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Quilted Bamboo Luxury KING Pillow w/ Individual Pieces of Memory Foam Filling

Quilted Bamboo Luxury KING Pillow w/ Individual Pieces of Memory Foam Filling

Quilted Bamboo Luxury KING Pillow w/ Individual Pieces of Memory Foam Filling
Quilted Bamboo Luxury KING Pillow w/ Individual Pieces of Memory Foam Filling
Your Price: $22.99
Compare at: $99.99  (77% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $39.98 (80% off)
CLICK HERE for the Queen Size Pillow

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Get one for $22.99
Save an additional $6.00 and get two for $39.98
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" />
CLICK HERE for the Queen Size Pillow

Save EVEN MORE when you buy more...
Get one for $22.99
Save an additional $6.00 and get two for $39.98
Save an additional $9.00 and get three for $59.97
Save an additional $12.00 and get four for $79.96

Enjoy the softness of feather down and the support of memory foam... in one amazing pillow!

You can sculpt it much like a down pillow - it will shift and change into whatever shape you desire.

How is that possible?
The individual pieces of memory foam inside the pillow move independently, allowing the pillow to be comfortable in any position because of its malleability.

Most importantly, this pillow offers proper support which can help alleviate snoring, insomnia, asthma, neck pain, jaw problems, and migraines.

The pillow has a bamboo cover that helps regulate the temperature and increases breathability which helps you stay cool (and asleep) throughout the night.


  • King size pillow 36in x 20in CLICK HERE for the Queen Size Pillow
  • Shredded memory foam
  • Provides optimal alignment
  • Breathable bamboo cover (40% bamboo, 60% polyester)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti Dust Mite
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Pillow Case promotes cooling and moisture control

  • The pillow is vacuum sealed and will require a generous fluffing after removal from the packaging. The memory foam may feel uneven or compacted. Simply push, pull, squish, and massage the pillow to achieve maximum fluffiness.

    Note: When you first start using the bamboo luxury memory foam pillow, you may notice an earthy or woody smell. It's just the bamboo cover and the smell will dissipate after a couple weeks. If you find the smell unpleasant, we recommend leaving the pillow to air out for about a week, flipping and fluffing daily, before using on your bed.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled.

5 Stars  Bamboo king size pillow with memory foam 
Pillows are great however, to be honest they were a little too thick for my taste. I bought some covers with zippers and removed some of the foam and now they are GREAT, plus I got additional pillows for free. Thank you to the sellers and the site.

2 Stars  Too thick and heavy 
Too thick and heavy
Dear Craig, Thank-you for your review. You can unzip the pillow and remove some of the memory foam shredding to make the pillow thinner and lighter. I hope this information helps!
3/16/2021 - Kim

5 Stars  Awesome pillows 
Was a fan of my pillow but not anymore, we bought 4 king size pillows and slept great

3 Stars  King bamboo pillows 
I like the cover on these pillows and the size is great, but for their size, I would have thought these pillows would have had a lot more filling in them. They kinda bunch up and it is hard to fluff them because they are not as full as I thought they would be. I am going to have to take one of them apart so I can add the fill to the other ones I bought

5 Stars  They should all be this way! 
When these pillows arrived, I couldnt believe how heavy they were. They have all the filling anyone would want, if thats how you like your pillows. I dont like mine that way. But with the intelligently designed bamboo case, with a zipper, I was able to unzip it and take out as much foam as I needed to make it just like I like it. My wife did the same thing! We ended up with enough extra foam to make a nice little throw pillow to use as a prop pillow for watching TV. The bamboo cloth is super soft and seems quite durable. Reminds me of the mattress cover on our memory foam mattress. Get one or two if you get the chance!

5 Stars  Bamboo pillows 
This is my 2nd set. My first is 11 yrs old. These are 100% better than my pillow.

3 Stars  Nice, BUT 
Item VERY difficult to remove from packaging. All the filler was at one end, VERY difficult to evenly distribute the filler.

5 Stars  outstanding pillow 
This pillow is outstanding,soft yet very comfortable, aways stays in perfect position with your neck.Wake up in morning feeling great. Best pillow I have ever had

5 Stars  Bamboo Luxury King Pillow 
I love my pillows,they are the best

3 Stars  Too firm 
These pillows do not conform to shaping. I am trying to resolve by removing some of the filling. A little better but need to take out more, then I will see.

5 Stars  Great pillow! 
This pillow had way too much stuffing on inside so I took about half out and pillow is perfect. I put stuffing into zipper pillowcase so now I have 2 perfect pillows! Left other pillow big for support when watching movies in bed.

5 Stars  High Quality Pillows !!! 
I will order two more for guest bedroom.

5 Stars  The best ever! 
I have tried all the different pillows on the market from buckwheat thru foam and still woke with pain in my neck. The bamboo pillow is the first ever to keep me pain free. I love this pillow....and the fact that you can remove some filling if necessary is ideal!

5 Stars  GREAT Pillow 
Have used pillow for about three weeks now and it has eased my neck and lower back problem

3 Stars  Difficult to soften 
Removing the extra filling is a very difficult chore. Could not soften enough to get restful or comfortable neck position. Good if you need support in a sitting position, but gave me, a side sleeper, a stiff neck in all positions.

5 Stars  Great pillow 
Great pillow. Larger pillow with plenty of filling. You are able to adjust the fill to exactly the height you want. Love the washable cover

4 Stars  Bamboo pillows 
The pillows are more dense and heavier than I thought they would be. Liked being able to remove some of the filling. They dont make my head sweat like my pillow does, so far. Ill see how well they do when summer gets here.

I was so pleased with the first one, I bought a 2nd larger one.

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
Havent tried mine yet, but husband reaLLY likes his pillow. No problems or complaints so far. Considering ordering again for a family member with pillow issues.

