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Professional Waterproof Metal Detector

Professional Waterproof Metal Detector

Professional Waterproof Metal Detector
Professional Waterproof Metal Detector
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You can turn any trip outdoors into a treasure hunt with the Waterproof Metal Detector. Treasure hunting with a metal detector has been a popular hobby for decades, and enthusiasts regularly find everything from loose change to valuable coins and jewelry. Who knows, you might even find some rare and valuable artifacts!

The Best Waterproof Metal Detector for the Money

All you need to get started is this Professional Waterproof Metal Detector. This unit will detect all metals, or it can be set to distinguish between ferrous (iron oxide) and non-ferrous (gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminum and zinc) metals. And, of course, the search coil is waterproof, which means you can even search in shallow water near lakes and on the beach.

How To Treasure Hunt With a Metal Detector

Easy operation makes this unit simple to learn. When a target is detected a tone will sound and the strength of the signal will be displayed on the meter. From there you adjust the 'Discrimination' and 'Sensitivity' dials to determine target depth, size and material type. It's so easy to use, kids will love it too.

You can either use the built-in speaker to listen for the beeps, or plug in a set of headphones (not included) with the 3.5mm Aux output.

Weighing less than 3 pounds with adjustable stem and forearm rest for comfort, you can carry your metal detector for hours of treasure hunting fun.


- 6.5in Diameter Waterproof Search Coil
- Adjustable Stem Extends Up to 3ft Long
- Large, Easy-to-Read Meter
- Sensitivity Dial for Detecting Deeper Metals
- Discrimination Dial for Material Type
- Volume Dial for Built-in Speaker
- 3.5mm Jack for Headphones (Not Included)
- Adjustable Forearm Rest for Comfortable Use
- Low Battery Indicator
- Runs on (2) 9V Batteries (Not Included)
- Compact, Telescopic Design
- Weight (with Batteries): 2 lbs.
- 35" Wire and connector

5 Stars  Professional Waterproof Metal Detector 
What a great price for a quality Metal Detector and so much fun too. Ive only used once since getting it because of the Winter weather here. I cant wait to use more in the warmer, drier month. Seems to be made well and is easy to put together and use. For first time, easy detector fun, this one is the perfect one as a gift or for yourself.

1 Stars  Doesnt work 
Very inexpensive quality. I have had metal detectors and $70 will buy a decent one. This is not one. I just wanted to find roofing nails in my yard. This will not find them. It will hardly moan over a heating vent in the floor. No discrimination. Unfortunately, I did not try it for too long so I cannot send it back.

5 Stars  It Found my Ring! 
2 years ago I lost a ring in my yard. No one could find it. On a lark I bought this and spent quite a bit of time but I FOUND IT. Well worth the money to find a $1000 ring.

5 Stars  Fun, fun, fun 
Since getting this I have had so much fun with my grandkids when they stay over. They love using this and going out to the park and looking for buried treasures. I think I may have to buy another because they are constantly fighting over whos turn it is next

4 Stars  Good enough 
This is a good little detector. If I were doing something for more than a few hours a day 7 days a week that required a detector I wouldnt use this. But it does work and you will find all kinds of thing

4 Stars  easy to learn, easy to use 
For most metal detectors, we need to learn and practice before we can really get it work. This model is very easy to operate without spending a lot of time learning. I recommend this model for lazy people like me.

5 Stars  So much fun 
We got this and took it to the field across the street and had hours of fun. We were shocked by the stuff we found. From old cans that have to be from the 50s to even a really cool watch.

5 Stars  Works great 
I got this for my beach combing and this has paid for itself. I have gotten all kinds of cool and valuable things.

1 Stars  Very Disappointed 
Item did not function as advertised,would NOT recommend this item.

1 Stars  Does Not Work 
THis item came with pieces flopping around inside the box.Put it together with my daughter in hopes of going out and finding treasure.After putting batteries in the unit it would not stop making noise and when it finally did it wouldnt even detect a nail when we held it up next to the sensor.Returned the item and they charged me for shipping both ways.Never again.

1 Stars  Professional Waterproof Detector 
I would recommend to anyone to perches elsewhere, Mine didnt work as intended. Its not worth the money.

4 Stars  Inexpensive metal detector 
For a low price detector it works very well such as locating nails 10inches below the surface. Looking forward to doing more detector work in the near future

4 Stars  mr 
Good for my granddaughter not me

5 Stars  Metal detector 
Love it.

2 Stars  Detector 
This product is not of high quality, and obviously that is why it is priced as it is. It was a little annoying putting it together, to fit the parts correctly. It may work as a detector for a novice, but not sure if I would recommend it to anyone to purchase.

5 Stars  Metal detecter 

5 Stars  waterproof metal detector 
I bought this a gift for my grandson but he wont receive it until this summer so right now the only comment I have is swift delivery and well packaged.

3 Stars  Not waterproof 
Nice little machine for land. Only the coil is waterproof. The brain is not..................

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Professional Waterproof Metal Detector

Treasure hunting with a metal detector has been a popular hobby for decades, and enthusiasts regularly find everything from loose change to valuable coins and jewelry.