it for everything.

5 Stars  it really is the perfect knife 
love it. Works great. It really is the perfect knife

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
This is a great knive. Sharp blade easily cuts tomato and cleans easily. It is the best knife I now own.

5 Stars  Great Knife 
It makes great cuts easy to make cuts because of design and cleans easy.

5 Stars  Best knife I have bought in awhile! 
Fantastic knife, does as advertised. Have to be careful and keep in sheath as not to cut fingers when grabbing for it. Will buy another!

5 Stars  Santorum knives 
Am very pleased with the knives theyre very sharp and easy to use. Would recommend highly to anyone wanting a quality knife at a reasonable price.

5 Stars  Great product 
This is a real good knife, worth the money

5 Stars  Best knife ever 
This knife makes preparing food easy. It cuts through almost anything.

5 Stars  I Love these knives!! 
I bought 2 of these knives for my camper and liked them so much that I brought 1 into my house. It has become just about the only knife I use even though I have an expensive knife set. I have since bought 3 more, one for each of my kids.

5 Stars  My Go-ToKnife 
Since my purchase, Ive been using this knife every day! Its handle is easy to maneuver and its lightweight. Im able to complete my slicing and cutting tasks with ease! Im glad I purchased more than one because it will make a nice gift for other cooks on my list.

3 Stars  Good quality knife 
Although some food didnt stick but not much different from a regular knife but worth the price I paid.

5 Stars  Red Copper Santoku Chefs Knife 
I bought one of these previously and loved it. I bought two more when they re-marketed them because of previous performance. Thanks for making these super knives available!

3 Stars  Not Sure 
Have not used it enough but seems sharp but not for all types of materials

5 Stars  Great Knife 
This is a really nice knife. It cleans easy and cuts great.

5 Stars  Red Santoku knife 
In my prior careers I was a chef. This knife is a incredible value. It sharpened well, has a great shape and weight distribution making it comfortable and safe to use.

5 Stars  Chefs knife. 
Great knife. Cuts vegetables very well. Excellent price.

5 Stars  Great knifes 
Easy to slice and dice with, very sharp and love using them.

5 Stars  Copper knife 
I hate having a dull knife! This is fabulous on every type of food! Trimming raw meat, veggies even celery!, fruit... I love it!

1 Stars  Dont know what this means 
Thought it be good for cutting cheese cheese stuck to it

5 Stars  Wonderful Cutting 
I gave one each to my grown children for a stocking stuffer. They were thrilled and used it the very next day. Each one loved this knife.

5 Stars  sharp 
very sharp and cuts great

5 Stars  Santoku Knive 
For the price it is a 5 star product. It sharpens to razor sharp quickly and easily and its shape is good to be accurate when cutting. I purchased this knife for other members of my family and they love it as well.

5 Stars  copper knife 
great tool

5 Stars  red copper santoku chefs knife 
It was a big hit with the family. I gave them out as Christmas presents. Everyone said they could use a good knife.

5 Stars  Cuts great 
It is nice to have a knife the is truly sharp. Am looking forward to using this knife often

5 Stars  Love Them 
They feel good in your hand and cut well

5 Stars  IT WORKS !!!! 
Welcome addition to my kitchen cutlery. Recommend.

5 Stars  Does the Job 
As described super sharp ergonomic handle makes cutting meat very easy light weight but substantial currently it does the job as expected

4 Stars  Nice knife 
This is a nice knife, although I thought it would be heavier. Seems to cut nice, will see how it does when used more.

5 Stars  Great knife 
Great knife at an excellent price. They make great gifts

5 Stars  Excellent cutting power 
This is a great knife! Far better than the price would suggest. I ordered one a few months ago to test it out, and was so impressed that I wanted to order several more as gifts. Unfortunately, they were out of stock for a long time. But as soon as I saw they were available again, I ordered five more. They stay sharp, and do a wonderful job with many different types of food. Highly suggested and recommended!

5 Stars  Wow, it works well! 
I never thought a knife this inexpensive would work this well

5 Stars  Nice knife 
This is a sharp knife for a sharp price! Use it everyday

5 Stars  Great Product 
I bought this knife for myself and 9 of my friends and family. I love the knife and everybody else does, too. Great product, awesome price, quick delivery. Thanks!

5 Stars  Red Copper Santoku Chefs Knife 
Very sharp knife. Cuts cheese nicely without sticking. Easy to clean. Only lacks a blade protector.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
Couldnt ask for a better knife.

5 Stars  Santoku chefs knife 
I was skeptical about all the hype about these knifes but you have made me a believer about this knife. Its a great knife and very sharp.

4 Stars  Very Sharp, nice balance 
Needed a knife the family could use, so they stay away from my professional knives. Holds an edge, comfortable to use and so far seems indestructible. Tomatoes and limes dont seem to effect the edge.

5 Stars  Great knife 
Sharp, efficient knife with no sticking to the food. I gave this knife to my folks to take to camp and they said it is they best knife they have in the house. They were thrilled with it.

5 Stars  Great knife at a terrific price! 
I was amazed at the quality of this knife, since it was so in expensive

5 Stars  This is one great knife! 
I had my reservations on whether this would really be as good as has been touted on commercials, but let me tell you, its fabulous! I use it every day and more times than once. This is another product where I was so impressed that I bought one for my best friend as well, and she has been raving about it ever since. I might note that she has RA and heavy knives or anything for that matter in her hands is painful, and the first thing she said to me was that it was soooo light and just slid through veggies and meats. It is now the go-to knife for both of us. Remember, do NOT cut through bones treat it well and youll have it forever.