2 Stars  Bamboo pillow 
Very disappointed. Very heavy and hard. Removed approximately 1/4th of the filling and this did little to improve.

4 Stars  Great value 
Good value for the money. I would definitely recommend.

1 Stars  Bamboo Luxury King Pillow 
Extremely disappointed with this pillow. From day one did not have a good night sleep. Your reviews comparing My Pillow and this one are false. They are both the same. To me, they are both terrible pillows. Was hoping it would help me sleep and relieve my neck and back problems. It did not! I wish I had never spent the money for this pillow.

5 Stars  very comfortable 
i love my pillow it fits me just right

4 Stars  Nice pillow 
These pillows are nice. The only reason that I did not rate them a 5 is because they have an odor which I have still not been able to get rid of in spite of putting them outside to get some fresh air.
Hi Marilyn. Thanks for the review. If that woody smell is too much we do recommend letting the pillow air out for 5-7 days. You might also want to flip and fluff the pillow while airing it out. This should do the trick!
7/1/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  bamboo pillow 
Had to air out for a few days, after that I slept on the pillow and was very impressed. I made a good purchase in this product.

4 Stars  Nice purchase 
King pillows are nice & BIG! Do have a mild odor that takes about a week to air out. We preferred to remove some stuffing to soften thickness. Its a messy job, so do it outside...I learned the hard way!

3 Stars  Bamboo pillow review 
pillow is too stiff and difficult to work with. Does not conform to my head at all. Unable to use it to sleep. However, the lumbar rolls are too soft to support the lumbar area of my back. I know, I sound like Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

1 Stars  Heavy smell of bamboo 
Not what I was hoping for. Was very hard and had a strong smell of bamboo. Gave it away

5 Stars  Great pillows! 
I bought 2 king size pillows and really enjoy sleeping on them. Very easy to customise for personal comfort.

3 Stars  Better than most but not great 
Im still making up my mind about this pillow but for now, I would say its better than most of the others Ive tried but my neck still hurts some when I wake up. I removed some of the filling and that seemed to help. Im going to continue to adjust the fill level in hopes of finding the perfect fit.

3 Stars  This is not like a my pillow 
This pillow is much heavier than my pillow. It doesnt adjust like my pillow

5 Stars  Adjustable 
I like that you can take out some of the filling. I adjusted mine and I find it very comfortable. The pillow is dense and very supportive. My husband got one also. He liked his as it came and did not need to make any adjustments.

5 Stars  Best Pillow Yet 
Once I took out and experimented with the fill. I got it to a perfect comfort spot.

3 Stars  Bamboo Booboo 
I bought 2 king size bamboo pillows because the advertisement stated they were better and less expensive than the My Pillow. They are very hard, not soft at all. They are like the memory foam pillows you get with Tempur Pedic beds. I even removed half of the stuffing from one of them and it did help somewhat, but now it is a flat pillow. I would have liked to have returned them, but they came wrapped so tightly in a roll that I had to cut the plastic completely away just to get the pillow out. Theres no way I could have ever rolled them as tight again to box them up, as Im sure that was all done by a machine. Not my best purchase. I went back to the My Pillow.

5 Stars  Bamboo pillows 
Very nice pillows I would recommend to anyone. There half price as of my pillows & maybe better.

5 Stars  Bamboo pillow 
My husband loves his new pillow! Its the same pillow weve seen all over the place for a much higher price. He removed some of the fill and customized it to his liking. Great quality

4 Stars  Only pillow King size 
Comfortable but not as comfortable and expected

5 Stars  Last Oillow you will ever buy 
This is the best pillow that I have ever slept on

4 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
It definitely had too much fill when I got it. Once I removed some it was much much better. Im sleeping a lot better than with my old pillow.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Couldnt be happier with this pillow. Beats Mr Pillow big time!

5 Stars  Great pillow...you get your moneys worth 
My husband and I love the pillows. I emptied some of the filling out as I like a flatter pillow. That factor alone is a great feature. He loves the firmness just as it is.

4 Stars  Loving this pillow so far! 
In reading other reviews, I decided to go ahead and try this pillow for myself, as well as buy one to give my daughter as a gift. Ive been using it for a couple of weeks now, and so far, I really like it because its like having an adjustable pillow for having it feel comfortable when you sleep on your back, then you can easily adjust, if needed, when you roll onto your side! Im very happy with the purchase & hoping my daughter will love hers, too!

4 Stars  Love it hate it 
This was really not what I expected, but really didnt know what the pillow would be like. I was surprised with the physical weight of the pillow. After I accepted the weight I was surprised with the comfort and support it provided, kind of like my ex-wife haha. I am actually happy with the pillows and recommend them.

5 Stars  Pillow 
Use the pillow for sitting up watching TV.Nice and sturdy,gives my back support.

4 Stars  Bamboo Luxury KING Pillow W/ Variable Fill Technology 
Pillow is much harder than I thought it would be but is still comfortable.

5 Stars  Love this pillow 
My sister was complaining about neck pain and I told her about my new bamboo pillow. She was not sold so I loaned her my bamboo pillow for a few days after all she is my sister. She asked me to order 2 for her AND 2 for our brother. They love it!!!

5 Stars  Beautiful product 
This is one great pillow ! Extremely comfortable, its really improved my sleeping. I just ordered two more.

5 Stars  Great Value 
Beats the pants off New Pillow for comfort and price

4 Stars  Firm 
With my old pillows I always woke up with a neck ache. Since I have been sleeping with Bamboo Luxury, Ive had no pain.

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Quilted Bamboo Luxury KING Pillow w/ Individual Pieces of Memory Foam Filling

This pillow offers proper support which can help alleviate snoring, insomnia, asthma, neck pain, jaw problems, and migraines.