5 Stars  Sharp 
Good knife so far

5 Stars  Very Nice! 
These knives are sharp, can be sharpened, light weight and perfect as a daily kitchen knife.

5 Stars  Great knife Great Price 
I bought 2 of these a while back, then they came back at even a better price, so I bought 10 more. They are very sharp and comfortable in my hand. I am happy with these low cost, good quality knives.

5 Stars  Copper knife 
Already had one and liked it so much I bought 2 more. Great kitchen iteml

5 Stars  Ceramic Knife 
Excellent. Cut thru rather tough food like they are soft butter.

The knife is like a razor. I love it

4 Stars  Copper Santoku Chiefs Knife 
This is a really nice little chefs knife. Sharp, easy to use for those small jobs in food prep. I mostly use my full size chiefs knife but this in an excellent knife with an unbeatable price.

5 Stars  Very good sharp knife 
Did a super job cutting a large watermelon, normally a difficult chore.

I bought 4 of these knives kept 1 which I love & gifted the others & everyone loved them as well !!!!!

4 Stars  Chefs Knife 
Very sharp

5 Stars  Great Product, Great Price 
At this price I purchased four of these knives, and I am glad I did. May buy more later on.

5 Stars  Red copper santoku knife 
One of the best knives I have used. Super sharp and comfortable in the hand.

5 Stars  Super knife! 
Love this red knife. Light and sharp!

5 Stars  Value knives 
Knives are doing things well in the kitchen. Sliced items dont stick to the blade and the knives are sharp. For the price I considered this a real value.

5 Stars  Better than advertised 
The knife is more than I expected. Very sharp and it is extremely well balanced.

5 Stars  Great knife 
Very sharp, nice handle and easy to clean.

2 Stars  Doesnt do the job 
This knife works well for a short while, then it becomes dull.

5 Stars  Chefs knife 
Nice balance and feel. Sharp and a joy to use. No idea how long it will stay sharp, but so far, so good. Only used it for a few weeks.

5 Stars  Sharp and easy to use. 
Works as stated, enjoy using it.

5 Stars  Chefs Knife 
Cant believe the low price of such a quality Knife!

5 Stars  super sharp 
Like the weight, its a copy of my Santuko Wusthoff, way way cheaper cost.

5 Stars  great knife 
Knife works great just as a knife should is easy to clean being Red Copper just it daily

5 Stars  Very nice knives. 
Very easy to slice vegetables such as cucumbers

5 Stars  red copper Santoku chefs knife 
Good quality and sharp.

5 Stars  Red Copper Santoku Chefs Knife 
Excellent knife - Very sharp as the ad says. Cuts right through fruits, vegetables, etc. etc. large knife

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
Nice size for various uses. Very sharp.

5 Stars  Outstanding knife 
I prepare around 15 to 25 lbs of veggies every afternoon cut them up to process them in a chopper to feed 36 ducks and six Toulouse geese. The Santoku knife goes through them as if I were cutting thru butter. I am very happy with it.

5 Stars  copper knives 
i like the positive reviews that my friends gave me after i gave them knives and they really liked them

5 Stars  Knife 
This is a red handle really sharp kitchen knife. My wife loves it. She loves red kitchen appliances and truly likes this knife. She is forever cutting food stuff up and she loves this knife. Fabulous price for it and it arrived quickly.

3 Stars  Sharp ? 
Not impressed ! Not nearly as sharp as depicted in the sales ad. I am still using it, but I am not impressed !

4 Stars  Great value 
Very comfortable and balanced works well in your hand.

5 Stars  Great Knife 
Knife does a great job, has great balance in your hand. Value is great.

5 Stars  Knife 
Good price and good quality

5 Stars  As good as Cutco 
I only hope it continues to stay as sharp. Since receiving it, I actually prefer it to my Cutco Butcher knife sharpened by Cutco only 3 weeks ago!

4 Stars  Great Cutter 
Fine knife, cutting and price were great!

5 Stars  Great knife 
I actually cut a loaf of bread with it. Sliced right through without a bunch of crumbs all over the place.

5 Stars  Super Slicer 
Having used copper knives before, I was prepared to find this one, much larger than any of my other copper knives, to be a nice addition to our kitchen utensils. I wasnt prepared for the ease with which it aced even the most difficult cutting assignments. It goes through citrus with speed and accuracy. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Outstanding Knife 
This knife cuts meat very easily and is also very easy to clean. I like it better than other copper knives that have holes in the blade the home are a pain to clean. This is a large knife, perfect for food prep, but is also great to use as a steak knife because it cuts so well. Ive used it for a while now and it has retained its sharp edge.

4 Stars  Its what I was hoping for! 
Great for cutting fruits & vegetables, quickly cleans to be used Again!

5 Stars  Red Copper Chefs Knife 
I love my new knife, it chops thru everything and is handy to use. I might order another one

5 Stars  So far so good 
It was pretty sharp when it came, now we have to see how long it lasts. Pleased so far.

5 Stars  Copper clad Chefs Knife 
Knife does as advertised cheese does not stick to the knife when slicing, it was sharp out of the box and appears to stay sharp, but knife sharpeners will work on this knife, I am satisfied and gave one to my brother as a gift.

5 Stars  Very sharp 
Sharp knife of the right size for the kitchen. Things do not stick to it,

5 Stars  Really sharp 
I received the knives on time and my step daughter and my wife like them a lot. I think they are a great value and I am eager to find out how long they will stay sharp

5 Stars  Knife 
Love It!!

Review this item!
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